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Error when trying to "Create Image File From Disc"


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Have done this step many times in past with no problem. Trying the first step of making a DVD copy where you chose "created image file from disc" but an error box pops up saying

"Using read mode  to create an image file from a multitrack DVD is not supported".  I don't know why it doesn't want to work on the disc I'm using. I have done this frequently in the

past with the same type of disc with no problem. I can take another disc and it works normally. I'm really green at this so pardon my stupidity. Not sure if it means anything but where

it says file destination it shows a BIN extension where others that work show ISO extension.




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BIN shouldn't be used for DVD.  Is the DVD less than 1 GB in size?  Even then it should be an ISO.


I never found out why, but multitrack discs are not supported by ImgBurn for Read mode.


Is it a movie DVD?  Was it created by a DVD video recorder?  Or it could just be how the DVD was authored by the manufacturer.


While you can't use Read mode to read a multitrack DVD to an image file, you can still make an image file copy for burning.  You'll need Build mode for that.  In Build mode, drag and drop all files and folders from the multitrack DVD into a Build job and create an image file that way.  While it won't be a "1:1" copy, you'll still have the contents.  And if it's a VIDEO_TS folder you're adding from a DVD Video disc, ImgBurn will make the necessary file system changes for DVD Video.


Basically, follow this guide


Even if it's not a DVD Video disc you're creating, the basic Build mode instructions are relatively the same.

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Thanks so much for your stepping in to help.. sorry at this point in time I have not gone completely through your response yet. 

To answer a couple questions, the DVD I have used is a Verbatim 4.7 Gig and set for 2 hour recording... less than half of that time was used.

This is for my church service each Sunday . I record with a Panasonic DMR-EH59 set for the two hour mode. It has worked just fine for a few

years now. The disc is brought to the local cable office for  playback on the local access channel which has worked fine also.

I haven't been aware of the file path or extension till now.... the BIN or ISO. I don't know if this is something selectable when preparing to record

so if it got changed, it had to be accidental by inadvertently pressing wrong buttons. (if you google for the manual, it is easily available if you care

to give it a look if it helps you.) I do finalize these recordings. BTW this DVD is just one continueous track...not multitrack as far as I understand kt.

I tried making a copy with another program and all looked well until the end with an error message of "Copy Failed". It and the imgburn DVD play back fine

on my computer as does older recordings but trying to play the failed recording on another DVD player gives error message something like disc not readable.


I may attempt the "build" mode as you say but not sure if I can do it correctly at this point. For now, do you have any more insight from what I have respoded

with above? (BTW... I don't see how to change the line spacing on this format which is why it is double spaced)



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Ah, as I thought, you're using a Panasonic DVD video recorder.  Ever since the first model released in 2002, it has been impossible for me to image discs made by it with Read mode.  Panasonic DVD recorders record in multitrack format.  I have such discs going back to 2002 and all require me to use Build mode as I described to make copies of them since they can't be read to image files by ImgBurn.


You might be able to use something like DVDShrink, a free program, to make an ISO and use ImgBurn to burn the ISO.  I forget, but I think it's possible.


You indicate you got past discs made by a Panasonic DVD video recorder to image in the past, but I don't see how it's possible.  I've had 5 different models released from 2002 to 2009 and all discs made by all models behaved like you describe where you can't read them to image files in ImgBurn because of the multitrack limitation.


I'm still using an older model myself, actually.  My first one from 2002, which still works.

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As your optical drive is using E: for its drive letter, just pick 'create image file from files/folders' on the Ez-Mode picker screen when ImgBurn starts, type in E:\ in the 'Source' box, click the '+' button next to it and off you go. Pick your destination image file (iso) and press the start button. 

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Thanks dbminter for your help.

To: Lightninb uk!     Well I tried your suggestion which seemed pretty simple and straightforward except to a "green horn" here.

I used 'build" for  mode and typed "E:\" in the "Source box" .  Next I clicked on the "+" button. If I remember correctly (from a few days ago now), the "E\"

then appeared in the large empty box with nothing further, and it disappeared from the source box. I don't know (don't remember) if there was a suggested

destination in the destination box but it may have been DVD_RECORDER . Next I hit the blue arrow button. After some time watching the progress boxes it

finished successfully. Now I'm unclear (I need to be led by hand...sorry) what I did next but must have gone to the "Write" mode but don't recall what to put

in the "boxes" but do know that it completed writing to a new disc.....after trying the "Verify" it continued to pop up an error box and don't recall what it was.


I tried playing it anyway but it repeatedly stalled or jerked so it sorta corresponded to the problem showing up when verifying.

I tried the process again with a new disc and I think it finished verifying normally but would not play in one of my DVD players

however it played OK in two other cheap DVD players.


