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Help with creating ISO's


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Did you turn on the option to sort files in the order they are in within the 'Source' box?


If not, it'll sort by name.


with that option turned ON, it makes no diff.... i still dont get the files in the order i want,,,

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Physically they'll be in that order (when the option is on). Just look at the LBA in IsoBuster or whatever


The specs say the file system must always be in alphabetical order.


If you need to break the specs you'll have to look for a tool desgined for the task, ImgBurn won't do it.

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Even when you sort by LBA?


The option works fine in itself - afaik anyway, it certainly did when I tried it.


I never said the name order would change, infact I said it wouldn't do.


can u tell me how to sort by LBA in isobuster plz?

maybe its me thats not doing it right,,,


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