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  1. Let me know how it works with DVD's Shamus, my Epson 200 shat the bed, doesn't recognize 3 inks, took it apart to try cleaning the heads, but fuck me, buying a replacement will be easier, and a Canon is the only other option. Nothing like a sealed unit to prevent repairs.
  2. Happy Belated Birthday Mate!
  3. Are D Bros firmware's for the 1650 any different from the same named BenQ version Chewy?
  4. I have Firefox and it doesn't show the brackets like it did on previous versions, it changes it as you type to whatever your selecting it do, however you do have to turn them both off manually, as it leaves the options selected.
  5. A buddy who's in the wholesale end of PC parts called on the weekend when I wasn't home, he had 2X 500GB HDD's he wanted to sell me for $150CAD, today was too late :sob:
  6. Grain

    pinki floyd

    I agree. My buddy who put me back on vinyl, and also sold me his Rega Planar 2 turntable (nice little unit) when he decided he needed a $1200 turntable with a $900 cartridge!!, describes the sound as warmer, and I think that's a great way to say it. CD's can have a slightly metallic sound to them, but at the very least an album in good condition seems to create no "ear fatigue" like cd's can, which we don't even realize is happening after all these years of listening to digitally compressed music. Analog is still the shazba! It's dead when it comes to mainstream consumers though. Show a kid an album, explain that they need to clean it before and after each use, they have to get up and manually skip to the next song, or pause, and then show them a 40GB ipod and ask which they prefer, and you'll have your record back every time. Useless trivia: To the best of my knowledge, there still isn't a $25,000 DVD player out there, but there are several brand's of turntables that sell for more!
  7. I'll say, excellent numbers. Seems to be close to a rule with media, if it's MIJ it's very good, if it's MIT it's suspect at best, with Verb being about the only hard and fast exception.
  8. Grain

    pinki floyd

    Great call on the Animals album kev, vinyl is best. Sad news, sounds like he may have had a bit of a troubled life after leaving Floyd, hopefully he was able to enjoy the quality of life being a member of PF surely endowed on him.
  9. Grain


    Have a Happy Birthday!
  10. If you'd like a drive added let me know, but it should still be available for purchase. This is meant as a buying guide as well as a conversation starter.
  11. "There's only 10 people out there who really know binary"
  12. I've never had good luck with TDK disc's, todays burn is no better. Not sure why digitalfaq likes them.
  13. In Canada also, I know of only one storefront shop that carries TY, and they no longer carry TYG02's, only 3's.
  14. I have a friend who's on the Vancouver city police force, they too have way more wacko's on full moons (pretty sure it's a world wide phenomenon, with the possible exception of Spain, they're mad b'tards every day with their giants and all ).
  15. I find it hard to believe that they still think PVC is still top drawer even though it's been discontinued for 3 years. I'm sure it was the shit back in the 1-2.4X days, but has it even been tested on new drives to any extent? Don't recommend anything that isn't available anymore IMO. What will I have to drink? How about a New Coke LOL
  16. I have about 15 non-hub printable TYG01's left, and have quit using them and started hording them ever since my online media shop quite getting them in. My favorites are definately TYG02's though, extremely consistent.
  17. Grain

    Movie Junk Man

    Happy Birthday!
  18. It would be nice to hear back to know what's what.
  19. Here's what you need to check out. http://digi.rpc1.org/flashfix.htm Read it well and then use at your own risk.
  20. Here's what you need to check out. http://digi.rpc1.org/flashfix.htm Read it well and then use at your own risk.
  21. Pretty sure that's saying your drive is OEM. In order to flash it with 832 firmware (which is what your trying to do by the way w/ VSOM) you'll probably need to use FlashFix or something like it to get it to work. In essence you'd be converting it to a stock Liteon 832.
  22. Have you tried the new firmware?
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