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  1. Nothing new losing, we get used to it, the suprise comes when we win.


    Tbh i think the whole team tonight should have quite a few extra drinks, then try out for the triple jump at wigan pier.

  2. Those discs, or rather media code are fine on my burners, but you should stay away from the outer edge of the discs your using, your iso needs to be a little smaller, if this is movie then get shrink and alter its default for image size and drop it down to 4300.


    if you still get same error, then , see if there is a new firmware for your drive, or put it as master on 80 wire cable, or replace 80 wire cabel with new one, scan your hard drives for errors, and change media to one of the 2 the other guys recommended you use, I have a pioneer 109 and 16x bulpaq TTH02 and have had no problems burning the same amount of data as you but then i am lucky like that and i check every single blank for outer edge quality before i choose to try and put an image on disc that will be getting very very close to the outside edge.

  3. one of my favourite activities is standing in a store for my rights, stick an a4 on the back of ya head with details of poor service etc, stick one on the back of your coat, one at front, and just wander around store looking at the new exiciting product range and see how fast they offer you your money back.

  4. you gotta lovem em, otherwise your foot would get really sore.

    I got to keep my feet chained together with the 1 computer that is fooking me off, its jinxed for sure, and i got do something with it today again, keeps giving errors that would seem to be mem rlated, psu related, sick of changing psu, and i know there is nothing wrong with the memory, as i have tested it loads and it always passes, one thing i might do is take out the radeon 9800 pro and stick the geforce 3 back in, as had ntohing but hasssle since i installed the ATI, especially as the ATI requires and sucks the juice out psu.

  5. you got spybot in, if so use the teatimer mode, wherby it will ask you to authorise any registry change, you may be able to track down what is causing, or possibly changing the registry on the fly etc. if that is whats happening

  6. You have adjusted the value in reg on the Server and not the computer your getting the error on ?...








    Subject: RE: Not enough server storage to process this command

    From: Tony Mason <xxx@osr.com>

    Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 09:58:18 -0400





    In fact, the point was that SRV pre-allocates its IRP pool, and thus the

    size of the IRPs is an initialization choice. Thus, this is not dynamically



    A filter driver CAN "deal with" this issue by using a different IRP, rather

    than using the same IRP. This isn't a pleasant solution, but it does work.


    In other words, when an IRP arrives into the filter, it builds a NEW Irp

    with a sufficient number of stack locations (for the rest of the stack); of

    course, to eliminate the "not enough server storage" error message, the

    filter must set its own stack size field to be <= the IrpStackSize value (or

    the default, if that isn't set.)


    On completion of the NEW Irp, the filter must then complete the original IRP

    (and might as well just free that "NEW" Irp at that point.)





  7. different media, hound lg to update firmware to fix your media issue, reinstall your operating system. just ditch the discs, and try another media, nothing else you can do, other than accept it and move on. try using same discs with a diffrent iso, data.

    If you got thousands of the discs, buy a different writer...

  8. have you tried right clicking on the hard drive that the iso your trying to burn is stored on especially after you have had to reset machine a few times after lock ups, tools, error checking/check now, and tick automatically fix file system errors, maybe benifical to do this on all partition or har drives as well. have you also tried unticked enable cd recording on this drive.


    Then try burning the iso.

  9. Ascii News



    "Experimental chimps have escaped from Sony's Labs, an eye witness saw the chimps head frantically for the pens and notepads and were seen furiously scribbling, on closer examination of the doodles, a huge bellend had been drawn and titled Head of Sony Entertainment."





    being an Xbox fan,


    Go ahead Sony make my day.

  10. folder 2 iso would not be suited to this task, as you wil only end up with a dvd rom iso that when burnt, would probably not play in your dvd player, unless your dvd player has a folder option and can play unauthored dvds, though technically they have been authored, but your dvd player would have to be able to play from folders as a couple of mine can. So your best bet would be to use either what cornholio7 or l8nights said

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