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  1. the media is phillips dvd+r 4.7 1-16

    Nope, the media is:

    I 16:28:37 Destination Media Type: DVD+R (Disc ID: CMC MAG-M01-00)

    One of the lesser favorite media types.


    Your write speed was 6x:


    W 13:09:01 Write Speed Miscompare! - Wanted: 1,385 KB/s (1x), Got: 8,310 KB/s (6x)

    The power calibration error means that your laser can't find a suitable power setting to use to burn the discs.  Normally a drive will switch to a generic burning pattern, but yours could not for these discs.  You might try a drive cleaner, but I would replace the discs with something we recommend here:



  2. Well, the millions of downloads that I mentioned are for the current version there were no additions to the loader after it was released.  In your utopian world people may not need to make a buck or two on their program.  But in the world that most of us exist in, being paid for something isn't a bad thing.  


    The line about my mothers underwear was funny.


    Oh well, I guess being an American is reason to be attacked by a maladjusted dipshit instead of his just admitting that he screwed the pooch with a fast click one time.  

    And as for your not coming back.... it really won't be that big a deal  :horse:  asshole.

  3. Memorex does not manufacture a disc or media.  They buy, generally from the lowest bidder at the time, whatever crap is available and they put their name on it.  They do not care if 1 out of 5 or 10 or 20 discs fails or works, they need to keep making sales to keep their bottom line healthy.  There are only 3-4 major disc makers in the world and there are also a couple really shady makers that clone other manufacturers info and sell their crap under other makers good names.  We only recommend the media that is commented on in the link I posted for you.  They produce a great product and even sometimes they make mistakes.  Good burns mainly come down to drive/firmware/media.  Most other problems need more thought and action to correct.

    2,4,6,8,x burnini is controlled by the firmware in your drive and is set when your drive recognizes the media and then figures out what speeds it can burn it at.  If you chose 16x and your drive can only burn it at 8x then 8x is what you get and the program lets you know what speed it can burn at.

    I am not positively sure, but I think Sony is not a media manufacturer. 

  4. OK so that makes about 10-12 users who -maybe- quit using the program because they blame the author for problems that they helped to cause by just clicking away.  Wonder how the rest of the millions of users got around the opencandy 'instantly infecting everyone on the house with some kinda crap' syndrome :whatever: .... oh maybe they didn't  whine because they read and followed along while installing the program. :readbook:


    I don't know, just wondering out loud. :frustrated:

  5. We recommend that you verify all burns.  Verify does a 1 to 1 comparison of your original data and your burned media.  A disc can fail verify and still work as a movie dvd because your player uses a different, more forgiving set of logrythems than your drive or the verify process as controlled by ImgBurn.  Also as ianmaty advised, upgrade your ImgBurn as we do not provide support for former versions.

  6. I'm trying to figure out if ImgBurn will allow me to make archive copies of my commercial BR movies 

    Does ImgBurn handle decryption or would I need to add another app for that?


    ImgBurn will not allow you to copy any disc that is copy protected.  ImgBurn will not change the size of your file so that it can fit onto a different sized disc.  You will need to google your inquiry and follow the directions of whatever ripping program you decide works best for you.  We do not make recommendations or discuss ripping on this forum.

  7.  my point was that does a changing of version impacts on the analysis of the log file


    It should not have any impact.  The newest version is the most improved and therefore the easiest to use and understand.  The log is a report of what the program has directed the drive to do and what the drive reported back to the program as well as some other info.  A newer version may have additional info, but the report is the same format as it was day one of the progtram.

  8. Is it depends on speed of burning or anything else?


    Nope, what you have is what you get.  Use good quality media and a good source for the files and you'll get a quality end product.  You may have to experiment a little with your media and source but in the end you will get what you want.


    if it only a question of media, how come it works fine on a far weaker old XP pc?

    and failing on write error?!


    All machine/drive/firmware combos are different, even one machine with it's exact mirror twin will act differently.  It all comes down to a combo that the computing genies allow to work.  For most users it's not a problem, but for some there needs to be some tweaking done for the genies to smile. :wink:

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