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  1. The original poster did apparently get one thing right. Where he said "Hell is described as a place of suffering forever for all those who are not saved. {Matthew 13:50}". That proves what I've been saying about King george. Since the devil was elected president this country has gone staright to hell.


    What do you think Blu?

  2. I must say I am ashamed...ashamed...ashamed by the Blasphemy being shown here.


    Have any of you stopped to think that the person who started this thread knows what he is talking about?


    Has it ever occurred to any of you that you should be in fear of going to hell because of your actions?


    Have any of you ever thought about repenting so you can save your soul?





















    Me neither!




  3. Ah no worries, we mostly don't shoot a first offence..... :D



    Damn...LFC...is that another memo I missed???



    I gotta get better glasses...



    Same here Spinner. I wish I had known that before...before... Hell, never mind. It's best left alone. :whistling: :whistling:

  4. When you ASS U ME guess who's the biggest FOOL of all "the one without all the information". I DID NOT USE ImgBurn captain DUMB ASS...





    Hey fuckwit. Do the gene pool a favor and drop dead.


    The good people here try to help you and you act like a total asswipe. At this point, if I was standing next to you, and you were on fire, I wouldn't turn around to piss on you.

  5. the made in india will probably be sent to europe and the original plant's production sent stateside if my guess is right


    we hardly ever see mbi made verbatim sl in the states

    I don't think I've ever seen any. Other then having "Made in India" on the label is there any other way to tell?

  6. Hello all,

    I am pretty new to this and i just started using this program.

    Today i decided to give it a couple trys. Everything seemed to work perfectly but when the burn was completed, i noticed that nothing was burnt to the disc. It wouldnt play on the computer or my dvd player which is capable for almost everything.

    I tried 2 times and the first time i thought it may have been the disc so i tried another disc and got nothing also. I used a Phillips and an old Memorex i had laying around, both DVD-R

    Any help is appreciated :thumbup:


    Here is my last log

    I cancelled initially because i forgot to change the write speed but re-started right after that.


    ImgBurn Version - Log

    ; Sunday, 11 February 2007, 18:25:02

    ; \\****************************************//



    I 17:30:25 ImgBurn Version started!

    I 17:30:25 Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition (5.1, Build 2600 : Service Pack 2)

    I 17:30:25 Initialising SPTI...

    I 17:30:25 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices...

    I 17:30:26 Found 1 DVD-ROM and 1 DVD?RW!

    I 17:42:54 Operation Started!

    I 17:42:54 Source File: C:\Documents and Settings\Chris Visinho\My Documents\My DVDs\UNKNOWN.ISO

    I 17:42:54 Source File Sectors: 2,118,499 (MODE1/2048)

    I 17:42:54 Source File Size: 4,338,685,952 bytes

    I 17:42:54 Source File Volume Identifier: UNKNOWN

    I 17:42:54 Source File Implementation Identifier: DVD Shrink

    I 17:42:55 Source File File System(s): ISO9660, UDF (1.02)

    I 17:42:55 Destination Device: [0:2:0] TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-H553A DE04 (E:) (ATAPI)

    I 17:42:55 Destination Media Type: DVD-R (Disc ID: PRODISCG02) (Speeds: 2x)

    I 17:42:55 Destination Media Sectors: 2,298,496

    I 17:42:55 Write Mode: DVD

    I 17:42:55 Write Type: DAO

    I 17:42:55 Write Speed: 8x

    I 17:42:55 Link Size: Auto

    I 17:42:55 Test Mode: Yes

    I 17:42:55 BURN-Proof: Enabled

    I 17:42:55 Filling Buffer...

    I 17:42:55 Writing LeadIn...

    I 17:43:03 Abort Request Acknowledged

    I 17:43:04 Synchronising Cache...

    I 17:49:44 Cycling Tray after Test Write...

    E 17:49:48 Failed to Write Image!

