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  1. Hi hmntr and welcome to the ImgBurn support forum.


    as a new member you may not be aware that we dont discuss ripping/copying of copywrited or commercial DVD's, and we dont support DVDecrypter here. We can however help you with burning and ImgBurn :thumbup:


    From what you posted though, it may be a case of your player just not liking the brand/format of the discs you used .


    there are several guides in our guide section that may help you in the future.

    providing you have a VIDEO_TS folder, all you need to do is use ImgBurn in 'Build" mode to create a DVD, no need to make an ISO first

  2. ImgBurn only burns what its given, so if its already DVD compliant it will burn a DVD for you.Anything else will be burnt as a data disc.


    You will need to convert any non-DVD files to DVD format ( VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders with VOB's,IFO's and BUP's) with other software first, THEN ImgBurn can make a playable DVD for you with the output

  3. just because your discs are seen as 16x by your drive it does not mean your PC specs is capable to actually write at 16x


    do you have anti virus running in the background ? something is hogging your free memory


    when the following happened, it took 40 seconds for the hdd to recover, so "something" is slowing the burn down

    W 23:16:28 Waiting for buffers to recover... (LBA: 2161120)

    W 23:17:10 Waiting for hard disk activity to reach threshold level...

  4. Its all about which dye the disc is made with

    Some brands use several differant dye manufacturers on differant products within there brand name, then at a later date, they change the dye on that paticular brand.


    Thats why we recommend verb 2.4x made in singapore with the ID of MKM-001, they are consistently good compared with any other Dual layer discs we have tried.

  5. try and find a newer firmware for the drive , as your drive does not recognise those discs properly.

    Note there is not a speed rating for your writer on these discs after the end of S04-66 ( example 2.4x,4x ect ect)

    I 13:33:36 Destination Media Type: DVD+R DL (Disc ID: RITEK-S04-66)


    get verbatim 2.4x DL discs made in singapore with ID of MKM-001, these are the only discs we recommend as they have high compatability with most writers.

  6. if you"do" have to buy a new writer, I would get an external one rather than replaceing the laptop one. 2 reasons, first the cost, an external will cost les than the laptops internal one, and secondly, an external is much more reliale than a laptop drive anyway, will last a lot longer, and will probably write at faster speeds than the laptop one.

  7. disable ANYDVD as per the warning on the 4th line in your log file


    check for firmware updates for your drive


    change your write speed down to 8x ish or even slwoer if its a laptop


    your using 16x media, but your drive only sees it as 2.4x , a firmware update for the drive should cure this


    and update to the latest version of ImgBurn

  8. Stay away from donta if he offers to show you his collection of "etchings" :lol: IMHO they should all be burnt ! :)

    Its O.K , his probation officer took them of him , its safe now



    Are there any plans to create a "LightScribe" functionality?


    Answered by the man himself in another thread , see THIS THREAD

  9. i dont even know if im selecting the right file. I go to imgburn and picked ''write image file to disc''.. then i browse for it. there are 3 files that come up from the folder where i downloaded the iso at, but i dont know which 1 i should pick. there all named ''dvd'' ..1st one is to audio, video ts......2nd is maybe the one.its called ''ISO'' with 5.62 gb...3rd is a MDS file..i of course pick the ISO file which is the 2nd...then imgburn popsup a screen telling me.....''You should have selected the MDS file and not this one. I'll do it for you automatically this time, but dont do it again'''............is that the correct 1? what should i pick!!


    Yes, #2 or #3 . if you get an .mds file, use that as it contains information about the .iso file anyway that your writer will make use of

  10. That log file was using the ricoh discs, which we consider to no good compared with verbatim .


    note the following from the log

    W 22:36:49 Potential 'WaitImmediateIO' Deferred Error - (0%, 1/3) - Positioning Error Detected by Read of Medium


    signs of a disc that your drive has problems dealing with


    you say you get the same thing with verbatim ? . you should be using verbatim 2.4x madein Singapore with the dye ID of MKM-001, are these what your using ?, if your not sure, post a failed burn log with the verbs your using

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