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Constant Buffer Underruns with


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<Pouring gas on the fire mode on>


I'm having no problems with, using the que, loading all 3 burners up with TY's and rock & roll, scan well, and the DL's still look good too.


<shit disturbing off>

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Are you running XP on it?



yep...xp pro....purrs like a kitten as long as I don't play games, which I do not...not a gamer.


no crashes, underruns, or nonsense with works, but then again when I burn from it I burn no faster than 8x for single layer or 2.4x or 4x for dual....no coasters, problems ever; of course I do nothing else when this is going on, especially for dual layer...gotta leave it alone for that.


Oh yah....your forum says I am an ISF Newbie...what is ISF?

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