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  1. I decided to buy the 360 after all, then i got my son one, ain't played on them much yet as busy setting up his desk and hd tv as you need one with these new consoles as my 15 fst tv is ok for xbox but for 360 ghost recon advanced war fighter i couldn't read the bloody writing, and 50 quid a game, though would hate to see price of ps3 games on blu as they have been touted as 70 quid a pop, cannot see it in reality if it is then its a big mistake.

  2. must have been the a09 had css rip lock off at default and the oem 109 had it on as i think i first mentioned but the opposite way.

    Either way i turned my 109 into a dvd reader only ! @ 14X

  3. nope what that mean is your drive is not located at G:so the bat file i did for you would not work as your device is located at K:


    so get this and copy it to the folder you downloaded from me, when it says overwrite say yes, then run it.





    just dont go swapping the ide cable the drive is connected to , or switch on any external usb devices that will shift your drive letters around, as in your original log file the drive was located at G: which is why i setup ascii.bat to be G: when from the info you posted in pic after i asked you to run dvdrflash by double clicking it your pioneer drive is located at K: which is why i updated the ascii.bat file for you to download and replace.

  4. i never install the nvidia ide drivers anymore never had any of the nvidia ide drivers actually work the way they are supposed to , they suck, classes some sata maxtor drives as removable and give you the safe removal icon, just let xp sp2 pick up your devices (looks funny in device manager when using ms drivers with a few sata and pata hard drives etc) get nero,s info tool to give you a summary of dma etc,or expand the many primary and secondary in device manager and make sure to keep using an 80 wire ide cable.

  5. download this from my ftp then extract it to your desktop. read the read me, as i have set up the drive letter to be G: as indicated in your posts, etc, run dvrflash by double clicking, it will tell you the drive letter of your pioneer drive. If it says G: then run the file called ascii. then follow onscreen prompts.


    This is at your own risk just to cover everyones back, also dvrflash asks you to accept anyways.


    check that the firmware inc is the same for your drive im 99.9% certain it is, as indicated in the posts.

    someone else may check to be sure.



    do not have a disc in the 107 when you flash it, make sure if you got key electric meter its got some money on it.


    cannot remember if your allowed to have cd tray open or not, i have flash before on pioneer with draw open and closed and flash was successful, someone else will tell you for sure if you do some searches.



  6. well i burnt another 4 after that using the icy box with the philips drive in it this caddie uses ALI m5621 A1 and used SPTI and all were perfect, does not matter what enclosure i put the pioneer 109 in still errors out, with semaphore using SPTI and invalid write address using wnaspi32, so i decided to turn it into a dvd rom drive instead and took off the Rip lock...

  7. Have the pioneer 109's got a rip lock, as i hex edited the 158 firmware, but i forgot to test before i flashed it, since then i have put the original 158 firmware back in, and its ripping a dual layer at the moment @11.2 and rising... i think i remember reading that the 109 did not have the rip lock but the A09 did, that might be the other way round. anyone care to comment , thanks



    ignore what i typed above, my 109 is rip locked, just so happens that the original of PUMP IT UP dance work out is not encrypted :blush2:


    Testing with titan ae and its ripping at 2.4 - 3.0 x

  8. dbminter which drive you using in the enclosure with ali chipset, a pioneer based one ?


    as i have one of the philips drives from svp in there at the minute using spti and although this is just one burn it seems fine, though the writing speed is only at 6x even though i chose 8, it coud be down to the disc that though.


    gonna try making a few backups using spti, and wnaspi32..with philips drive.



    [Edit] so far i have burnt 3 discs using spti and ali m5621 without semaphore timeout using philips drive, im gonna try my own now as he wants it back. :)

  9. i wasnt using my k8n neo plat, but that blew up, replaced it with dfi lanparty ut, then it started whilst using wnaspi32, but i suspect my 109 is broken as using the new enclosure i got from svp which uses prolific chipset , i got 97 semaphore errors after disc finished burning using spti though, but the new philips drive is OK, so gonna do some further testing today as i got another enclosure that uses prolific and anotehr one of those philips drives from svp to test, though the test will involve my pioneer 109 and 110, on dfi, then on msi k8n neo plat 2 i just built up.



