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  1. It's highly unusual that you have a Verify log but not an actual burn log. There's good Verbatim and bad Verbatim. The bad Verbatim is the Life Series you find in brick and mortar stores. Those are the CMC junk. The good Verbatim is the DataLife Plus/AZO MKM series which you will only find in online stores like Amazon.com. Here's how you can tell if you've got the bad CMC Verbatim DVD+R DL. Insert this disc that is failing Verify into a drive and open ImgBurn in Read mode. ImgBurn will populate the right side window with info on the disc it has detected. Near the top of this info is a listing called MID. This is the Manufacturer ID and tells you who actually made the disc. If MID has CMC anywhere in it, you've got the Life Series junk. What does your MID say? I just ordered some of the DataLife Plus today, actually.
  2. Post from the Log the actual burn, not just the Verify. I've got a feeling I know the answer, but I need to see the actual burn part first. From the screenshot, it looks like you're trying to burn a DVD+R DL. Also, it looks like it most likely failed the Verify at the layer change. This is usually indicative of using cheap discs like CMC/Verbatim Life Series discs or your drive has a bad write strategy in the firmware for that type of media. The burn part of the Log will tell me what you used. To access the Log, open Help and choose ImgBurn logs. The log folder opens. Open the LOG file for viewing and find the burning portion of that disc where Verify failed. Copy and paste that part of the log. Or, if you want, just attach the entire LOG file to a post and I'll go through it towards the end to find what I'm looking for.
  3. And, of course, I get the run around from ASUS tech support, as I knew I would. I gave them all the pertinent information necessary and they ask stupid things. First, they tell me to try a different application when it's NOT an application issue, as I told them. Then they told me to test other discs and make sure they work, which I TOLD them DVD-R and 2 different types of DVD+RW work fine. Then they direct me to a product page for EXTERNAL drives when the issue is with an INTERNAL and want me to make sure the disc is supported when there is NO list of supported media on their site! Are they asking me if DVD+R DL is supported? I wouldn't be asking if it weren't! If it weren't, the drive wouldn't have attempted to write to them!
  4. Hm, unfortunately, I cannot use that RunTech USB BD burner. The orientation of the drive inside the unit is wrong. Every other USB drive I've ever had had the drive oriented inside the enclosure so the drive tray is open facing to the left. This one on RunTech is facing to the right. On my desktop, the only place for a USB optical drive is on the far right side of the desk where my equipment is. With a drive facing to the right, it is too cumbersome to put media into it that way.
  5. Unfortunately, I had 3 health issues. December 1st, I was admitted to the hospital with what turned out to be afib. A week later, I was diagnosed with COVID. I was actually having symptoms while in the hospital, but they were so mild, I thought I just had a cold. The entire time, it was COVID. I was lucky. I only had mild cold like symptoms. I caught it from my mother, who was also lucky. She was 70 at the time and while she had it worse than I did, still it could have been worse for her. She wasn't admitted to the hospital or anything. Lastly, I was put on a CPAP machine because people with heart issues often times have sleep disorders. Turned out my test revealed I was stopping breathing 50 times an hour in my sleep. I need a BD burner, but I didn't know, last time I looked, that this RunTech media place offered one. And it's USB to boot. I wonder what burner is actually inside the enclosure? Plus, what is RunTech's return policy? I don't want to plunk down $150 for something I may have to return if it cannot properly burn certain media just to find they don't accept returns for those reasons. I was looking for somewhere that sold DataLife Plus Verbatim DVD+RW. I don't like that they're inkjet printable, though, but that's not a deal killer.
  6. Long time no post. Well, I decided to give ASUS another try since they had updated the firmware for their BW-16D1HT to 3.10. While they fixed the previous deal killer I was aware of, there was ANOTHER deal killer that makes the drive useless. It does not properly write to MKM Verbatim DataLife Plus DVD+R DL! It fails Verify on Layer 0 just before the layer change or on Layer 1 just after the layer change. These errors are always indicative of firmware incorrectly burning DL discs. ASUS did fix the fatal error of destroying DVD+RW discs on burning unformatted discs. I sent my drives back 2 years ago upon this fatal error, not testing beyond that. Now, I know. Well, yet another tech support case that will go nowhere. I will tell ASUS what needs to be done; they won't do it. On the LG front, they may have addressed a fatal error with Verbatim MCC DataLife Plus DVD-R with firmware 1.03. I've not played the disc yet to make sure it doesn't playback with skips, as it used to do before finally just fatally giving up the ghost attempting to write to these discs.
  7. Go to https://imgburn.com/index.php?act=download and download the installer from Mirror 7. That's the best way to get a working installer.
  8. I do always use the same output folder and file name. This issue never arose before when I was using file splitting. It was only after I turned off file splitting to get single ISO files that it started.. Another factor that I haven't quite fully tested yet is sometimes the output folder is empty and sometimes it isn't. It appears, though I haven't determined it if is yet, when the output folder is empty, this does happen, though I don't know why that would matter.
  9. I had wondered if that might be the cause. I do have that enabled. Should ImgBurn, though, be smart enough to know if you're generating MDS and DVD files along with the ISO based on the user options and load by itself the MDS or DVD file instead of the generated ISO?
