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  1. Please post a copy of the log.  I/O errors are the result of the drive/disc/firmware not playing well together and a copy of the log supplies a lot more info than a screenshot of an error message.

  2. Welcome to ImgBurn.


    First of all, try using the default font and colors because the ones you used here are realy hard to read.

    Second, update ImgBurn to the latest version since we do not support previous versions.

    Third, your Verbatims are actually :

    I 19:38:02 Destination Media Type: DVD+R DL (Disc ID: RICOHJPN-D01-67)


    which generally means that your 2 slimline drives do not like them.

  3. The option to opt out of open candy has been explained ad nauseum on this forum.  I install from the main page and do not have a problem with figuring out how to not install open candy or any of their bullshit.  If you feel that there is a better product out there go and use it.  There have been several million downloads of ImgBurn and maybe a hundred complaints about open candy, do the math, it's here to stay until the :worthy: BOSS :worthy: decides to use something else.

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