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LiteOn 20x


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Mine does a great job at 8X with Verb and TY media, shite at 20X(well not that bad, but it's not anywhere near the qual at 8X). I've had it for a couple weeks, and am happy with it .


Does a nice DL too, below was burned with the 20A1h, scanned w/ a BenQ.


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Something I don't get. Wouldn't it make more sense to co-ordinate the buying of drives as now 3 have been bought and, as you must have drives coming out of your ears, buying must be for testing purposes only.


Just a thought...

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Or maybe you could just post the duplicate drives to me now that my Benq has ended up in a lady friends comp :whistling:


Actually, i'm intrested in buying another drive but I want one that scans as well as my Benq did. My NEC and external LiteOn dont scan great. Is the 20X model gonna be good for scanning as well as burning at high speeds or should I just buy another Benq? Any suggestions?

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Thought I'd post the spec:


Pioneer continue their highly acclaimed series of DVD writers with the DVR-112. As with the 111 series, drives that have the "D" suffix (DVR-112D version) indicates that it won't write DVD-RAM discs, but the this DVR-112 writer will. Both drives will read RAM discs.


There are 6 main differences to the DVR-112D compared to the previous 111 series

# DVD+/-R writing speed is increased to 18x

# Dual/Double Layer writing speed is increased to 10x

# DVD-RAM writing speed is increased to 12x

# Performance Adjusting Firmware - automatically optimises the disc?s rotation speed depending on the user?s application ? for example, if watching a movie or listening to music, the disc velocity is reduced in order to keep background noise to a minimum

# Multi-effect Liquid Crystal Tilt Compensator - further improves recording and playback characteristics by compensating for discs that are warped or of uneven thickness (operates at high speeds and with Dual/Double layer discs)

# Ultra-DRA (Dynamic Rosonance Absober) - suppresses vibration caused by imbalanced discs. Disc-Resonance Stabiliser - controls the airflow generated by the disc-rotation to minimise disc-warping effect that can occur when a disc rotates at high speed.




Pioneer drives are the ones we always recommend as the mainstream writers least likely to cause their owners problems. Choice of bezel colours also lets you match the writer colour to your PC chassis (Beige / Black / Silver)


These drives have standard ATAPI interfaces (not SATA) but require 80-wire cables. These drives are also compliant with Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) regulations


The color of this drives bezel is BEIGE



# Max 18x Writing Speed for DVD-R/-R

# Max 10x Writing Speed for DVD-R DL/+R DL (Dual/Double Layer Media)

# Max 8x Writing Speed for DVD+RW

# Max 6x Writing Speed for DVD-RW

# Max 12x Writing speed for DVD-Ram

# Max 40x Writing Speed for CD-R

# Max 32x Writing Speed for CD-RW


# Reads CD-ROM (Mode1 & 2), CD-ROM XA, CD Audio, Video CD, PhotoCD, CD EXTRA, CD-Text, CD-R, CD-RW

# Disc-At-Once and Incremental Recording (multi-border) on DVDs

# Disc/Track/Session-At-Once and Packet Recording (multi-border) on CDs

# Multi Effect LCD Tilt Served Compensator Mechanism

# Ultra-DRA (Dynamic Resonance Absorber) Low Vibration Mechanism

# Performance adjusting firmware

# Disc Resonance Stabiliser

# Data Buffer Size: 2mb

# Interfaces as an ATAPI device (ATA-5 & SFF-8090)

# IDE Data Transfer of PIO Mode 4, Multi Word DMA Mode 2, Ultra DMA Mode 2, and Ultra DMA Mode 4 (UDMA 66)

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I have the Pioner DVR-111 and it's an excellent drive, therefore I would hope the DVR-112 is as well. I also have the BenQ DW1655 installed as well at the moment for scanning, this is also a nice drive altho it's started to develop an annoying fault of open and closing the tray 3x every time I change the discs... :( Apart from that it too has been a good drive.


I quite fancy the LiteOn now as it does scans as well, I haven't heard great things about the newer BenQ drives following their merger so would probably go with that....


In summary if you want to do disc scans try the Liteon, if not get the Pioneer :)

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smartest buy I have seen on a drive lately was a noob who found a litey on clearance at a local walmart, flashed it with

newest mature firmware, found a few spindles of sony yuden T02's at sears and pricematched for 30 cents a disk


pif total 28



a month ago he didn't even know what a mid code was


beginners luck


btw tests showed the liteon's to be more consistent than benqs in scanning disks burned on different computers

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