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  1. The 'MID' is the manufacturers identification.  Discs are often rebadged to show a commercial name on the disc packaging/individual discs by whomever bought them from the manufacturer.  ImgBurn reads the actual info and presents it as the "MID".  CMC is a disc manufacturer and you can find out more about their lack of quality by using the search function here in the forums.


    OOPS...the Boss already answered....

  2. What does this B.S.have to do with ImgBurn?




    I am just curious about that car of yours. If you still have it or not what colour is it, what model (I have no idea) and do you have a new car now?

    Is it a RED FORD?



  3. I can't answer the programming questions, but I'll take a stab at the really simple ones:



    what does the EZ stand for?


    EASY... :eyebrow:  


    Why not (Just a suggestion) post the project source code of DVD Decrypter, WITHOUT the algorithms and keys and what not to braking the law. Just for learning experience.



    :doh: ...Nice try... =))

  4. Adrianvdh;


    I don't think it's so much you waiting for an automatic rejection as it is you suggesting changes that do not benefit the idea of ImgBurn.  Making cosmetic changes because of one persons suggestion is not what happens around here.  ImgBurn is as good as it can be because of its' design as well as the programming that the Boss does.  Bloating it to make it look like FileZilla or any other program does nothing for the functionality of the program and just creates more areas for error or conflict within the program.  LUK makes changes almost constantly to the program when there is a problem, but there is no need that I can see for making cosmetic changes just to please a couple users when there are millions of users that like the program just fine.  I would suggest to you that if you find a bug within ImgBurn you report it with whatever suggestions you can figure out that will help correct the problem.  I would also suggest that all of your cosmetic change suggestions are only going to frustrate you when they are not answered or implemented and they take away any serious consideration that a good suggestion made by you may have.


    For what it's worth;



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