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    Is it true? No rabbits in Portland, Dorset?

    Yeah. The credits So have you successfully avoided buying the DVD's of these cures for Insomnia ?
  2. zacoz

    Would this fly where you work?

    Happy Columbus Day =)) =)) =))
  3. zacoz

    Auto burn w/ rebuilder

    @ElBoricua433 While we can't get into discussions on the past program you mentioned, any problems playing disc's on standalones that have been burnt by ImgBurn are most likely to be due to: attempting to burn too fast using media type (e.g. -R +R) which your stand-alone doesn't like using inferior media using media which your burner doesn't like As an example, I have problems with Ritek disc's in my current burner that others swear by. Verbatim work without a hitch however so I use them almost exclusively.
  4. zacoz

    Fly in my Coke!

  5. zacoz

    ISO -> READ

    Most of the threads seem to be ending up off topic :teehee: :teehee:
  6. zacoz

    Idea for the holidays

    @Ifcrule1972: Don't tell me you missed Elf Bowling - Bocce Style and Super Elf Bowling
  7. zacoz

    svp mailing list

    Hey that sounds kind of like what's just happened to me. My dearly departed second cousin, of my third aunt, by a same sex relationship, has left me 10 Million dollars. I didn't even know I had any overseas relations a month ago. I've had to pay $5,000 in costs (taxes, customs clearance etc), but I'll be retiring any day now.
  8. zacoz

    ISO -> READ

    LUK has indicated it's not about to happen in another thread - http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?s=&show...findpost&p=1699
  9. zacoz

    Idea for the holidays

    Sorry bout that Jill - slip of the tongue or fingers (or whatever )
  10. zacoz

    Is it true? No rabbits in Portland, Dorset?

    Thanks for sharing that - I had to sit through Shark Boy & Lava Girl (in f***ing amazing 3D) instead last school holidays. - 0.5/10
  11. zacoz

    Idea for the holidays

    What's it up to now - version 10 ? Of course the Elves will now be dressed as terrorists, and Santa will will be moonlighting for Homeland Security.
  12. zacoz

    Idea for the holidays

    I'm also with Cornholio & Conservative. Not worth the hassle. And a check of the scores, show that the No's are in the lead - 40%, with the Yes men trailing having only 30% support.
  13. zacoz

    Thanks lfc

    Yes you shouldn't rip the delicate fabric - but carefully undo the buttons. Otherwise you'll end up spending so much on Victoria's Secret, that you'd be better off buying the company.
  14. zacoz

    Someone set this dickhead straight please

    They have trouble hearing your arguments because http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?s=&show...findpost&p=2068
  15. No, Alcohol 52% (http://www.alcohol-soft.com). Normal shell extensions can be set up from within the program's settings and any mounted images show in windows explorer as if it was a normal disc in a normal drive (volume label included). You can set up multiple virtual drives, selecting the drive letters that suit you. It's not free, but if you're not happy with the programs that are free then it might be worthwhile for you.
  16. zacoz

    ISO versus MDS

    So is there a referral code we should quote to ensure you receive your platinum customer commission ?
  17. zacoz

    Crazy Bug!

    Do you have the option "Lock Volume - exclusive access" ticked ? At a guess, DivXtoDVD is either trying to access to the drive, or possibly accessing the last file it was working on - the one now being burnt by ImgBurn ???
  18. zacoz

    Sony dvd's

    Sorry for OT...What do you use for creating/burning data disc's blu ? I've been using / putting up with 'POS Express' #39;(
  19. Interesting....When I want to mount an image I simply right click on the ISO, highlight Mount then click on the Virtual drive letter I wish to mount on. 2 clicks, and I run Windows - but not Daemon Tools. Regardless, why not do as blutach suggested, run 5 instances of PgcEdit having each open the DVD folder. It can then create the ISO, call ImgBurn to burn the disc, and automatically delete the ISO afterwards. You are left with your original VIDEO_TS folder that can be opened in your preferred player - no need for you to see any ISO's and saving you that extra click per disc.
  20. zacoz

    Someone set this dickhead straight please

    Not surprisingly I always felt Afterdawn was more focused on making advertising dollars than actually being a group of experts helping out newcomers. Seems a link to a page that offers a quality freeware product threatens their revenue base. They obviously don't have sufficient expert contacts to know it's legit - they all left in disgust ?
  21. zacoz

    ImgBurn v1.0.0.0 Released!

    Simply the best LUK. Small donation toward bandwidth on it's way.

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