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  1. First off you need to have your operating system on a fat 32 partition


    Then download this from my ftp Dos



    then unrar and use you know what to burn the iso to a cd



    then pop it in your cd rom on computer you want to install dos to


    either set your boot order in bios to boot cd rom 1ST, or press f8 to get into boot menu or f11 or f2 or whatever the boot menu key is in your bios/computer etc "choose cd rom or the dvd rom drive you have cd in"


    It will then boot and take you thru a set of options, DO NOT UPDATE MBR when it asks you

    Follow it thru, and CHOOSE DUAL BOOT, none of the other options..It will then ask you lots of other questions, and choose to install the adddons, apart from the chinese one, just follow the prompts till it finishes.


    Then reboot and choose either XP or DOS.



    you could or should back up your operating system first using GHOST, but i did not , but i did have an image i could have gone back 2 though


    you will also not have access to ntfs partitions you will have to source out some drivers to use external usb devices as well

  2. you could lower the bitrate to 96kbps but sound quality might suffer.





    if your phone can play wma, you could try link above other than that get some mp3 software that you can drop the bitrate down with and convert to new bitrate etc


    or if you got a symbian op in phone there will probs be a 3rd party music player that will play wma

  3. Takes a lot longer with big files like iso images, but i have never lost the capability to burn a successful dvd from a defragged hard drive, or lost any important data, Unless the hard drive is screwed or just about to fail which has happened to me.

  4. i love the ones that leave bt on and no pair, there are a couple of viruses that can transfer via bluetooth so it is advisable to switch it off when not in use.

  5. cannot update the firmware on the first revison ALI chipset, i bought 2 icy boxes both are revision 1A.

    I can go 12 burns without the semaphore timeout error, then i get one write retry, but the discs are fine, as in played Xbox game all the way thru and no problems, I can always switch to wnaspi32, will i be able to select that using imgburn?

  6. When you get your phone, If its a samsung d500 say, you need to plow thru the options in phone to switch on bluetooth, install the drivers into your computer, but first read to see if you have to install bluetooth device first b4 installing drivers, or install drivers first before bluetooth etc..


    When you got them both on, the software on both computer and mobile will ask to pair these 2 devices together and ask for password, enter the same password for both devices....


    It's been a whie since i set up my ngage's, so the above may not be 100% accurate, but should get you on the right lines..


    Sure the bluetooth drivers will be from same company, can't remeber their name but seemed to be the only company doing them when i first got my ngages.. winbond, nah sounds similar though... Widcomm, thats it

  7. I can tell you for sure that this is not a hoax and that if you donated your donation went to LIGHTNING UK


    As i have just checked a previous donation in nochex to my recent donation using paypal


    and they match, as when i donated using no chex in april 2005 it was to a certain address.


    When i donated to LIGHTNING UK the other day it was to [removed], so i just checked details of the transaction(donation to dvddec) in april using nochex and that has also changed to @imgburn.com


    So unless someone other than luk has access to his paypal and nochex account this is def not a hoaxer etc.

  8. yet mine is ok fast enough, will keep an eye on it, then say for sure



    though clicking on edit was a bit slower, though i am downloading something at same time using practically all bandwidth



    using IE6

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