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  1. Sure is. bascowood: grab the file from here - http://www.firmwarehq.com/download_164-fil...W158EU.EXE.html
  2. Just out of curiosity, are you using Microsoft IDE drivers or nVidia drivers?
  3. Not at all. I'm merely curious. Many of us (myself included) have been learning from Lightning_UK for a long time. Around 7 years for me, I think. I've found that it's best to have the latest of everything just incase any problem encountered has already been fixed by an update or upgrade.
  4. Can I ask why you're still using service pack 2?
  5. I dunno. Call me impatient but if that was my drive, I wouldn't be bothered screwing around with it any longer. If they were still $600 I'd be worried but not when they're as cheap as they are these days. A cleaning kit will cost half of what you can buy a new drive for. I'd just replace it. If the new drive fails, you've wasted a few dollars and have more serious hardware issues to worry about. If it works, great. Problem solved etc.. Just my 2c.
  6. Uh-oh. I've upset the boss fella. Looks like no christmas card for me again this year. I'd still go with Burrrn if your files are in mp3 format.
  7. David98: Secunia PSI might be an idea also. Grab the Desktop version. Great program. http://secunia.com/vulnerability_scanning/
  8. I'd also be running a malware scanner. It's a safe bet that you've got a nasty hidden on your PC somewhere.
  9. IngBurn won't convert an .AVI file to DVD format. Also, we can't help you with illegally downloaded movies. You'll need to look elsewhere. Thread closed.
  10. That's a Nero log. Why not try the Nero forum?
  11. Please don't hijack threads. If you need help, you're better off starting your own. 1987? I don't remember seeing any mp3s floating about 22 years ago so it's doubtful your player would recognise them. You'll need to convert them to wav files and burn them or do it the easy way and use Burrrn which can be found here: http://www.burrrn.net/
  12. Just to clarify something, ImgBurn doesn't rip anything. If Windows can see the disk then ImgBurn will see it. Are you able to see the contents of your disk using Explorer?
  13. Happy birthday, Polo. Long time, no see. Take care, huh?
  14. Oh... right. Gotcha. You're back on my christmas card list.
  15. Just so you know, Ritek are garbage. Do yourself a huge favour and get Verbatim +R/DL instead. ImgBurn has no control over the burn speed if the selected speed isn't supported by your media AND your drive. Throw a blank into your drive and select WRITE MODE from the menu. The window on the right hand side will show you the supported speeds of your media. Also, there's really no need to set the speed so slow these days. A combination of media and drive. Try what I suggested above and you'll see. Auto is now AWS - Automatic Write Speed. A mistake? It won't affect the burn but you should set the drive to the region in which you live. Region 1 is the USA. If you need more help, ask. We're always here.
  16. As Lightspeed has said above, you don't need to rename anything. ImgBurn will truncate the files automatically when using ISO9660 only. If this doesn't fix the problem then I don't know what will.
  17. Please post an ImgBurn log so we can see what is happening. Help Menu > ImgBurn Logs
  18. You might want to restrict ImgBurn to ISO9660 only. Alot of players only recognize files in the old 8.3 format. (8 letters followed by the .mp3 extension such as rtrm01.mp3 or mysong.mp3 or somesong.mp3 or whatever)
  19. High praise indeed. Comments like this give all of us a warm, fuzzy feeling all over. If you like it that much, consider throwing a few pennies in the bucket for the author. BTW, it's Lightning_UK! not Lightspeed.
  20. I gotta be honest. I've never seen this before. It sure is. I wouldn't recommend it if you're not sure what you're doing though. If you grab the latest version of Ubuntu, you can install it like any other program which might be an idea. The biggest problem you're going to have is actually burning the thing.... which is why you're here in the first place. If you do manage to burn a copy of Ubuntu, just boot from it. If you want something more, load windows and toss the Ubuntu CD into the drive and install it like a regular application. If you do it these two ways rather than a dual-boot system, Ubuntu won't overwrite the Master Boot Record (MBR) of your harddisk, which (again) is a good thing if you don't know what you're doing.
  21. Please start another project and try it again as it works fine here.
  22. And you'd be an idiot. Your original question was answered. http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=9837&hl= No response from you, however. Also, the programs used to burn any disk (ImgBurn, Nero, DiscJuggler, BlindWrite) don't have a fucking thing to do with your problem. If you had posted a log of some sort, we might have been able to help further. Had you queried those who did respond, we could have helped you further. Your unwillingness to spend a little time helping us to help you solve your problem pretty much pidgeonholes you nicely. If you start with shit, you'll end up with shit. Don't let the door hit you on your way out.
  23. It does not. You've given money to a parasite. Nobody cares if you use the program without throwing a few dollars at the author. However, we do care when that leech gets your money for selling something they don't own and don't support - which is why you ended up here looking for help. ImgBurn might be freeware but it's also copyrighted. Your apparent apathy only encourages this vermin to continue selling something they don't own.
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