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  1. Hello. I would like to know if a DL write with Imgburn will be okay even if the program won't ask for a layer break point.


    I'm asking because I first got the message that Imgburn couldn't find a break point. It told me "where" to make that point. So I read the Vobblanker tutorial, split the cell at one point and the reloaded the project in Imgburn.


    It went straight to burn without askinng me to choos a layer break position.


    Is that good or bad?




    It doesnt do that . it always asks you to choose a layer break point


    what i suggest you do with voblanker in the future is make several splits, as IB will ask you which one to use, and some will be better than others


    suggest you use verbatim discs instead of ricoh ased ones . your looking for

    verbatim 2.4x Made in Singapore with ID of MKM-001

  2. DJCookieUK


    your using media differant to the original poster . YOUR using Ricoh based media, and oldfart13 is using verbatim media so untill you try verbatim ( which is what we recommend) its not the exact same problem.


    BOTH of you should try verbatim 2.4x Made in Singapore with the ID of MKM-001


    Oldfart13 post a log file as requested

  3. from your log file

    E 12:20:53 File size exceeds the limit imposed by the ISO9660 file system.

    E 12:20:53 Name: C:\Users\John-Charles\Videos\Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.mkv


    check out wikipedia especially the section about "Limit on number of directories".


    an extract from it reads

    "Nero Burning ROM (for Windows) doesn't check whether the problem occurs, and will produce an invalid ISO file or disk without warning"


    I dont know if this applicable to your case though, maybe LUK can advise better ?

  4. post the FULL log , not just parts that you think are important


    Chances are its your choice of media . Your using discs with "ricoh" dye/ink . We only recommend Verbatim 2.4x discs for dual layer, with the dye/ink MKM-001 , made in singapore BUT post a full log file and we can see if anything else is amiss

  5. My question is what causes this error when reading a disc?


    E 13:25:08 Failed to Read Sector 720944 - Reason: No Seek Complete

    E 13:25:08 Sector 720944 maps to File: \VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_2.VOB


    basically the drive your using cannot read the disc, which is why some drives will verify and others wont


    the disc is dirty and the drive cannot read the disc, but another drive may be able to read it without problem. compare it to people who need reading glasses and those who dont


    Its all about how good the paticular drive is at reading the type of disc. by type i mean the quality of the ink/dye on the disc

  6. its most likely your discs

    I 16:24:08 Destination Media Type: DVD+R DL (Disc ID: RITEK-S04-66) (Speeds: 4x, 6x, 8x)


    get verbatim 2.4x made in singapore with the ID of MKM-001 ( dont get the ones made in india)


    you can try setting write speed to 4x with the discs you have left ( you have them set at 1x which isnt a recognised speed with those discs on your burner, or 4 x, which is the slowest write speed for those discs on your burner)


    go to the manufacturers web sit and see if theres a newer firmware for that drive as well

  7. I 19:00:47 Writing LeadIn...

    I 19:00:49 Writing Session 1 of 1... (1 Track, LBA: 0 - 4155839)

    I 19:00:49 Writing Track 1 of 1... (MODE1/2048, LBA: 0 - 4155839)

    I 19:00:49 Writing Layer 0... (LBA: 0 - 2077919)

    I 19:22:24 Writing Layer 1... (LBA: 2077920 - 4155839)

    W 19:35:42 Failed to Write Sectors 3333472 - 3333503 - Reason: Write Error

    W 19:35:42 Retrying (1 of 20)...

    W 19:35:48 Retry Failed - Reason: Invalid Address For Write


    The drive managed to write the 1st layer ( layer 0)and even started the 2nd layer ( layer 1 , sector 2077920 and upwards) , it got to 3333503 and couldnt write anymore( which was about 2/3rds of the way thru layer 2)

    At this point it could not make out sector 3333503 on the disc, probably because of low quality dye/ink on the disc.


    this is where Verbatim 2.4x MKM001 made in singapore come in , they are the most consistent quality dual layer discs we have found out of all the brands on the market in ; UK, USA,Australia,Brazil,Denmark,Sweden,Germany,Italy, OH, and Liverpool and the Isle of Wight ( Lfcrules when he went on holiday)

  8. I would like to burn an ISO image. When I put a DVD in, start ImageBurn and select "Write Image file to disk" it gives me an error on the bottom of the window saying "No reference position found". I can't find any resolutions on what to do to fix that.