    E 17:49:48 Operation Aborted! - Duration: 00:06:53

    I 17:49:48 Average Write Rate: 0 KB/s (0.0x) - Maximum Write Rate: 0 KB/s (0.0x)

    I 17:51:33 Operation Started!

    I 17:51:33 Source File: C:\Documents and Settings\Chris Visinho\My Documents\My DVDs\UNKNOWN.ISO

    I 17:51:33 Source File Sectors: 2,118,499 (MODE1/2048)

    I 17:51:33 Source File Size: 4,338,685,952 bytes

    I 17:51:33 Source File Volume Identifier: UNKNOWN

    I 17:51:33 Source File Implementation Identifier: DVD Shrink

    I 17:51:33 Source File File System(s): ISO9660, UDF (1.02)

    I 17:51:33 Destination Device: [0:2:0] TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-H553A DE04 (E:) (ATAPI)

    I 17:51:33 Destination Media Type: DVD-R (Disc ID: PRODISCG02) (Speeds: 2x)

    I 17:51:33 Destination Media Sectors: 2,298,496

    I 17:51:33 Write Mode: DVD

    I 17:51:33 Write Type: DAO

    I 17:51:33 Write Speed: 2.4x

    I 17:51:33 Link Size: Auto

    I 17:51:33 Test Mode: Yes

    I 17:51:33 BURN-Proof: Enabled

    I 17:51:34 Filling Buffer...

    I 17:51:34 Writing LeadIn...

    I 17:51:43 Writing Image...

    I 18:17:47 Synchronising Cache...

    I 18:18:29 Image MD5: 5dbda0a6e0505cba8a5334658f9b67f3

    I 18:18:32 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:26:55

    I 18:18:32 Average Write Rate: 2,709 KB/s (2.0x) - Maximum Write Rate: 2,809 KB/s (2.0x)

    I 18:25:02 Close Request Acknowledged

    I 18:25:02 Closing Down...

    I 18:25:02 Shutting down SPTI...

    I 18:25:02 ImgBurn closed!

    Uncheck the box that says Test Mode. When using Test Mode nothing gets written to the disc.

  7. InCD was one of those packet writer software progs that used to upset an old dear departed software friend of ours .

    I dont know if its still an issue with IB though. I havent heard mention of packet writers for some time now, so maybe its not a problem anymore

    I've never used IB on an RW disc so I'm not sure if there is a conflict or not. I still use that old dear departed friend but I've never used that with an RW either. What sort of conflict did it cause?

  8. What LUK is telling you is that you need to extract the files from the ISO's and put the files in a folder or some folders (your choice). He's not saying to put the ISO's in separate folders. Then burn the files to your DVD. One way of extracting them would be to mount each ISO in a virtual drive. Then copy the files from each drive to your DVD. If you're not sure how to do this let us know.

  9. Welcome to the forum josh.


    Before you do anything else get the latest version of ImgBurn. Go here to download it.


    Are these individual data files? If so, you could copy all of them to your hard drive and then use the Build Mode in ImgBurn to make one ISO from them. Then have ImgBurn write the ISO to your new disc.

  10. Imgburn seems to be the only tool which does a proper format. Nero don't it seems to me, and what these DVD recorders do to a disc is anybodys guess. I've given up on RW and now use R or H/D.

    I use InCD to do a full erase and full format. Over the past month or so, since I've been doing the full erase/format, I haven't had any problems. When I was just doing the full format, and having problems, it was still being done with InCD. At least for now it appears that the procedure that Verbatim told me to do was correct.

  11. I don't tend to use RW's an awful lot so can't really give you a lot of experience on this MJ :/ That said maybe the full erase better prepares the disc for re-writing and that is why Verbatim recommend it. I would suspect a faulty disc if the error was in the same place but you have said it's not so maybe the errors are from the quick format process ?

    I use them for my daily backups and then when they are full I make an ISO and copy it to a DVD-R. I guess the full erase does better prepare the disc for the full format but since I would always do a full format (never a quick format) anyway before reusing the disc I don't really understand why it better prepares it.

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