    [edit] when using the elby io and the icy box which uses ali m5621 1a was getting loads of semaphore time out errors as well on the suspected faulty 109

  10. you are more than likely right about the packet writing software, first thing i would have done with that pc was to make a ghost image of everything on there, or look for the hidden partition and backit up, then delete it, which would probably void your warranty, then reinstall xp if they gave it to you, which i doubt, if you got the sticker on pc, i would phone them up and demand the cd they installed xp with.

    You paid for it, or find a mate with the corp edition and install then just put in the programs you use and like.

  11. LOL.


    Can only fit one drive in enclosure at a time.


    just pleased it works with the philips, gonna start builing up one of my new 939 boards msi k8n neo plat2, well it aint new i had it 17months sat in cupboard, will try 109 in there and see if its fooked, only burnt about 30 discs on it, got no idea when or where i bought it.

    Might order another one of these enclosures and another philips drive, then test the 109 in that enclosure and then update firmware in enclosure to see if it fixes it etc, though i suspect the 109 has had it, will put one of the other philips i got back in ICY box and try that also.

    The other enclosure that svp sell the usb only uses genesys GL811 chipset you ever used anything with that in or anyone else reading this ever used an enclosure that uses that chipset ?

  12. ta, was planning to use usb to flash, if i decide to do it, will run it with the philips drive for now, then if i suspect after getting my pioneer 111 in a few days time i may try the 111 in enclosure, if i get any issues with it i will update firmware in enclosure...


    Did you get one of the philips drives ?19.99 from svp ?


    I quite like the burn from what i have seen of it, i like the way the write rate steadily goes up and the buffer only slightly fluctuates

  13. i searched on google just checked back in here to ask if there is a way to find out the firmware already on the enclosure, i have not finished reading about it yet, so that info may be on their site, or maybe it show you when you run the program. i have downloaded all the firmwares, i have to have the firmware i am using, just a rule i like to keep to, as i have no probs with the firmware in enclosure using the philips drive.



    def 3507 as looked at chip on pcb as soon as i got it.






    that def the romwriter i need to run yeah ?

  14. is the firmware for the enclosure on the supplied disc, can you also jump backward and forward between firmwares for the enclosure ?


    I stuck one of the 3 philips drives i got from svp and its fine for 5 burns so far. so it would appear that either my 109 is responsible(it has latest firmware 1.58) unless there is a 1.59, strange that my brand new 110 (1.17) seemed to do same thing as the 109 in the ICY box though if i can be bothered might try the 110 in the new enclosure from svp...


    I 17:43:45 ImgBurn Version started!

    I 17:43:45 Microsoft Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600 : Service Pack 2)

    I 17:43:45 Initialising SPTI...

    I 17:43:45 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices...

    I 17:43:46 Found 2 DVD-ROMs and 2 DVD?RWs!

    I 17:44:14 Operation Started!

    I 17:44:14 Source File: H:\more shrink\goal\GOAL.ISO

    I 17:44:14 Source File Sectors: 2,145,467 (MODE1/2048)

    I 17:44:14 Source File Size: 4,393,916,416 bytes

    I 17:44:14 Source File Implementation Identifier: DVD Shrink

    I 17:44:14 Destination Device: [0:0:0] PHILIPS SPD2400L1 Y5H3 (Q:) (USB)

    I 17:44:14 Destination Media Type: DVD-R (Disc ID: TTG02) (Speeds: 4x, 6x, 8x)

    I 17:44:14 Destination Media Sectors: 2,297,888

    I 17:44:14 Write Mode: DVD

    I 17:44:14 Write Type: DAO

    I 17:44:14 Write Speed: 8x

    I 17:44:14 Link Size: Auto

    I 17:44:14 Test Mode: No

    I 17:44:14 BURN-Proof: Enabled

    I 17:44:14 Filling Buffer...

    I 17:44:14 Writing LeadIn...

    I 17:45:02 Writing Image...

    I 17:52:00 Synchronising Cache...

    I 17:52:19 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:08:05

    I 17:52:19 Average Write Rate: 10,290 KB/s (7.4x) - Maximum Write Rate: 11,148 KB/s (8.0x)




    brand new computer as well, clean install, no conflicts at all, irq's all fine so i cannot see it being the computer, unless it hates pioneers hardware whilst using usb2.

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