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  1. He keeps Shell in business. Regards
  2. I defragged once. Regards
  3. If I may correct just one thing chetwood: No mod at Digital Digest called the betas "self proclaimed". That "honour" of demeaning them by calling them "self described" belonged to setarip, who was never a mod. This post is not a flame against setarip or you or anyone. I am trying to remain as level headed as possible and will probably get both "sides" upset in the process. Just a little observation - this huge body of knowledge that resided with the Betas could have been retained at DD but for some reason the Betas and other folks from DDSF were somehow made to feel "unwelcome". Not blaming anyone, but it's funny how they all came to that conclusion and now visit just to have the odd chat. I hope you find ImgBurn a great tool as we all expect it to be. I hope you find LUK!'s return to be as positive as we all do and are excited by it. I also hope you understand that this forum is not about DVD ripping and copying (for reasons that must include the legal agreements entered into by LUK! with MV) but about burning ISO images of non-copy protected DVDs. This is why your signature has come under some scrutiny. You will note that my usually long sig with all the DVD tools etc in it is conspicuously absent. Regards
  4. That's all we need - Quigleys BEFORE the prog is even released!!!! Regards
  5. PS. How do I delete the previous post? Regards
  6. Now that's the volvo we know and love! Regards
  7. blutach


    I thought he was banned? =)) Regards
  8. Yeah - a real winner. I have just nominated him to be the policer of all pirated threads http://forum.digital-digest.com/showthread...9809#post299809 =))=)) Regards
  9. Shamus - I have removed the link in advice and in deferrence to LUK! Should you wish to see the thread, I will PM you. Regards
  10. Says he's from Philly - hmmm - very suspicious. And he recommends posters should rent copies to back them up. I gave him a red for that. Regards
  11. Thanks corny. I don't wanna embarrass the guy, but it might be Lenny's bro from up North!!!! Regards
  12. [link removed] This is a good example of why a post should be deleted.
  13. blutach

    For the Boss

    Oh yes - do tell? Regards
  14. blutach

    For the Boss

    I agree! I'd even convert from my beloved Newcastle to Liverpool FC if he was banned. Regards
  15. C'mon guys - fer once I'm being serious. Regards
  16. Up yer arse. I like the delete buttons on other forums. Adds versatility. Regards
  17. Any chance of having this added Boss, so we can delete a post? Regards
  18. Here we are paying $1.50 / litre for Optimax. 10 cents less for regular unleaded. But I like the hi density hi RON petrol. Regards
  19. blutach

    For the Boss

    You've gotta be fuckin joking - I HATE CUNTRY MUZAK. Pappy Crappy Still Schmill Regards
  20. blutach

    What's this???

    Given the guide says you press the burn button and then wander off, I guess you got time to do whatever you like, including ... well, including anything. Regards
  21. Holy shit. Hope everyone is safe and sound. Regards
  22. @spinner Plenty a room here in the outback for them to roam about in. You'd never hear from any of them again. If the heat don't get them, the crocs will. Regards
  23. Confused here. Does kirk like the Crimson Tide or Penn State? Regards
  24. who's got a filthy pussy? Regards
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