So I'm very confused as to what is going on. In any case could you please guide me through the steps again with indicating what I should see or do each step

of the way including what to pick for each "box" and steps to a completed copy.


Thanks so much! 

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Without the log I can only guess, but I have a probable guess as to why you got a Verify error and why it wouldn't play on some DVD players.  You were probably using a CMC Magnetics recordable DVD, which is the cheapest media out there.  If you bought these DVD's in a store, like particularly the Life Series from Verbatim you find in stores, then you got CMC media.  Or they may be Ritek or some other cheaper media, too.  The log would tell us what media type you were using.  The way around that is to use Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim DataLife Plus/AZO discs you only find in online stores.  However, the current process for some DataLife Plus DVD is not compatible with the LG WH16NS60 Blu-Ray burner.  The log would also tell us what burner you used.

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I know I did it once before but where do I find my log files as I don't see where the "Help" menu is

Thanks .. and to dbminter... I used Verbatim and all I can see for type is the big letters VX. Yes 

please do advise me as the best quality blanks to purchase... I did buy these on line as they have

a writing surface on them................so now tell stupid (me) where to get to the help menu and log files

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You will find Help on the far right at the top of the ImgBurn window.  Then, somewhere in there, you'll find a log files option, I forget what it's exactly called but it's obvious what it is.  The folder with the .LOG log file opens.  Then you open the .LOG file in whatever editor you have for text files, usually associated with Wordpad.  Then, find the entry for a failed burn, which you'll find in the Verify section that says it failed.  You can then copy and paste that part of the log, both Write and Verify sections, into a post on the board.  We'll need both parts and the entirety of the log.


Unfortunately, you can't just buy Verbatim and expect to get the good stuff.  You have to specifically find DataLife Plus or AZO in the item description.  I usually find them on Amazon.com, but tech ships SUPER slow now from them.  In other words, avoid the Life Series stuff from Verbatim.  I generally use Taiyo Yuden DVD-R now because CMC, which unfortunately bought Verbatim, :angry: changed the manufacturing process of the DataLife Plus series to maximize profit, which means minimizing quality.  On the LG WH16NS60 Blu-Ray burner I use, that media is no longer any good, when it used to be the best.  :rolleyes:


I placed an order for recordable Blu-Ray from Verbatim from Amazon.com back on April 13th and it still hasn't shipped yet!  :o  Its estimated delivery date is May 10th.  :swear:

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I know I did it once before but where do I find my log files as I don't see where the "Help" menu is

Thanks .. and to dbminter... I used Verbatim and all I can see for type is the big letters VX. Yes 

please do advise me as the best quality blanks to purchase... I did buy these on line as they have

a writing surface on them................so now tell stupid (me) where to get to the help menu and log files.

              Ooops, I may have not sent this response earlier when I thought I had.

              For the life of me, I cannot seem to find that "Help" box. I went to imgburn.com and I do not see the word "Help" in the upper right of the page.

             I've tried the "search" box for the word "Help" and the words "Log files" and it only  takes me to pages where those words showed up.... no

           actual link to where I can get to my log files.             Soooo would you mind just "linking" me to the page with Help at the upper right area of the page?!

         Thank you very much!

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By ImgBurn, I mean the application itself.  That window that opens when you click on the ImgBurn shortcut.  :)  At the top of that window, on the far right, it says Help.  That's what you select.  It's not an option on the ImgBurn.com web page.

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Thank you...sorry for the misunderstanding. BTW could you please recommend two of the best blank DVD products and 

do either of them offer a disc with a pen/pencil writing surface on them?

Will try to send those log files soon.


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Very sorry I don't know which of these many files have what you need so am sending the entire file which were mostly 

created within 2-3 days.

If I need to look for something specific in the files, let mImgBurn.loge know exactly what and I can try to save you the time.

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Well, here's the thing.  There doesn't appear to be a single failed burn in that entire log.  So, I can't say why your previous burn failed because there's no indication of any failed burns.  A burn might have completed, but still not playback properly.


Now, what I did notice was all the burns in this log were to cheaper media.  One CMC, the worst manufacturer out there, and the rest were Ritek, which is also relatively cheaper media.  Cheaper media tends to be the biggest problem causers on this board.


I noticed the only DVD burn in that entire log was to a CMC media.  That could be why your DVD isn't playing back properly.  CMC are notorious for many things, one of which is playback problems in DVD players.


So, the first thing I'd try is avoiding CMC DVD media for your DVD project.  As to what you should get, look online at like Amazon.com for Verbatim DataLife Plus or AZO DVD.  NOT the Verbatim Life Series, which you'll find in brick and mortar stores.  Those will be CMC.


