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  1. Stands to reason if you break it, it won't work.:D


    Pin 21 DMARQ or it's absence.


    Multiword DMA is a data transfer protocol used with the READ DMA, WRITE DMA, READ DMA

    QUEUED, WRITE DMA QUEUED, and PACKET commands. When a Multiword DMA transfer

    mode has been set via the SET FEATURES 03h subcommand, this data transfer protocol shall

    be used for the data transfers associated with these commands. Signal timing for this protocol is

    described in 10.2.3.

    The DMARQ and DMACK- signals are used to signify when a Multiword DMA transfer is to be

    executed. The DMARQ and DMACK- signals are also used to flow control a Multiword DMA data


    When a device is ready to transfer data associated with a Multiword DMA transfer, the device

    shall assert DMARQ. The host shall then respond by asserting DMACK-, negating CS0- and

    CS1-, and begin the data transfer by asserting, then negating, DIOW- or DIOR- for each word

    transferred. The host shall not assert DMACK- until DMARQ has been asserted by the device

    shall transfer data only when both DMARQ and DMACK- are asserted. Having asserted DMARQ

    and DMACK-, these signals shall remain asserted until at least one word of data has been


    The device may pause the transfer for flow control purposes by negating DMARQ. The host shall

    negate DMACK- in response to the negation of DMARQ. The device may then reassert DMARQ

    to continue the data transfer when the device ready to transfer more data and DMACK- has been

    negated by the host.

    The host may pause the transfer for flow control purposes by either pausing the assertion of

    DIOW- or DIOR- pulses or by negating DMACK-. The device may leave DMARQ asserted in this

    case. The host may then reassert DMACK- when DMARQ is asserted and begin asserting

    DIOW- or DIOR- pulses to continue the data transfer.

    When the Multiword DMA data transfer is complete, the device shall negate DMARQ and the

    host shall negate DMACK- in response.


    Pete McLean

    Maxtor Corporation

  2. could it not be that the imapi task is being opened/ closed by vso software on start /exit of their software.


    dunno what their software is like or even if it is an imapi complient CD burning package.


    possibly try this right click on your dvd writer and untick Enable CD recording on this drive.


    could be a device driver conflict as well which can be tricky to track down..


    just some thoughts.

  3. yeah i know that, but i got time on my hands to do that, which was my point, someone saying you cannot edit iso in shrink is wrong.



    well sometimes you need to changes something in the dvd compulation and you cannot do this in iso mode


    or for example lets say that the dvd is small enough and does not need compression but you want to remove the ads and previews. if you create an iso you cannot do this. And you don't need to used dvdshrink.




    yes i know you have to then re create iso...i don't mind the 1minute 23 second wait...


    I cannot see anything wrong with using shrink in any mode, i think its the 2nd best program on the internet.


    i maybe missing your point about read only though, as in, did someone give a set of circumstances where they need an iso to be anything other.

  4. or add a couple of items to the registry so that nero will show buffer and write speed


    nero reg


    right click and merge or just double click on it...



    do this at your own risk...

  5. Did not think nero did burning to 2 discs at same time, yeah i know there is option use multiple recorders, but that only ever presents me with a choice of which burner i want to use to make copy, though it may burn to 2 discs at same time, i suppose if i enter number of copies as 2..never tried it.


    Padus discjuggler was the only burning software i ever used that allowed me to make or rather burn the same project to 2 burners at the same time..

  6. yep have sent sales an email, just waitng to get 3 million replies from them today.:D




    this mornings installment, though it looks like this will be the last of them, as someone hopefully at their end read what i typed and realised something was not quite right with their system.

  7. i have checked my system for spyware, virus etc, and as i suspected my system is free of those...



    6,000 + emails from em today and counting...


    god knows how many by tomorrow ;)

  8. actually they are from simon@svp and free gift, and are titled admin@svp

    so they are not normal mailing list emails, these are the emails you would get back after say opening a ticket for support...

  9. Is anyone that is subscribed to svp.co.uk's mailing list being bombarded with emails from them, i have had over 4,000 and counting today, just got another 510 emails from them.... just wondering if ne1 else is getting this ?

  10. The older style GBA take normal batts


    The older style GBA the batteries last quite a while(cos they do not have a backlit screen, unless it has been modified with an afterburner) as long as you use good batteries they last a while , none of the 10 for a pound lark.



    The newer stlye GBA THE SP and there is a newer one on the way the MICRO, SP will be the best one to get, or a little more money and get the DS which also plays GBA games.. //These all use Lithium Ion batts(micro uses diff version though) and are fast recharging 2-3 hours


    info about batteries



    I will pm you with the other info

  11. More than likely yes, but then how can you edit the mp3 without it being encoded again by any app.


    You would think that if the inaudible parts have already been ditched that any subsequent passes would not find anything to ditch, therefore keeping the same bitrate would result in the same file size, same quality etc. but it does not follow that way, so yeah it will be slightly worse than the original mp3 b4 anyone edits it, unless in the first instance the mp3 was encoded at a very high bitrate say 320kbps, as then the noise from the quantization will not be so bad and the resulting re-encoding maybe better than it would have been if the original mp3 was only 96-160kbps. [EDIT] which would sound quite bad after re-encoding again, as opposed to re encoding a 320 kbps mp3 which still would not sound to bad after re-encoding...

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