  10. Could be a few things going on here. Some PS1 discs simply cannot be read in by ImgBurn and certain hardware. For instance, on my rig, I cannot image Mega Man 8 from my collection with ImgBurn. Someone else posted a problem with the same disc. The solution I found was to try using Alcohol 120% to read to an image file and write that image file. I believe there is a limited free version of it. Your drive appears to be an LG one. In the past, LG drives have proven to be not as reliable readers as other drives. You could try getting a different kind of USB drive, preferably from some other manufacturer besides LG, and see if you have better luck. You probably won't, though. Your disc may simply have degradated with age. It may simply no longer be fully readable anymore. One way you can check, though it is not a foolproof method as this won't copy all of a PS1 game's contents, is to open the disc in File Explorer and attempt to copy and paste all the contents in the root directory to somewhere else. If it fails to complete, then the disc may be unreadable. Which trying a new drive would be recommended then, too.
  11. I am starting to believe all those random crashes reports I used to send in were this issue. I had a crash just now and I'd been doing roughly the same thing. While I didn't notice the change to Chinese characters, this issue sometimes manifests itself as the ISO9660 Label field clearing itself out instead of changing the UDF Label to Chinese characters.
  12. @LIGHTNING UK! This happened again after creating a new BD sized ISO. But, it wasn't anywhere near 100% full; it was only 79%. However, this time it said something different. I should have selected the DVD file instead.
  13. If what LUK suggested doesn't work, try not using CMC Magentics junk discs. I 13:28:17 Media Type: BD-R (Disc ID: CMCMAG-BA5-000) CMC Magnetics makes the worst discs out there. Over 50% of the problems on this board are caused by CMC junk. Most of those are usually resolved by switching away from CMC media.
  14. I was thinking of a Clone Disc button for real beginners. What Clone would do is read a disc to an image file, then automatically eject the disc, load the image for writing, and ask for insertion of a writable disc for burning. Thanks!
  15. The only thing I could think of as to why an Audio CD might be saved as an ISO is it's not technically an Audio CD but a Mixed Mode CD, an Audio CD track with another track for data files. I'm not entirely sure, but that may be the case.
  16. I'm not sure this is a bug, but given what I believe, I think it is. I was creating an image file in Build mode that was like 99% filling to a DVD-R. (Well, the Disc Layout Editor said it was 99%. Information said 100% with free space a little over 720K. So, that may be a bug in its own right.) Right at the end of the actual Build, ImgBurn tells me something I'd never seen before: "You should have selected the MDS file and not this one. I'll do it for you automatically this time, but don't do it again!" As I said, I don't know if that's a bug, but that kind of error I'd have expected on loading an image file for Writing instead of during Building an ISO. Thanks!
  17. I don't have AnyDVD running at all when ImgBurn is open. So, I don't know if setting AnyDVD to Disabled is enough. The ImgBurn prompt does say to make sure it's disabled, but, @LIGHTNING UK! does that mean to completely exit AnyDVD or is disabling AnyDVD but it still resident enough? If it should be totally shutdown instead of disabled, maybe the AnyDVD prompt in the ImgBurn log should be changed to reflect this?
  18. I noticed this in your log: W 13:07:30 AnyDVD can interfere with ImgBurn's ability to verify accurately, please ensure it's disabled! Did you try shutting down AnyDVD first before attempting to read to an image file? It probably doesn't matter, but it should be tried to isolate it's not the problem. As for Windows 10 showing up as Windows 8, that's a cosmetic issue. Microsoft changed how Windows 10 identifies itself so newer versions afterwards show up as Windows 8. This will be fixed in the upcoming release, and, no, don't ask when it will be out.
  19. Yes, that error message came as a surprise to me, too.
  20. ImgBurn does no conversion. It just creates images/burns what you feed into it. ConvertXToDVD, last I remember, did have an unlimited 7 day free trial. So, you can test it out and give it a throw. See if it meets your needs and your level of ease of use. I find it extremely easy to use and intuitive. I think the only limitation on the free trial is the video may have a watermark on it. Still, it should give you a good indication of what you'll get even with a watermark. I've been using it for like over a decade, since version 4.x and it's now on 7.x.
  21. That's the problem. Your players probably don't support natively playing container files. You are trying to play these video files like a DVD, correct? You will need to use some kind of conversion software to convert the two movie files to VIDEO_TS for DVD Video playback. I use a paid software called ConvertXToDVD. There are free alternatives but I don't follow those because last time I saw them years ago, they took too long to convert, the results weren't of the same quality, and/or the software was extremely buggy.
  22. Well, you could rename the entire mode if you wanted to. You could call it Monkey Bum or anything!
  23. There's a function key to enable more verbose debugging. LUK will have to tell you what it is and even if he wants to look at detailed debugging logs.
  24. Oh, I failed to see that part in your original post. You're right, that wouldn't explain why only ImgBurn is having a problem. It would be because there's a difference in the code in what ImgBurn does versus that other application.
  25. Yet, you called it Verify in your own software. I'm just teasing you; I get what you're saying.
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