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Snow Storm

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Now, now, now. Everyone who grew up in the era of the G.I. Joe/Action Force cartoon knows that when you discuss climate control, it's always Destro and Cobra's Weather Dominator at fault! :lol:



In fact, I think on the old board, I once accused Florida's Bush and King Bush II of collusion because interestingly enough, after Bush won re-election, the dreaded predicted storms didn't hit that year. So, makes you wonder... how did Louisiana vote? Did they go for Bush or for Kerry? :unsure:

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We've had some ugly car accidents down east in Canada, an 80 car pileup in Ontario, and a 60 car in Quebec. Deaths in both unfortunately. Been very cold where I live in Western Canada, as low as -29C! Thanks goodness it only lasted a couple days, and is close to melting today, with expected temps in the +10C neighborhood tomorrow.

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