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  1. You can't get much worse than this. They really are good for nothing, do yourself a favor and toss em. Just go with the dye type, if they are MCC then they should be fine.
  2. If the "half a job/wrong way" works just as well (for me at least) as the "proper" way, could you please tell me what advantage the proper format has? I really want to know...I'm not trying to be 'funny'. Not directly related, however, here goes. You take your car to a mechanic for a service, he changes the engine oil, but fails to change the filter (containing about a litre of the old shitty oil) he then refills it with new oil. Result: HALF A JOB. To the driver of the car, no real difference in performance or anything else. This would also be true for many other things in life, doing half jobs work fine for a lot of people, however they do pay for it in some form or another in the long term.
  3. That's why I said MOST, you young wipper snapper.
  4. At the risk of sounding harsh, which I don't mean to be, just because other apps choose to do "half a job" does not mean it's the right way of doing things. There is a right way, and a wrong way, ImgBurn chooses to do it the right way, so, no willy-waving here.
  5. The log is all the writing at the bottom of the app. If yours is not enabled, you can do so by pressing 'L' on the key board, then you'll see a heap of text filling it, that's what we need, simply copy and paste it with your next post. It does sound like you're in 'build' mode, but the log will confirm this. Side note: Most of us are far from 'young kids'.
  6. Kenadjian


    Oh dear, just when you think you've heard it all.
  7. Zacoz, good luck trying to find TY's anywhere in Oz mate, they're as rare as rocking horse shit.
  8. There is nothing wrong with that log, your problem would be more than likely be linked to your conversion method / software. Play your converted 'DVD' files with power DVD before you build the ISO, see how it plays, if it's jerky there, then it will be jerky in the final burnt disc. Alternatively, mount your ISO with DAEMON tools and do the same thing before burning it.
  9. Make sure they're not fakes, try it at 4X it could just be your drive can't handle it. Oh, can you post the log out of the failed burn please.
  10. There is really nothing wrong with that log, it is close enough to a perfect burn. A couple of things come to mind. The amount of compression used to create this ISO. Maybe try +R media setting the book type to DVD-ROM.
  11. We still need a log to confirm.
  12. Maybe a log from a burn could shed some light on your problem, please copy and paste the complete log with your next post.
  13. Please give us some more info, what is the disc? what are you trying to do? Etc.
  14. This one, follow spinners suggestion/s, you should be fine.
  15. PM, it's got nothing to do with insults, it's purely rhyming with the word yank. Yank > Septic tank. Cheque > Gooses neck. Commodore > Dunnydoor. (A very popular car in Oz) Holden Commodore, made by GM. Or GMH to us.
  16. Ok, can someone tell me WTF is going on?????
  17. Maybe not to you, but many people use this feature, so it is an advantage. The drive or the software couldn't give a rats arse what was in the image or how it was layed out (from a burning point of view) it's not that clever, so what shamus said is spot on.
  18. You're welcome, stick with what works best for you.
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