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  1. Do you have a copy of the log you can post ? I am guessing there weren't any errors but it might be worth a look.
  2. Broken record time, but when my PS2 laser went on the fritz it was the copied DVDs that it couldn't play first, then original DVDs then at the end DVD based games.... I agree with Blu you need to try decent Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim media, all of mine on this media still play on the PS2 fine (following new laser) and some were burnt years ago. I know you have seen ok results with them before but this hit and miss results really does sound like cheapo media. Regards
  3. I reckon we should award that as well, I can think of a candidate for it already.....
  4. My thoughts exactly boss - I love it when people ask for help and then dish out insults...... I am going to try it in the pay rise discussions with my boss on Friday......
  5. My PS2 gave up reading DVD films shortly before the laser died...... It was weird cos it read DVD games fine but films just never appeared as the golden disc on the menu screen. Eventually I changed the laser and it was able to read DVD films again..... There are guides on the internet that show you how to open the PS2 and adjust the height of the laser, I believe over time they can require adjustment, I did try it on mine but it never worked..... My bet would be that the PS2 laser is on the fritz..... You could see if it can still read CD based games as opposed to DVD-ROMS, at the end my PS2 couldn't read those either....
  6. That's great news, the boss should be very proud of all his hard (unpaid) work....... Get those donations pouring in
  7. I still can't believe that in this day and age there are media sellers who won't ship to Europe
  8. It's always good when you have a contact that you can call with issues
  9. 'it's working' ??? Oh no, I had my hat picked out and everything #39;(
  10. Are you still wiggling on the hook of engagement trying to avoid the drop into the marriage net blu ?
  11. The ones I got from the American e-bay ad were flawless, just finished off the last of the spindle and need to order more...... if this guys is still around and decently priced I will be getting them from him again. Regards
  12. Actually scrub that you are using DVD-R DL's, I had some of these to test and they seemed bloody useless for most home burners, DVD players hate them and it looks like your burner doesn't like them either. If the game needs to go on a dual layer DVD you need to get the Verbatim DVD+R DL's not the minus ones
  13. Ok I am not an expert on burning Wii games - have you managed to do this before ? If so, did you use the current media (MKM 01RD30) ? Also is the firmware upto date for your burner - I did a quick google search and it appeared to be the most recent although no updates for a while.... maybe the burner is not likeing those discs, are they Verbatims ?
  14. F'in typical I miss another birthday - sorry Mike, hope it was a good day and that married life is suiting you !
  15. I have a Lightscribe BenQ but to be honest the results were horrible, very unprofessional looking. I much prefer to use white printable discs and then the Epson printer to colour print direct to them.... Stay away from donta if he offers to show you his collection of "etchings" IMHO they should all be burnt !
  16. Can I ask what this is in your posts: Is that being generated automatically or are you putting it in the posts yourself ?
  17. lfcrule1972

    Idling on IRC

    I remember the DVDD channel lmao2k, was funny for a while with mostly beta's chatting on it but it quickly tailed off and the chit chat returned to the forum either by way of the Chat sub forum or via PM's
  18. sniff sniff - I smell shitty media Has anyone mentioned that yet ?
  19. Cynthia's suggestion is the best one for anyone who feels that the odd shot of a naked body might offend. As for the profanity well you will have to take your chances..... What age are the people you would recommend to come here ? Are they Amish ? If not I very much doubt that the language will cause continual offence. This is one of the most refreshing forums I know of, in terms of learning new stuff in good humour without being made to feel like a donta & corny - thanks I am off to order some of those, strangely Tesco Home Shopping doesn't seem to find the items when I search for them
  20. Have you started ImgBurn off on a burn with these discs ? Is there anything in the log window at the bottom of the main Imgburn GUI ?
  21. Yeah me too - sorry Kev, hope it was a good one (or two, maybe not two at your age ) !!
  22. I almost stopped reading when the author said he uses NERO !
  23. Hope you have a great day !
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