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I am having issues on the formating stage. I tried to set a log file, but that appears to not be working or it is hidden somewhere. in anycase I will explain what I see.


I am using a Sony DRU-500A (usb) drive. I selected my image and blicked burn and was prompted with the media not being formated and would I like to format the media. I say yes and at the bottom of the screen it says 0% erasing disk till it error with the following message:


I/O error!

Device [0:0:0] Sony DvD RW DRU-500A 1.0e E: (usb)


ScsiStatus 0x02

Interpretation: Check Condition


CDB: 2a

Interpretation: Write (10) -Sectors 0 -31

Sense area: (lots of numbers)

Interpretatio: Medium not formatted




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If the drive isn't formatting, it means it doesn't support the media you're using.


The 500A is ancient now so that doesn't really surprise me.


Try updating the firmware to v 2.1a




If it still fails once you've done that, try getting some other discs.

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