As for labels you can write to, no pencil, as far as I know, will.  They might write to inkjet printable surface discs, but I doubt it.  A pen might, too, but you're better off finding CD markers, specifically designed to write to CD label surfaces.  The upshot is, though they're not intended for that purpose, you can also write to inkjet printable surfaces with markers.  CD markers will write to the surface of what are called "branded" discs.  Branded discs are just discs that have a kind of shiny surface on them where the company has "branded" them with their logo.  You can write to these shiny surfaces with CD markers.  There also used to be a kind called silver shiny labels but I don't know if they make those anymore.  You can use CD markers on their surfaces, too.


I use either Verbatim DataLife Plus (NOT Life Series.) or AZO CD and DVD with inkjet printable labels.  However, because of a running change when CMC (Yes, THAT CMC.) bought Verbatim, DataLife Plus DVD-R no longer write properly in my LG WH16NS60.  So, I've switched to what are called Taiyo Yuden inkjet printable DVD-R.  All of those I got from Amazon.com.  But, depending on where you live, you won't necessarily get the same media in a different country.  Sad, but true.


And, unfortunately, it's really just a combination of trying out various media and finding out what works with your burner drive AND if your DVD player likes that kind of media/how your DVD burner wrote to it.  So, yes, the sad news is it really is something a matter of trial and error to see what works for you.  While we can offer basic advice, we can't guarantee any particular combination will work for you.

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Oh, wait.  I overlooked something.  I did find a failed burn, although the general cause does not really indicate a failed burn.  Here's that log:


;   ImgBurn Version - Log
;   Friday, 24 April 2020, 19:50:08
; \\****************************************//
I 19:45:28 ImgBurn Version started!
I 19:45:28 Microsoft Windows 8 Core x64 Edition (6.2, Build 9200)
I 19:45:28 Total Physical Memory: 12,472,836 KiB  -  Available: 6,647,152 KiB
W 19:45:28 Drive F:\ (FAT32) does not support single files > 4 GiB in size.
I 19:45:28 Initialising SPTI...
I 19:45:28 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices...
I 19:45:29 -> Drive 1 - Info: hp PLDS DVDRW  DU8AESH 6HSM (E:) (SATA)
I 19:45:29 Found 1 DVD±RW!
I 19:48:51 Operation Started!
I 19:48:51 Building Image Tree...
I 19:49:22 Checking Directory Depth...
I 19:49:22 Calculating Totals...
I 19:49:22 Preparing Image...
I 19:49:24 Checking Path Length...
I 19:49:24 Contents: 7 Files, 2 Folders
I 19:49:24 Content Type: DVD Video
I 19:49:24 Data Type: MODE1/2048
I 19:49:24 File System(s): ISO9660, UDF (1.02)
I 19:49:24 Volume Label: DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER
I 19:49:24 IFO/BUP 32K Padding: Enabled
I 19:49:24 Region Code: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
I 19:49:24 TV System: NTSC
I 19:49:24 Size: 1,709,625,344 bytes
I 19:49:24 Sectors: 834,778
I 19:49:24 Image Size: 1,710,227,456 bytes
I 19:49:24 Image Sectors: 835,072
I 19:49:34 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:00:42
I 19:49:34 Operation Started!
I 19:49:34 Image Contents: 7 Files, 2 Folders
I 19:49:34 Image Sectors: 835,072 (MODE1/2048)
I 19:49:34 Image Size: 1,710,227,456 bytes
I 19:49:34 Image Single Layer Profile: DVD-R/RW (Media Capacity: 2,297,888)
I 19:49:34 Image Volume Identifier: DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER
I 19:49:34 Image Volume Set Identifier: 50989E19000CBDEF
I 19:49:34 Image Application Identifier: IMGBURN V2.5.8.0 - THE ULTIMATE IMAGE BURNER!
I 19:49:34 Image Implementation Identifier: ImgBurn
I 19:49:34 Image File System(s): ISO9660, UDF (1.02)
I 19:49:34 Destination File: C:\Users\Garbe\Documents\DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER.ISO
I 19:49:34 Destination Free Space: 889,713,250,304 Bytes (868,860,596.00 KiB) (848,496.68 MiB) (828.61 GiB)
I 19:49:34 Destination File System: NTFS
I 19:49:34 File Splitting: Auto
I 19:49:34 Writing Image...
W 19:49:51 Failed to read from file: 'E:\VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_1.VOB'
W 19:49:51 Reason: The device is not ready.
E 19:50:03 Failed to read from file: 'E:\VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_1.VOB'
E 19:50:03 Reason: The device is not ready.
E 19:50:04 Operation Failed! - Duration: 00:00:29
E 19:50:04 Average Write Rate: 17 KiB/s (0.0x) - Maximum Write Rate: 17 KiB/s (0.0x)
I 19:50:08 Close Request Acknowledged
I 19:50:08 Closing Down...
I 19:50:08 Shutting down SPTI...
I 19:50:08 ImgBurn closed!


