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  1. It might also be an idea to poke around in your BIOS and reset everything to factory defaults. A mate of mine has a PC that had a brain fart a few days ago and wouldn't see any of the IDE drives for some reason. A quick BIOS reset fixed the problem. EDIT: Be careful doing this if you have spanned or RAID drives installed.
  2. You might want to get an Ebay account. I found a fella in Michigan that charges a nominal fee to send Verbatim media to British Columbia. 100 (Singapore made) Verbatim DVD-R for C$40 + postage. It'd probably work out at something like 50 cents a disk by the time it's delivered to your door - and they'll work.
  3. Your disk shouldn't be ruined but your machine will run like a sick dog with only 256MB of RAM under XP. Get a gig at least. 2 would be better. With a limited amount of RAM, Windows will continually access the swapfile (called C:\pagefile.sys) on your harddrive. It's called virtual memory. In simple terms, when something requires memory to run and memory isn't available, Windows will copy the contents of your memory to a place on your harddrive (pagefile.sys) just incase you need it later and then clear your RAM to allow other programs to use it. With loads of RAM available, burning with ImgBurn would look something like this: ImgBurn requests data to burn Windows sees that RAM is available and allocates it accordingly Windows copies the requested data from the HD to RAM (your buffer) ImgBurn copies from the buffer to CD or DVD while more data is sent from the HD to RAM. With little or no RAM, you'd expect this: ImgBurn requests data to burn Windows sees that RAM is unavailable and moves the contents of RAM to your pagefile (your harddrive) Windows copies the requested data from the HD back to the swapfile on the HD Windows copies the requested data from the swapfile to RAM (your buffer) ImgBurn copies from the buffer to CD or DVD while more data is sent from the HD to the swapfile on the HD and then to RAM. With low RAM, the data being requested is being copied from the HD to a temporary file on the HD and then to RAM. As data is continually being requested by the program, data gets copied to your HD while ImgBurn is also trying to read from it.
  4. As mmalves said above. Logfile. Logfile. Logfile.
  5. A bold move. Blu isn't that attractive... if we're being honest. In fact, he has a face like a dropped pie. Like a half-sucked mango. Like a smacked arse. Like a smashed crab. Like a used teabag. Well.... you get the idea.
  6. Select the TOOLS menu Select SETTINGS Click the DEVICE tab Select EJECT AFTER READ
  7. There's things that just aren't allowed here. If this forum or it's members help you backup pirated material, Lightning_UK goes to jail. Is that clear enough for you?
  8. We are - except for Shamus, of course!!!! Regards That's a bit harsh. True... but harsh.
  9. Torrents and rar files? Sorry. This forum can't and won't help you with the duplication of pirated material.
  10. Let's clarify a few things, shall we? The "developer" is one person. With every dickhead and his dog complaining about alleged errors or bugs with this software, we generally find they have nothing to do with ImgBurn at all and that takes up most of our time. Never assume you've provided all the information YOU think is needed to get a possible problem fixed. Nobody here gives a fuck how clever you think you are nor how much you think you know nor how much information you think we need to troubleshoot your problem. For what it's worth, the questions I ask are for a reason. A foreign language pack can sometime produce weird results as can weird characters in a filename. That's why I asked. Debating the merits of the questions asked, in any forum, defeats the purpose of being there in the first place. Also, as one would expect, we see bug reports almost every week. After much questioning, we almost always discover that the problem is unrelated to this program. The process of elimination can help us help you if we can reproduce the error. If we ask a question, pull your head in and just answer the fucking thing, regardless of how pointless you think it might be. The concept isn't difficult.
  11. Packet Writers like InCD cause huge problems with burning programs like ImgBurn. Unless you really need it available at all times, it might be an idea to disable at startup and run it when you need it. Hit Start > Run then type "msconfig" without the quotes Click on the STARTUP tab and untick InCD then hit APPLY Reboot
  12. "You get what you pay for" is absolutely true. If you want to debate the merits of shit media, there are plenty of forums available to do just that. There's a good reason why we use the media that we use. I'd love to say that we get paid to use it but we don't. Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden are the only *consistently* good media that you can buy. For what it's worth, we've been doing this for a long time. We know what's good and what isn't. You can either take our word for it or deal with the consequences when using crap. It's that simple.
  13. For fucks sake. Do you want help or not? The screenshot shows me 3 parts of fuckall. We need - Filenames. (And I mean the EXACT filenames). The Operating System used. Any foreign Language packs installed. The CUE file in text format. If you want help, then help us by giving us any information you can give us. I've got better things to to do than play fucking guessing games. If you want help (and it's obvious that you do) give us what we need so we can help you fix your particular problem. We're here to help you but you're not making it easy.
  14. You have a virus, malware or a rootkit installed. Try this freeware scanner: http://www.malwarebytes.org/index.php
  15. Then how about helping us out a bit by giving us something to work with? Like what EXACTLY you are doing. What files are being loaded? Do they have weird characters in the name? Operating system? Default language? Etc. We're good but we're not psychic. Help us out a little.
  16. Tommy, is it? Imgburn has nothing to do with your errors. All it does is send a set of instructions to your drive. It's up to your drive and your media to do as it's been told. Also, it doesn't matter how well you think your media has worked or apparently worked in the past. Your disks are garbage. About as bad as they get. Get some Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden and post another log. Nothing will improve while you're using Ritek media.
  17. Again. Logfile. Logfile. Logfile. Logfile. Logfile. Logfile. ImgBurn Help menu > Logs
  18. Logfile. Logfile. Logfile. Logfile. Logfile. Logfile. ImgBurn Help menu > Logs
  19. Also, Ritek media is garbage and Memorex don't make drives. They just put their name on the box. Get some Verbatim +R/DL media instead and toss the Riteks into the bin.
  20. UPX is just a file compressor. There's no reason why a compressed file would be prevented from running unless a background process is monitoring your system. Even though an anti-virus program can be shut down, the service itself can still be left running in the background with no way to kill it. Symantec, for example, can't be killed off unless you go into the administrative tools in the control panel and shut the service down manually.
  21. Yup. You're right on the money, Blu. XBox disks read from the outside edge toward the centre. A normal DVD reads from the centre toward the outside edge. It's part of the copy protection for XBox media.
  22. I'd be worried about any program that requires the anti-virus software to be disabled for it to work, regardless of how great it is. If the anti-virus thingy is blocking ImgBurn then it's time to find a new anti-virus program. The main problems we see with ImgBurn not installing are either an actual virus blocking the program from running or anti-virus software having a heart attack with the file compressor, UPX. Humour me and grab the uncompressed version from the link below and copy it to the ImgBurn folder overwriting the original. Yes. It's virus free. http://users.tpg.com.au/adsldxhe/imgburn.exe
  23. Do you see the pink bit at the top of the page? It says: "It's much easier for us if you include a copy of the program's log in your post." Post the log so we have an idea what the problem is. Help Menu > Logs
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