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Constant Buffer Underruns with


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<Pouring gas on the fire mode on>


I'm having no problems with, using the que, loading all 3 burners up with TY's and rock & roll, scan well, and the DL's still look good too.


<shit disturbing off>

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Not especially, but it would certainly make things worse.


You'd notice it more if you only have something like 512mb of RAM and burn from the same hdd as the one the OS + swapfile sits on, or if the one with the swapfile on it shares the channel with your burner.

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Are you running XP on it?



yep...xp pro....purrs like a kitten as long as I don't play games, which I do not...not a gamer.


no crashes, underruns, or nonsense with works, but then again when I burn from it I burn no faster than 8x for single layer or 2.4x or 4x for dual....no coasters, problems ever; of course I do nothing else when this is going on, especially for dual layer...gotta leave it alone for that.


Oh yah....your forum says I am an ISF Newbie...what is ISF?

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