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  1. Nope, they are hardware additions to your system and I don't know of any virus code that can be stored where there is no live memory.


    What antivirus program are you running and did you install it first thing after the reinstall of windows?

  2. If you did everything the link explained, post a copy of the failed log from the recent failure.


    If you want to shut down unnecessary processes while burning, get a neat little program called EndItAll here:




    and run it prior to using ImgBurn.  


    Don't screw around with msconfig unless you know what you are doing.


    You don't have a DMA problem so don't mess with that either.

  3. I 13:13:42 ImgBurn Version started!

    Update ImgBurn please.


    ive had another crack at it today without verbs.

    The power cal area error means that your drive can't figure out how to set the laser power to burn your media.  With the errors above already reported it's simple enough to imply that your drive simply does not like the RICOHJPN-D01-67 media.  Since you can't make it like the Ricoh media, your choices are really limited either make the change to Verbs or replace the drive.

  4. UMEDISC-DL1-64

    OK a brief check on several forums shows that this media I D is used by several name brands and everyone posting seems to have a problem with them.  Some claim they're knock-off Verbs, others have no explanation as to how they got the Verbatim branding.  I would shit can them and order some real Verbatim discs from a trustworthy source such as those listed in the link in post # 2.

  5. Media is seldom manufactured and sold by the same company.  The big commercial type names are, for the most part, simply resell someone elses product that has been rebadged with their brand name on it.  The best way that I have found is to only buy from reliable retailers who tell you what the MID of the disc is.  


    If you look at the bottom of this post you will find links to the sites where most of us buy our media:



  6. I 16:57:49 Found 1 DVD-ROM!

    I 16:57:49 -> Drive 1 - Info: HL-DT-ST DVD-ROM GDR8084N 1.02-LD (D:) (ATA)

    A quick Google shows that your drive can read about anything...however...you want to write something and for that you need a drive that can also write.

  7. Moved to chat as this is not an ImgBurn function and has nothing to do with the program itself.  In order to create chapters you will have to find an authoring program that will do that for you.  I don't know of any personally, however someone will undoubtedly come along with suggestions about what to use.  In the meanwhile, do a Google for movie authoring programs and read up on what it is you want to do.


    I even did the Google and I found the following freeware, take your pick:



  8. The reason that I suggested the update was because we do not offer support for earlier versions of ImgBurn normally.  When you update you eliminate any of  the problems associated with the version that you are currently using and we are all on the same page when it comes to the software.  


    I 13:29:30 Source Media Type: DVD+R (Book Type: DVD-ROM) (Disc ID: CMC MAG-M01-00)


    Did a search on your media MID and maybe you should read a little.  (That's why I put the link in the last response.  The info contained there applies to single layer discs also.):



  9. I'm not trying to be a smartass, but what is the problem?  If  it's high readings with pi and pe, are the discs that you are making viewable/playable or not?  I looked at your other post and comparing what one program says as compared to another similar program is really meaningless since they both have different authors and undoubtedly different ways of handling data.  If your discs work in whatever device you are using them in...then what?  If the disc works, ImgBurn did what it's supposed to, if it doesn't then post a copy of the failed logfile please.

  10. C

    an somebody please tell me the problem Im using memorex DVD+R DL 8X 8.5GB I dont care what anyone says ive always used memorex even with xgd3 games and had problems but always fixed them.

    I 12:47:47 Destination Media Type: DVD+R DL (Disc ID: CMC MAG-D03-64)


    If you already have a preconceived notion of what the problem is, and if you are too set on using the crap media that you have, then what are we supposed to do to help you?

    Read the link on DL problems that is mentioned in the pink bit on top and follow it, or don't...

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