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it's great to hear the Imgburn will have a burn data mode, thx a lot LIGHTNING UK!!

may i ask if it will support the following:

-UDF (1.x or 2.x)


-Long labels (eg. "Videos 0001 (DVD)"), for some reason the only program i found that supports such labels is RecordNow MAX 4.5/4.6


thx a lot!

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UDF 1.02 as that's what DVD Video requires.

Unicode, no.

Long labels, yes.


Borland's development environment is all ansi still I'm afraid and so whilst I have based the image building code around unicode storage types (internally, WideString rather than AnsiString), it'll actually run in ansi mode.


Nope, no name change. Just ImgBurn v2.

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thx for the reply LIGHTNING UK!

i knew about the ansi "problem" but i asked again because of the link posted by god_md5 on this post and i thought it could be viable implementing unicode on Imgburn with those components .

but even without unicode it'll be great! thx for all your hard work! :thumbup:

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Yeah I am aware of the TNT components and whilst I'm sure they'd do the trick, it's an awful lot of work switching it all over.


That of course would only deal with the components on the forms, I then need to change every instance of 'AnsiString' to WideString within existing code (and there's a LOT of them!).


WideString is also missing a lot of the functionality of the AnsiString so I'd need it write extra functions for all that too.


So basically, it's just too much work for me to at the moment :(

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DVD-RAM's OK (and will be more than OK when it's possible for 16x burns), but there are still times when RW discs may be preferable (eg. burning DivX/XviD to test the quality of an encoded file on a standalone player - most players do not support DVD-RAM)


correct. most players dont support DVD-RAM , but theres a lot more DO support it than support DivX or XviD ;)

most panasonics standalones do RAM these days , and you will struggle to find an XviD player in a local store

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It's all Ansi, none of the controls or dialog boxes are unicode enabled so there's no real way of getting unicode text into the program anyway.


As for codepage conversions, that's something you'd probably know a lot more about than I would.


I'm English (UK) and it's written for similar folk. I've made no real attempt to get away from that and make it work for non english people.

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Yes, UDF is unicode but DVD Video UDF is not. Even normal UDF does not NEED to be unicode enabled. It's all in the compression byte at the start of the dstring. So yes, UDF 1.02 really is supported but unicode filenames / identifiers are not.


Like I said though, unicode is pointless at this stage because the program as a whole just cannot cope with it. There is little sense in going on about it as that fact isn't going to suddenly change overnight!


If windows cannot handle the codepage conversion stuff itself, you'll just have to stick with mkisofs or whatever else you use that really does support unicode. Sorry.


If/when I get around to ripping the program apart and attempt to make use of those tnt unicode controls + update all existing ansi code, THEN it'll support unicode properly in every place it can.


I'm in no real rush to do that as it works fine for the target audience.

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