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  1. Rita dropped so much rain that the levees in New Orleans failed and some houses in the low land areas have flooded again .They're really taking a beating there and Texas is getting hit hard,we've been fortunate where I live in West Palm Beach but the storms churn up out at sea and I'm sure they'll be more in the near future
  2. Well, it says September the 10th which is already over so I thought it would be there... I dont think it mentioned what year
  3. if it hits Galvenston they'll use that to jack the gas prices again.I hear people saying how the prices came down a little and its good ,a bunch of fucking morons if you ask me, $3 plus a gallon drop it a few cents and someone expects their ass to be kissed its still over a $1 a gallon more expensive than 9 months ago
  4. They are talking about New Orleans possibly getting hit again the levees wont hold at the least they will get some serious rainand its heading for Galveston Texas, they have had their share of bad weather over the years.This is my first year down here ,if we lose electricity I have a 6500 watt generator that will cover power for me and my neighbor maybe a couple of fridges that some others can store the basics like milk ,eggs
  5. the wind chimes outside are really playing a tune right now. The winds are picking up pretty good . The path might hit us or not Miami is on alert and they are wondering if the storm will veer from its projected path ,stay tuned .Im in the West Palm Beach area
  6. been working nights and days doing demolition at a govt building ,went through all the paperwork and backgroud checks to get a security badge for unescorted access only to be denied entry because the command center didn't read their own memos stating that we were allowed entry ,maybe its why no other contractors bid on these jobs too much aggro for such a small job
  7. They're still together and put out some stuff awhile back,I think they actually did a live show which they never did in the past it was all studio work. If you want to check them out the official site is www.steelydan.com
  8. Just what I was thinking ,she hadn't posted for awhile back at DVDD hope she's well,I guess not being able to watch hockey too its toll
  9. polopony


    thank God you don't feel too strongly about Nero you might really go on a rant
  10. nobody can find it , me neither ,checked the site a bunch of times untill I thought I was crazy but its OK I have a backup burning program that I love
  11. polopony


    married and neutered
  12. same here glad to see all you degenerates back again when word gets around there will be the same 250,000 or so members " The Forum of Dreams " build it and they will come
  13. polopony


    F'n eh welcome back
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