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  1. So.... Anything advice other than Use verbatims or higher speed burns? (Neither was necessary with previous memorex burns...)


    You've covered it pretty well with your explanation of possible causes and then the correct move to overcome them.  Whether you wish to believe that there is a problem with the media you have chosen or not is your choice.  Memorex simply rebadges whatever media it can get in order to make it's price point, nothing else.  They do not produce/manufacture or have anything else to do with the media other than order it from the one of the 3 maybe 4 media manufacturers and then resell it.  Switch to Verbs or TY's and eliminate another probable cause of the problem.



  2. I have to erase the DVD+R disc, I don't know why.




    You're right, and neither do I.  DVD+R discs WILL NOT ERASE, period.  You can only write to them once.  Try another disc.


    ALSO, post the whole log, not just a part of it.

  3. I don't believe it's a bug in the program since that part of the code wasn't touched as far as I know.  Maybe your drive is dirty/just slowing down a little or maybe a dirty or hard to write to disc.   Your CPU is working a little harder with the second burn but the ramp up time is very similar.

  4. Related to this subject in similar threads, it is suggested that the media could be the issue, burner firmware may need updating or the burner may be on it's last leg.  Try burning at a different supported speed, clean the laser, try a better quality brand of disc.




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