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  1. CDDA is stored differently than normal data. The drive reads it in a special mode and due to the way the data is stored it is easy to have undetectable read errors. On top of that, different drives exhibit different reading offsets in this mode. Though the two drives you listed should have identical offset of +98, unless that PX-W1210 is PX-W1210A, which has an offset of +99.
  2. Probably a stupid question, but are you using correct allocation granularity? Expecting 4k where the system actually uses 64k (which it usually does for VirtualAlloc) would explain this.
  3. Use dvdisaster in image augmentation mode. No need to manually fiddle with dummy files and as a bonus your disk will be corruption resistant.
  4. Or you can run the installer from commandline with the /nocandy option. That will skip the opencandy part of the setup completely.
  5. It's not true you don't have any control over this. You can select which offers are allowed to be displayed and you can even select if they should show as opt-in or opt-out (of course, opt-in has the drawback that your earnings will be reduced). Just properly configure your open-candy account.
  6. There is no base file for 2.5.8 yet. I have simply used the unified diff file to patch the 2.5.7 base file. There are only a few changes, so if you don't know how to apply a patch, you can do the changes manually.
  7. Thanks for the answer, then I will already put the update online.
  8. What's the status of 2.5.8 translation? I have updated Czech translation according to the diffs, but is that uptodate, or will there still be some last minute UI changes? Also I hope the translations land on the download page this time, not like with 2.5.7, where your ignorance p**** *f a lot of people.
  9. Futile effort, it was requested a few times and nothing happened. Not a single reaction from LUK, not even after the French translator dropped out and removed his translation in protest, not even an "I don't care".
  10. Of course it is. But generally I don't mind supporting freeware sites by whitelisting them and clicking on an advert once in a while. But I do mind these kinds of misleading advertisement.
  11. Heh, lets see if you get an answer (if you look in my thread, I didn't, even after several months). I would be following the example of French translator and dropping the translation if it wasn't for the few people who found their way to the forum and downloaded the translation from here. Otherwise, why make an effort, if it isn't used.
  12. Tha's not the problem. There are volunteers (I'm actually one of them), and the most common languages were updated within a few days after the release (that was some 5 months ago). The problem is no one bothered to upload the updated languages on the page, which is rather demotivating and one translator already decided to just quit (and even removed his translations) because of that.
  13. And another two months without updated languages pass by...
  14. So still no reaction huh, how long is 2.5.7 out again? Well there is a reaction from a translator at least, the French tranlator got pissed of and removed his tranlation. I wonder who will follow or if there will be anyone tranlating 2.5.8.
  15. Any chance the language files can be updated on the download page in the near future? It's been quite some time 2.5.7 came out and having the language list outdated for so long defeats the purpose of having it in the first place. It would be probably better to replace it with a link to the translation section of the forum.
  16. I'm afraid this function wouldn't last very long, It can be used to rip protected audio CD's, so it wouldn't get much love from the content industry. EAC used to have such functionality, but it was removed exactly because of this reason.
  17. The MP3 file is fine, the problem is the Fraunhofer dshow MP3 decoder (L3codecx.ax). Any version <= 1.5 is affected by this. The problem is the decoder can't cope with big bit reservoir on high bitrate (256-320 kbps) files created by LAME. There is an security update, that installs a newer version of the decoder, that should fix this problem.
  18. Try some other torrent client that supports Unicode (Tixati for example). There is a bug for Unicode handling in the 'Play' feature of uT 3 (wrong conversion from Unicode to multibyte) and it's possible the hash check function has the same problem and can't read the files because of this. If the other torrent client works, report it as a bug in uTorrent forum.
  19. Thanks, I was hoping for a real diff file, not a html of it, but fortunately it was easy to get rid of the html cruft and it opened fine in a diff viewer and even applied successfully, so it's fine even this way. One thing about the new translation - what's 'pmnuFamilyTree.Caption=00000854,Family Tree'
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