It appears you were trying to create an image from one of these Panasonic discs and it failed to read a VOB file from the DVD.  I can't say why, for sure, this would have happened.  It could have been that the disc wasn't inserted at the time the image file creation was started.  In the Write files/folders to disc mode, you must leave in the source DVD in the drive in this case after you've added the files to the job.  So, you can't remove the disc until the image file creation is done.  That might explain it. 


Another more insidious explanation is the disc you're trying to read from is damaged/unreadable.  This could be simply because of the age of the disc, though I doubt it in this case, or your DVD PC drive is having trouble reading it.  Which if you used CMC DVD media for creating this disc in the Panasonic recorder, while it may have finished creating, it may not be properly readable.  My first exposure to CMC media was when Optodisc changed from making their own discs to CMC, causing my Panasonic recordings to fail half the time and those that did succeed had playback problems.


In the future, though it's not always the case, look for the line Operation Failed! in the log for failures.

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Thanks a million for your time and patience. You've been so patient with a dunce like me. Yes I do see that one failure but don't know why some still didn't work besides that one.

I will start checking for the new median you suggested. I've used these same Verbatim discs for church recording at two churches with little to no problem over many years and the current problem is from a batch of blanks with still about half left.... go figure.

One more thing for now... could you or LIGHTNING UK! kindly walk me through that "Build Mode" for reading and burning. As I stated a few posts back, I get where you (in my case) type in "E:\" in the source box and then click the star to the right. In the last time I used it, it seemed that same "E:\" went into the large blank space below it. I forgot if that should be showing (with the original disc in the drive) the contents (files) on that disc or not. I saw just the "E:\ and nothing more. What should appear there? Next step would be to click on the blue (Play) arrow at which time the progress bars (3) show up until completed with the reading step.

Following that is one supposed to chose the "Write" mode? And what is to be put in the source or destination boxes.... This is where I got confused. Anyway if done right it again has the progress bars (with new blank disc in drive..... can this be put in just before hitting Play write). When successfully completed I did the verify which is where I had several errors pop up till I just decided it was no good.

So again, I would appreciate the help from you fellows once more . Sure glad I found this forum... BTW, I'm in the USA.... Midwest area.

Take care and stay well !

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The Verify errors I would lay at the feet of using CMC DVD media.  Verify errors generally go away when you don't use the cheap media.


As for how to use the files/folders mode, I think I only ever used it once or twice to troubleshoot a different area on the forum.  I don't use that mode myself, preferring the Build mode, so I know next to nothing about it.


Your Panasonic DVD recorder might not have any problems writing to CMC DVD's but your DVD burner in your PC might.

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Still looking for a reliable brand of DVD to use for recording and coping from.

I saw this on Wikepedia (copied and pasted)  and looks like almost everything is now owned by CMC.

....... or is the AZO brand still good or what recommendations might you have?



CMC Magnetics Corporation (Chinese: 中環股份有限公司) is a Taiwanese company that manufactures optical discs. Established in 1978, its factories are located in Taiwan, China (Memorex, HP, Philips, TDK, Maxell) and Hong Kong (Memorex, Philips). In December 2015, Taiyo Yuden, one of the inventors of the recordable CD and inventor of the original cyanine dye for CD-R, sold its optical disc brand and intellectual property to CMC Magnetics, ending its own production in Japan. [1]


CMC produces CD and DVD storage media products, including CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-RAM, and floppy diskettes. CMC produces the Mr. Data line of optical media, which is or was commonly rebranded and sold by HP, Maxprint, Imation, Memorex, Philips, TDK, BenQ, Verbatim Life Series, Staples, Office Depot, Datamax, Optimum, Auchan and other OEM brands.

After Taiyo Yuden sold its optical disc manufacturing business, CMC started the CMC Pro line of optical media, a new line of optical media based on the Taiyo Yuden technology that CMC acquired after Taiyo Yuden left the optical disc market.[2]

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Don't know if AZO is still any good or not.  When CMC bought Verbatim, everything changed.  Although, thus far, the only difference I've seen is in the manufacture of DataLife Plus DVD-R.  They no longer work with the LG WH16NS60.


Really, unfortunately, it's a matter of finding what works with your burner and what doesn't.  We can offer generic suggestions like Verbatim DataLife Plus (Although not recommended in some cases, as I said.) or AZO or Taiyo Yuden.  I've yet to try CMC Pro because I didn't know if they were quality TY media or not.

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