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ImgBurn v2.5.6.0 Released!


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been awhile since an update, but there are an imperial load of additions and fixes all at once


time to save as IBBs my projects I was in the middle of burning and burn them with the new build instead



thanks for the constant dedication to your software, the best burning app bar none. If only the other features of the old software could have been expanded upon too, to feature modern media :whistle:

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ImgBurn is the best burning software. Just a few days ago I copied the last InCD discs I had back to the PC so that I could finally get rid of any sign of other burning software I used in the past.


It's always nice to see a new version of ImgBurn even though works great.

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Just got the bug report you sent and have fixed the crash issue when 'Optimise Duplicate Files' has been enabled. :)


Ah.. nice, i had to use IsoMaster instead to create an ISO which optimizes duplicate files.

The only thing i sometimes have trouble with is files which have the same name but different case, like "Backup" and "backup".

On linux this isn't a problem also the Rock Ridge ISO format supports this, but most of the time this isn't a real problem.

Would be nice if it were possible to rename or merge it just for the ISO creation, but that whould be hard to implement i think.

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