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  1. Up here in Canada Verbatim DL's are no more expensive than any other brand, yet of the 200+ I've burned, I've only had 1 failure and 2 poor burns. Of the 75ish non Verbatim DL's I've burned, 13 coasters. Don't mess about with anything but Verb DL's, it's not worth the time, and the money is the same.
  2. I'm pretty sure thats an Optiarc 7170.
  3. an easier way is to throw the nero crap away and stick to IB Amen, pass the beer please.
  4. I'm pretty sure the 755 is a legit Premium Plextor. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=172656
  5. I agree about the rebadged Plextors, but I believe the 755 is the 760 without 18X burning, all else is the same. I could be wrong but I think it's a legit Premium Plextor, think the 750 was the knockoff/ripoff. Shamus is right too, the Pioneers are excellent, and a lot cheaper. I love my 112D, best DL burns I've done.
  6. Grain


    They pulled the rumble feature because they were being sued for copyright infringment over it. Recently settled, there is talk it will be re-instated ie buy another controller. I too am starting to wonder if that $700 wouldn't be better off buying a 8800 GTX vcard Just finished FEAR and Prey, great games, will move on to Half Life 2 next (I'm the only gamer in the world that hasn't played it yet , but I won't pay $70 for a PC game anymore either).
  7. Grain

    LiteOn 20x

    The 112D does a nice job with DL's, scanned with a BenQ 1655, and yes LFC the Liteon 20H does scan .
  8. Grain

    LiteOn 20x

    Mine does a great job at 8X with Verb and TY media, shite at 20X(well not that bad, but it's not anywhere near the qual at 8X). I've had it for a couple weeks, and am happy with it . Does a nice DL too, below was burned with the 20A1h, scanned w/ a BenQ.
  9. Grain

    Blade 4

    Blade 3 had too much humor, too much of the two kids helping out. It needs to be a dark flick to be good, and of course Kris Kristpherson needs to be re-incarnated for it to be good Blade 2 had a kick-ass DTS-ES track, great for HT demos.
  10. Grain

    Ritek P16 mid

    Nice scan, will take some doing to shine up their tarnished name, but that is a possible start.
  11. What kind of DVD player? That they play fine the first time tends to say you have a decent burn, and that it's your player acting up, perhaps when it gets warm. One other thing I'd do is speed up your burn a little, at least 4X, and 8X would be better with 16X speed discs. If you want to burn at 2.4X, I'd look for some older slower media, 4 or 8X.
  12. Grain

    Oh no!!

    Here's some oldies that must have been hidden in the back of the Verbatim warehouse!
  13. There are several programs who will do that, but not ImgBurn. It does an a lot of great things, but not video editting. Try DVDShrink, it's freeware and will do what your looking for.
  14. Unfortunately you do need a drive that can scan for PIE, PIF, jitter levels etc, irreguardless of the software. Some that do it well are BenQ, Liteon & Plextor. As for quality scanning software, DVDInfoPro and CDSpeed both do it well, and are free. I haven't used KProbe, but I know some who do, and it also works well. To make do with what you have, make sure your drives firmware are up to date, and use good media. FYI, some newer 16X media doesn't burn well at 4X, you may want to try 8X. Good media doesn't necessarilly mean expensive either, Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden are the best, and both can be had reasonably, even cheaply if you shop smartly.
  15. FutureShop.ca has them on for $24.99C again
  16. Grain


    Happy Birthday Buddy!!
  17. Grain


    You need a dual layer disc for images that large.
  18. Not a good idea having it running while burning. That may not have caused your error, but it isn't helping.
  19. Good thing FutureShop gives rain checks! I got one for the DL's, also have a rain check for 100 16X Verbs for $19.99 each, only problem is my local store only has the Prodisc made Verbs in stock, so I may not use it.
  20. Looks like ya'll need to move to Canada, $24.99CAD per 20 for Kev and I. Thats about $21.25 US, or 11 pounds & a few pence No shipping anywhere but Canada though. I buy them @ the store myself. Might have to start an export business http://www.futureshop.ca/catalog/proddetai...=&langid=EN Same place had 100 Verb 16X +/- for $19.99 a week ago, I have a raincheck for those I need to use.
  21. I have a 25 and a couple 50 disc spindles with the Ariel font. That's how I found out. I bot some 8X +R's, and the first 8 discs in the spindle were duds! Bot a 25 pack spindle of 16 +R's, and they were scanning all just mid to low 80 percent, way lower than I was used to. All have the MCC dye, but their inner serial numbers all had the Prodisc markings. Sent them back to Verb on warranty, and they sent me more back Stick to the TNR font and you'll have great discs.
  22. Not sure if it's the same down under, but in Canada/USA there's two ways to tell if they're good Verbs. One involves buying them and opening the case. The other, believe it or not, it's true, is the font on the top of the spindle. If the Lock ----Open is a Times New Roman font, they are made by CMC, and are the best Verbs out there. The ones with an Ariel font are made by Prodisc, and are considerably poorer. With those expect a 5-10% failure rate, as well as about 10-15% less quality DIP rating. The other method is to check the stamped serial number right neat the hub, very small, the Prodisc will have a - or + in the middle, the CMC's will be one consecutive number, 16 characters I believe. There's a bit more info to be added re the serial number if you want, but that's the nitty. I guess I should write a Verb buyers guide...
  23. Grain

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Mate!
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