    ImageBurn ver.

    XP Pro sp2


    Thinkpad A31p

    TEAC DW-28E


    I 08:10:42 ImgBurn Version started!

    I 08:10:42 Microsoft Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600 : Service Pack 2)

    I 08:10:42 Total Physical Memory: 1,047,536 KB - Available: 367,256 KB

    W 08:10:42 Drive E:\ (FAT32) does not support single files > 4 GB in size.

    I 08:10:45 Initialising SPTI...

    I 08:10:45 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices...

    I 08:10:45 Found 1 DVD-ROM/CD-RW!

    Do you have any ideas what I need to do to fix this?


    Thank you,




    Going by the log file you posted, you dont have a DVD burner, only a CD writer/DVD reader.


    EDIT - a quick google reveals that your TEAC DW 28E drive IS only a combo drive and CANNOT write to DVD, only to CD

  9. any ideas?


    YES . change to Verbatim 2.4x discs, the ones made in singapore with the ID of MKM-001. DONT buy the ones made in India, they are not so good as ths singapore ones.

  10. are laptop dvd burners just inherently no good?

    yes, i havent found a laptop writer that is any good yet . they all work for a short time then give up. as recomended a decent external writer is your best bet for long term use.

    having looked about , the reports on that laptop drive are not brilliant

  11. Let the courts decide what is incitement to hate and what is purely an opinion about a group of people.




    Problem i have Blu, is that i HATE the courts and the group of people that run them =))

  12. Thank you for your patience and assistance, but you keep dancing around the central issue. I can only infer from what you have said so far that since my only interest in .iso files is to produce viewable video files that I can add to my library, I should stop downloading .iso image files immediately and forever, because as .iso files are only image files THEY CAN NEVER BE CONVERTED TO VIDEO_TS FILES ABLE TO BE VIEWED IN ANY DVD PLAYER. You have described an .iso file that can only be viewed on my computer, therefore once again, I for the life of me, cannot see what is the point of such programs (at least for us "videophiles" When I mentioned that I have Nero8, ConvertX to DVD, AnyDVDConverter, etc., you did not address whether or not these programs that convert every other file type should be able to convert .iso to DVD. Now I see why...although you have not said it, it is clear that .iso image files cannot be converted to anything other than image files. So again I say...what's the point? Who wants to limit themselves to only viewing images on their computer...on purpose!? You could have answered my initial inquiry very succinctly by saying:


    1. .iso files may only be viewed on your computer.

    2. In order to even view the image, you must first burn the image in Write mode to be viewed on your computer

    3. .iso images cannot be converted to any other viewable format.

    4. There is no explanation why people choose an .iso format in spite of its limitations.


    1 yes, unless you burn them on a disc and watch on a standalone dvd player

    2, No, you can mount the image on a virtual drive rather than burn it to a disc

    3, No, you can view the contents of an ISO file and extract the contents. If the contents are an avi or xvid file you can convert them to DVD compliant.

    4 people choose an .ISO file as it is just 1 file of a whole disc, rather than have say 500 picture files


    I think your missing what an ISO file actually is . an ISO or .iso file is usually a box,container,package of several files conveniently made into 1 file.

    it could be a DVD , or a bunch of pics from your camera or a load of mp3 music files, but it will be just 1 large file instead of a list of all the smaller files that make up that image . ( an "image" is a mirror copy of a disc or folder ect ect) .


    if you have an ISO Image file, its basically 1 large file which is an image ( mirror)copy of something ( something could be a cd a dvd. a hard drive a folder, anything you want really. and all you do is 1 of 3 things

    either burn it to a suitable size disc

    mount it on a virtual drive and view it


    mount it in a program like ISOBuster and extract the parts you want then save to your hdd


    wether you can convert an iso to dvd depends on what is "IN " the iso file . if its video, then yea, use the programs you mention and convert to dvd. if its a bunch of .jpg pictures, then you could make a slide show of the iso, if the iso image is a load of .doc letters, then you CANNOT make these into a dvd .


    for simplicty , call your iso image "a folder" instead. then whatever type of files you have put in the folder depends what you can and cannot do with them. IF you want to convert your iso/image/folder to VIDEO_TS folder, then as long as you have video content ( avi/xvid/divx) within that iso/image/folder then you CAN convert the it to dvd

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