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  1. Only 6 drives? You must be slipping....
  2. Honestly? Ritek media is crap. It's been crap for the last 5 years. Help yourself by buying some Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim media. There's an old saying that goes, "You can't make strawberry jam from pigshit". That pretty much sums up Ritek disks. You won't get a quality burn using Ritek media.
  3. You didn't specify what distro of Linux you wanted to "make" bootable. Ubuntu and Knoppix are already self-booting (live) distros. There's another hundred here: http://www.livecdlist.com/
  4. Hmm.. 2 things immediately grab my attention with this log. The first is this: Your disc is being shown as a regular single-layer disc. The other thing is this: This is gobbledegook. Your drive doesn't seem to be recognizing the media correctly. As to the cause of it? No idea. The drive might be stuffed (maybe) or the media is bad (unlikely). Your options are fairly limited as I was unable to find a newer firmware for your drive. Whatever the problem, I'm confident that it's not the software.
  5. This drive doesn't overwhelm me with confidence. In any case, slow the burn speed down and try again. If it fails once, no problem. If it fails twice, try again. If it fails three times, there's a problem. Also, check for a firmware update. There may be one available for your drive.
  6. I'm not a fan of using laptops as workhorses. A desktop is cheaper, more expandable and alot easier to fix. Don't get me wrong. I have a laptop or 2 floating around here somewhere that are great for surfing the net, playing the occasional cheap game and Remote Desktop so I can move files around on my other machines from the comfort of a recliner. (Possibly the greatest invention ever). However, for raw computing power, you can't beat a quadcore desktop with 4gigs of RAM that costs a third of what a comparable laptop does.... and you'll be able to add to it (video cards, more harddrives etc) if you need to.... but that's only my opinion.
  7. I have three concerns. 1. As mmalves has stated above, your firmware needs updating. 2. Your blank media is garbage. Ritek media is crap. Buy some Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim. End of story. 3. Yoga is bad for you. If you were meant to be able to place your testicles on your forehead, they would have been there in the first place.
  8. Loading ImgBurn on my PC takes a second or three. In that time it displays the splash screen, verifies the required drivers, checks the paths to my network drives (about 15 of them) and also pings Google, Microsoft or Yahoo to validate an internet connection before checking for a newer version. Even without a splash screen, these tasks would still be performed. Not displaying the splash screen won't speed anything up given the amount of system checks that it has to do.
  9. I'm a huge Pioneer fan. Been using them for years. I agree with eSkRo. Grab a Pioneer drive.
  10. My opinion? The 112 is getting a bit old. I'd toss it and grab a new drive.
  11. It depends on alot of things. Your network speed is the first thing I'd look at. That said, it won't affect the quality of your burn. It just slows things down a bit.
  12. How about spending your money buying the software you want to use instead of downloading it? That way, you won't have to ask us for help. Thread closed.
  13. I don't see a gain here. If an ISO has to be built from scratch from a NAS or whatever storage it is, you still have to suck the required data down the pipeline at its regulated speed, regardless of what its origin is to be able to burn it to your chosen media. Given this irrefutable fact, why bother having the software buffer your ISO to a temp file and then burn it? It's quicker just to output your files to your burner - even if it complains about buffering problems. That's what BURNPROOF is for.
  14. How about keeping your photos/documents in a separate folder until you can fill the CD? Just a crazy, wacky idea. Given that a quality CD will cost you about 9 cents, do you wish to have this feature implemented as a cost saving device? You'll have to try harder than that.
  15. Do you have a good reason why it should be implemented?
  16. Ritek media is crap. It's been crap for the past 5 years and will likely continue to be crap for another 5. Click L_UKs link above and revel in the bounty of information that it contains.
  17. It's difficult (if not impossible) to burn something "wrong". Post your logfile. Help menu > logs
  18. Her name is Lightning_UK. I'm sure she appreciates your positive comments.
  19. See the pink bit at the top of the page? No log = We need a log. Help menu > log
  20. Just to chuck in my own 2c worth. I like Pioneer drives. I always have. A Pioneer drive means no f*cking around with booktypes as they are set automagically. I've probably had a dozen of them over the years and I swear by them. Just my opinion.
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