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Turn off Anydvd automatically


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Whilst I 'could' just terminate the AnyDVD process, I don't really like the idea of ANY app doing that kind of thing, least of all my own.


As it only really matters anyway if you Verify something that AnyDVD decides it wants to adjust, it's not a huge deal.


So long as you kinda expect 'miscompare errors' on certain DVD Video burns / verifies, that's probably enough.

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Great Software! :) .......I only wish it had one thing.


I sometimes forget to turn off AnyDVD so it would be nice if ImgBurn would do it for me.

If you have the log turned on, ImgBurn will warn you. It's not a big deal,

even if you forget. Only a few bits are changed. The rest would verify ok.

If you're burning data, it has no effect whatsoever.


I wouldn't want LUK to turn off other programs without permission. It may

be better for you to suggest to Slysoft that they disable the program when

ImgBurn is running, since it's their fault, not LUK's.

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How about a dialog that would come up if it's on? It's in the log, but, many, well... of the less attentive users :D might not pay attention to the log at all. The dialog could then say "Look, I can turn this off for you, but, you might not like the results in other things, depending. Are ya sure you want me to?"

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