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  1. This is probably not the answer you're looking for but if you highlight all your mp3's in foobar2000, right click and select Convert > Convert to Album Images with Cuesheets or Chapters, and choose WAV as the output format, I believe the resulting wav file will be gapless and you can simply load the cue file it produced into ImgBurn complete with CD Text from your mp3's. (This should work with LAME encoded files that have the delay and padding information in the header.)
  2. Have you tried foobar2000 yet? Load your .aif file(s) then right click and select Convert > Convert to... In the Converter Setup window that opens select WAV from the Encoding Preset dropdown box, also enable DSP Processing and in the DSP settings window add "Convert 5.1 to stereo" and "Resampler (PPHS)" to the active DSP's box and configure the resampler for 44100 Hz (both needed to be compatible with Audio CD specs). Hope that works for you?
  3. jeff_nz

    Visual bug

    @ Cynthia I believe the Royale theme only comes with the MCE version of XP, but you can find it all around the web as it was available temporarily on one of Microsoft's sites for a while. To the OP - just checked and no problem here, maybe it's on your end after all... Edit: or perhaps your font or DPI setting has an influence?
  4. That was fast! Thanks again for the great support, LUK!
  5. Hi LUK! I was pleased to see you made refinements to the portable mode and relative paths in the new release and was keen to try it out on my USB stick. It works great so far, except for one little bit of confusion I'm having around the behaviour of the log file. Let me explain, when it's run for the first time on my USB stick a Log Files folder is created in the main ImgBurn folder and the log is saved there, which is to be expected since that's the default location in portable mode. But the next time I run ImgBurn a new log file is saved in ImgBurn's root folder instead, and subsequent times the log is appended to the file in the root also, which wasn't what I was expecting. After noticing this I deleted the Log Files folder, since it wasn't being used, but the next time I ran ImgBurn it created it again and saved the log for the current session there, and from then on continued appending the log to the other log file in ImgBurn's root directory. Anyway none of this is of any real consequence, it's not like it consumes a lot of extra space or anything, I was just wondering if this is the intended behaviour when using the /portable switch?
  6. Sorry, I misread and somehow thought you meant that was the file giving you problems. Please ignore my previous post as being irrelevant.
  7. I think you'll find those MULAW wav files are 8bit audio. If you hover your mouse over the file, Windows (also Gspot) will probably indicate the bitrate as 768kbps instead of 1536kbps for a 16bit 48000Hz wav file...
  8. Thanks, I didn't know about that option, now it all makes sense! Also, forgive my lack of technical knowledge on the inner workings of cue sheets, but you learn something new every day...
  9. As in by how much different, or...? Typically by 0.3 sec Well different *wrong*... that is to say, gets it wrong whereas detects the correct gap (or within 0.01) I've just been checking a few more CD's apart from my usual test CD, and it's only on some tracks that it detects the wrong gap, not every track, but it seems to be a consistent pattern for Hmmm.... on closer inspection it almost appears as if it's rounding up sometimes? I'm looking at several tracks now, each with a gap of 1.70 sec on the original cue sheet, and after being burnt is reporting the gap for those tracks as 2.00 sec, while both and EAC are detecting it as 1.70 sec, which we know it should be. Anyway it's only a minor thing but I thought you'd want to know.... (and hopefully I've explained myself clearly *this* time. )
  10. Oops, well I knew what I meant anyway..... I wouldn't fine tune it just for me, I don't have a problem waiting 30 second per se... my only motivation for bringing it up was to improve an already great program, so it's your call. BTW, has something changed with the gap detection routines in Read mode with this version? I get different gaps in compared to and the result is consistent over 2 drives.
  11. Sorry I guess I was unclear, my point was, why is it doing a dummy pass when you have a single wav file (image) as the source... I mean it's purpose is described as "leading to less gaps/padding and no missing audio data" but isn't it unnecessary if the input file is already seamless? (no potential gaps to fix!) That's why I said it seemed redundant, to me anyway. (the same rationale with a single flac file with embedded cue sheet too as the source)
  12. I understand from the changelog that the new version does a dummy decode pass before burning, but when I burnt a wav image I noticed it doing it's analysing thing also, which seemed a little redundant to me... (decode wav to wav) I burnt the same audio cd using a cue/bin as source instead of the cue/wav and it starts the burn straight away without the analysis step, so I'm wondering if it's really necessary for a wav file? I had assumed, until today, that the dummy decode pass was just for compressed audio files.
  13. Yeah when the flac files rendered in GraphEdit without problem I was surprised (and confused) that ImgBurn couldn't connect to a working set of filters, that's why I thought I'd check with you first rather than report it in the madFlac thread. Those illiminable ones work okay with ImgBurn, but I am wondering why the madFlac one doesn't, as I'd prefer to only have that one installed. Actually I would have preferred if the user was simply able to place the appropriate decoder (flac.exe, lame.exe etc.) in the ImgBurn folder and it be used instead of going the directshow route, but I guess you've ruled that out as an option?
  14. Thanks for the new version LUK! I was about to ask a similar question when I saw this thread, so I thought I'd post here instead of starting a new thread. I had installed the madFlac directshow filter and am able to play flac files in various media players (WMP, MPC etc.) and also render them in GraphEdit, but when I try to create a Cue File in Imgburn using flac files or load an existing Cue sheet that points to a flac file I get the same error message about "No combination of intermediate filters could be found to make the connection." Anyway, I was just wondering if this is an issue with madFlac or Imgburn?
  15. Wow, seems you think of everything. Thanks LUK! and Merry Christmas
  16. Oh, that's cool. Thanks! I forgot to ask if it will also support CD-Text?
  17. By any chance is support for CUE/FLAC also in the works, or will I have to continue using Burrrn for Audio CD's? (which is admittedly not often these days)
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