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  1. Hello there, I'm trying to add some files that don't have any extension (don't have any dots on filename either) to a compilation that is going to be read on linux. The strange thing is that Imgburn adds a dot to the end of these files that can't be seen on Windows Explorer but only on linux. What can I do to avoid that? My options are following: File system: ISO9660 + Joliet [x] Recurse Subdirectories ISO9660 - Level X Joliet - Level X Everything else unchecked. Thanks in advance
  2. oh, I didn't know that, thx for the heads up LUK!
  3. Hi there, I have a cd image file for a console that has 2 sessions and 2 tracks, when I try to burn it with Imgburn it burns it in SAO mode, this is not good since the disc won't work with the console if burned in SAO, it only works in DAO (tested with Alcohol 120%). Imgburn burns fine in DAO on Build mode but for this image it changes to SAO. Is there a way to force DAO for image files? Thanks PS: I can upload the image if necessary, it's only 1 MB.
  4. Just would like to thank you LUK! for the fix in v2.1.0.0!
  5. it would also help if you scanned the disc using cddvdspeed or dvdinfo pro
  6. as polopony said you should have a modded ps2 to play backups, also you should burn at 8x, the rule that burning at slower speeds gives you better quality doesn't necessarily apply to dvds, in fact burning discs at lower speeds than the recommended one usually gives worse results.
  7. It's a lot easier to just zip an .iso file instead of going thru all the work to convert it to a proprietary format with a non-freeware program
  8. It's really strange that linux distros are distributed in .daa since there is no Poweriso for linux
  9. Hi there, can anyone tell me what is the switch to install Imgburn v2 completely silent? Also, how can I find what other switches does the installer accept? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi there LUK!, since Imgburn already calculates the MD5 of the whole disc, it's probably able to calculate the MD5 of each file, my idea is to add to the root of the disc (before closing it) a MD5 file with the hashes of each file, the file coud have the same name of the label. Is this doable or the MD5 is calculated in a way that it can't tell apart one file for another? Thx a lot
  11. Hello there, I don't know if this should be posted as suggestion as I don't know if the "problem" is really inside Imgburn . Burn to the Brim is a program designed to make selection of files to optimally fill a CD/DVD, it creates a list of files that can be dragged n' dropped to other programs (eg. Nero, RecordNow, Windows Explorer) but it can't be dropped inside Imgburn (build mode) for some reason(from Windows Explorer works fine). It would be great if support for this program (and maybe other programs that use the same d'n'd routine) was added. Thanks
  12. That was my 2nd burn, the first time I entered the program it was using SPTI. Hmm, I didn't know that, but for some reason SPTI never gave me good results (lock ups or errors), even with other programs, not only with Imgburn. Yes, autorun is disabled. But I've recorded 5 mores DVD since then and everything is fine, I just have to exit Imgburn like you said.
  13. yep, working fine now, must have been something with STPI that was chosen when I first entered the program. now with ASPI everything is working fine.
  14. Hmm, restarted the PC and it's working again, gonna record another DVD and see if it happens again, thx LIGHTNING UK!
  15. I tried that LIGHTNING UK! but it's still unreadable. Even on different drives.
  16. Hello there, I just tried to burn a data DVD using Imgburn v2 and the disc is unreadable in Windows Explorer, it keeps asking me to insert a disc. The strange thing is that Imgburn, CD-DVD Speed and Alcohol all recognize the disk as being full, so I can make a image of the disc using Alcohol and when I mount it on a virtual drive I can read all the files without a problem. I tried both using UDF and ISO9660+UDF, here's the log using ISO9660+UDF I 10:39:17 ImgBurn Version started! I 10:39:17 Microsoft Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600 : Service Pack 2) W 10:39:17 Drive D:\ (FAT) does not support single files > 4 GB W 10:39:17 Drive K:\ (FAT) does not support single files > 4 GB I 10:39:17 Initialising ASPI... I 10:39:17 WNASPI32.DLL - Nero WnAspi32 - Win32 Nero Aspi Library - Version I 10:39:17 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... I 10:39:17 Found 1 CD-RW, 1 DVD-ROM, 1 DVD-ROM/CD-RW and 1 DVD?RW! I 10:39:17 Project Loaded Successfully! I 10:45:22 Operation Started! I 10:45:22 Building Image Tree... I 10:45:22 Checking Directory Depth... I 10:45:22 Calculating Totals... I 10:45:22 Preparing Image... I 10:45:22 Checking Path Length... I 10:45:22 Image Size: 4,695,695,360 bytes I 10:45:22 Image Sectors: 2,292,820 I 10:45:22 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:00:00 I 10:45:47 Operation Started! I 10:45:47 Building Image Tree... I 10:45:47 Checking Directory Depth... I 10:45:47 Calculating Totals... I 10:45:47 Preparing Image... I 10:45:47 Checking Path Length... I 10:45:47 Image Size: 4,695,695,360 bytes I 10:45:47 Image Sectors: 2,292,820 I 10:45:57 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:00:10 I 10:45:57 Operation Started! I 10:45:57 Source File: -==/\/[BUILD IMAGE]\/\==- I 10:45:57 Source File Sectors: 2,292,820 (MODE1/2048) I 10:45:57 Source File Size: 4,695,695,360 bytes I 10:45:57 Source File Volume Identifier: Videos 1096 (DVD) I 10:45:57 Source File Application Identifier: IMGBURN - THE ULTIMATE IMAGE BURNER! (C) 2006 LIGHTNING UK! I 10:45:57 Source File Implementation Identifier: ImgBurn I 10:45:57 Source File File System(s): ISO9660, UDF (1.02) I 10:45:57 Destination Device: [0:2:0] _NEC DVD_RW ND-3540A 1.WB (L:) (ATA) I 10:45:57 Destination Media Type: DVD-R (Disc ID: ProdiscS04) (Speeds: 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 12x) I 10:45:57 Destination Media Sectors: 2,298,496 I 10:45:57 Write Mode: DVD I 10:45:57 Write Type: DAO I 10:45:57 Write Speed: 8x I 10:45:57 Link Size: Auto I 10:45:57 Test Mode: No I 10:45:57 BURN-Proof: Enabled I 10:45:57 Filling Buffer... I 10:45:58 Writing LeadIn... I 10:46:41 Writing Image... I 10:55:45 Synchronising Cache... I 10:56:00 Image MD5: 69a3aa4ab8c6c0cf8edebce8ea7b2fd4 I 10:56:00 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:10:02 I 10:56:00 Average Write Rate: 8,445 KB/s (6.1x) - Maximum Write Rate: 11,684 KB/s (8.4x) I 10:56:00 Cycling Tray before Verify... I 10:56:17 Device Ready! I 10:56:17 Operation Started! I 10:56:17 Source Device: [0:2:0] _NEC DVD_RW ND-3540A 1.WB (L:) (ATA) I 10:56:17 Source Media Type: DVD-R (Book Type: DVD-R) (Disc ID: ProdiscS04) (Speeds: 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 12x) I 10:56:17 Image File: -==/\/[BUILD IMAGE]\/\==- I 10:56:17 Image File Sectors: 2,292,820 (MODE1/2048) I 10:56:17 Image File Size: 4,695,695,360 bytes I 10:56:17 Image File Volume Identifier: Videos 1096 (DVD) I 10:56:17 Image File Application Identifier: IMGBURN - THE ULTIMATE IMAGE BURNER! (C) 2006 LIGHTNING UK! I 10:56:17 Image File Implementation Identifier: ImgBurn I 10:56:17 Image File File System(s): ISO9660, UDF (1.02) I 10:56:17 Verifying Sectors... I 11:01:41 Device MD5: 69a3aa4ab8c6c0cf8edebce8ea7b2fd4 I 11:01:41 Image MD5: 69a3aa4ab8c6c0cf8edebce8ea7b2fd4 I 11:01:46 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:05:24 I 11:01:46 Average Verify Rate: 14,197 KB/s (10.3x) - Maximum Verify Rate: 18,563 KB/s (13.4x) Is there any more info I should post? Thanks in advance
  17. thx for the reply LIGHTNING UK! i knew about the ansi "problem" but i asked again because of the link posted by god_md5 on this post and i thought it could be viable implementing unicode on Imgburn with those components . but even without unicode it'll be great! thx for all your hard work!
  18. it's great to hear the Imgburn will have a burn data mode, thx a lot LIGHTNING UK!! may i ask if it will support the following: -UDF (1.x or 2.x) -Unicode -Long labels (eg. "Videos 0001 (DVD)"), for some reason the only program i found that supports such labels is RecordNow MAX 4.5/4.6 thx a lot!
  19. i just registered to suggest the same thing but i guess i was a bit late just like you TheShadowRunner i also use RNM to record data cds/dvds, it's the only program that i found that allows you to record dvds and not use joliet. it would be a great thing if you could do such a program LIGHTNING UK!
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