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    You can edit the posts... but, you can't edit the e-mails that the server sends out.
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    Yes, please refrain from calling me kirk again.
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    I believe every single time George Jones has "signed" to appear here in town at the Executive Inn, he's always cancelled.
  4. Thanks, but, I don't need to dual boot. I need to figure out how Windows is loading something other than Windows so I can recreate it myself on a bootable CD. Plus, I believe Acronis uses Linux, so, dual booting to DOS won't help much.
  5. dbminter


    More than just a mouse, remember. A mouse corpse! Hey, kirk! You mean George "No Show" Jones? George "DUI On A Riding Lawnmower" Jones?
  6. Don't know. Given how relatively new it is, it should use copy and delete. HOWEVER, it is a Microsoft program, so, it may not even work! Just SAYS it actually did the defragmentation it claims!
  7. You can lose data if Windows restarts/PC shuts off suddenly while a defrag is happening. Now, this data loss actually can be fixed, just not easily, plus, it rarely happens. Depends on the defragger, too. Most should be smart enough to copy first, then delete... but, you never know. Some may just move instead of copy then delete.
  8. There are some applications, such as Drive Image 5 and 6 and Acronis True Image and Disk Director that cannot directly write to C:\ if it's in use by Windows, which is always, of course. So, they have the ability to restart Windows and instead of starting Windows, they boot into "DOS" (In the case of Acronis, it's Linux, I think.) and run the "DOS" based utility. My question is how. By this, I want to be able to find out what is running instead of Windows. I've tried booting off of a floppy after Windows restarts and before it restarts into DOS and checked the usual culprits: AUTOEXEC.BAT, CONFIG.SYS, IO.SYS, MS-DOS.SYS, and BOOT.INI But, nothing is ever out of the ordinary there to give me a clue as to what is running. Are there other .INI etc. files I can check here to see what will be running after restart? And, anyone know what they are and willing to pass the info along. Thanks!
  9. The only way has been to go and edit your own posts to turn into junk. Of course, any quoted replies will still reveal your sins to the world.
  10. It can't be THAT complicated to code the tabs to resize. Opera SOMEHOW managed to do it. And yet, Opera is the ONLY browser that does it?! Firefox doesn't even have a tab that lets you list what the other tabs are off the side of the screen. Not even Next/Back cycle through Tabs. Although no one has that, so, I claim that idea as mine own!
  11. Interestingly enough, Firefox has a new update, too. 1.0.7. In addition to 1.5 Beta as well as what will probably be 2.0, in early alpha.
  12. An RSS Aggregator aggregates an RSS. I think what it's supposed to do is for pages that use it, it alerts you to any updates made to the site. That way, you will know when it's been updated.
  13. It's a relatively common problem. I checked and have posted on it several times. I do the research first. I don't JUST talk out of the side of my ass. I prefer to let my ass speak directly, thank you!
  14. Opera continues to shoot itself in the foot. The only reason it's giving itself away is an IE move: to try and capture market share. They still have yet to address actually issues. For instance, in my test of it, after 9 plus hours of trying to load a series of saved tabs, it still had loaded 0k and 0/0 files. Something that has been in all but the Preview versions of Opera 8.0. And, it's some kind of random situation, as not everyone has it. But, it is a problem in the software because what happens is it thinks it's loaded a page when it hasn't, so, it keeps trying. BUT, it bleeds over this behavior from just ONE page to ALL pages. Eventually memory starts to leak, context menus across the board won't load, My Computer, won't open, etc. and requires a reboot. Opera, now, is just an example of HOW to do things... and not do them well. Like Netscape, which has adopted some of Opera's innovations that all browsers need, but NOT correctly. e.g. only saving open tabs IF you set them as the default home "page," etc. In fact, Firefox only needs 2 additions to make me completely dump Opera: 1.) save opened tabs automatically 2.) automatically arrange tab sizes as they fill up the screen, something ONLY Opera, strangely, does, which is what SHOULD be done with tabs instead of having them file up OFF the damn side of the screen.
  15. Well, the players do wear shoulder pads.
  16. "Hail, hail Canada! Land I didn't make up!" I'm sorry, but, we don't have any Smilies for magic dragons. Strange... I TRIED to make the above quote a separate post with Add Reply, but, it insists on appending it to my previous post.
  17. I need something that is not purely command line driven. Must be GUI, but, if it supports command switches, too, that's okay.
  18. Yeah, I need an actual formatter. Not a disk blanker. I've already got things that can do that.
  19. I thought he was a lumberjack! But, that's okay.
  20. By idiots, I meant those who designed how Computer Management works. They're called Microsoft. Yeah, they call it COMPUTER Management... eh, too bad, though, it doesn't manage ALL of your computer, right? Think they care?
  21. Well, Computer Management DOES find fixed discs, too. So, it finds fixed discs and removable discs like CD and DVD... but not floppies... idiots! As for using the magnet idea, technically, no it's not a good idea. Because if you use it, you STILL have to format it afterwards in order to use it. So, why use an unnecessary extra step?
  22. Another reason to avoid the context format for floppies. If the floppy has a bad sector, the context menu will NOT "load" because it keeps trying to access the disk first. And, ejecting the disk and trying to select Format won't work because Windows complains that, yes, there is no floppy in the drive! What a bunch of fuquers! Oh, and, care to harbor a guess if Computer Management did any good?
  23. Sorry, I should have also included, "NO context menus." Yeah, I'm fully aware of the right click, but, right clicking is DUMB! While a good idea in concept, a poor idea in execution because you never know when Windows will just decide to ignore your right clicks, display an incomplete context menu, display it bleeding down what is SUPPOSED to be the bottom of the screen, etc. I hate context menus and avoid them whenever I can. I guess the Format context MIGHT be a part of Computer Management. I'll check.
  24. Can anyone recommend a floppy format utility for Windows? I need something that is not command driven. (Although command switches would be a bonus. ) I need a GUI. Something that doesn't run the FORMAT.COM unless it does run FORMAT.COM BUT displays any messages, regardless of if they're errors or not, returned by the format. Preferably, this GUI would also display a time bar or some indication that the format is running/accessing the floppy drive. This PC case was designed by an idiot. The bezel overs the floppy so that 1.) the eject button hardly works and requires a tool to get the disks out of the slot once ejected 2.) the floppy drive light is covered so there's hardly any way to know if the drive is being accessed. Thanks!
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