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ImgBurn keeps shutting down my computer


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Ok, first no I didn't deliberately check "shutdown when finished" or have it auto-checked from the settings.


I usually burn in batches, 10+ discs at a time. Occasionally I will cancel between burns, but not close the program, if I want to pause burning for a while. Twice when I have canceled between jobs I got the "save Queue List?" prompt. The first time I wasn't sure why I was getting it, but I said yes and saved the Queue to be safe. Immediately after saving the program closed and shutdown my computer. The second time this happened I clicked Cancel and was returned to the main program window as normal, then later continued burning the rest of the Queue. When it was done burning the queue I was back at the main program window and I just closed the program like normal. It then proceeded to shutdown my computer.


The last time it happened I did notice the "shutdown" checkbox was checked somehow, perhaps that box got focus when I wasn't aware and I checked it somehow, I'm not sure. I unchecked it before the job finished and continued burning the Queue.


I'm not sure if this is some kind of bug, or perhaps just a UI problem that is causing it. I will sometimes pause the burning to play a game and I'll occationally alt-tab out, which can be problematic, so perhaps that is playing into it, I don't know. I haven't tried to recreate the problem.


Luckily I haven't lost any work because of these accidental shutdowns. Regardless of the cause, I think it would be nice if the program had a countdown to shutdown with the option to abort.

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Indeed, the only possible way for the program to initiate a shutdown is when it has a certain flag set. That flag is only ever set when someone checks the 'shutdown computer when done' box.


To get focus, the box needs to be ticked via the mouse, it's not supposed to support 'tabbing' to it - this was done on purpose.


The shutdown option can also never be triggered without the program closing too. The only way it could do one without the other is if you had images queued up, it tried to close/shutdown and then you cancelled the close when the 'save queue' box came up.

In that situation, the shutdown would occur when you manually closed the program.


I've just this second put in a 2nd check to reset the 'shutdowncomputer' flag in such situations. That was an oversight on my part.


I'll consider your request for an 'abort' window on the whole shutdown part.

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