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File size comparision

Wandering Freeloader

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I have almost completely abandoned Nero for other programs such as Imgburn and I'm not sorry at all...I think Imgburn is the best burning application available. It is feature rich and keeps getting better all the time. LUK puts a lot of hard work as do all the beta testers here to make it all the much better.

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Putting it in the same units, it's:


Nero = ~1 GB

ImgBurn = ~0.0015 GB


(Where '~' means Approx)


The way you're saying things is a little confusing - I guess that's because English isn't your native language. :)


Well somehow that's true, english is not my native language, anyway I writed this comparison in the intent to be confusing :innocent:

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Well, ImgBURN just rocks.


It started for me with the idea that there must be something out there better than this shit (nero). especially after I updated the nero to 7.5.XXXX, It just sucks.

I tried every other program out there, Roxio, Power2Go, Instant CD/DVD NTI, you name it.

I didn't try ImgBurn until someone recommended it on the cdfreaks forum, I guess the program being free made me ignore it at first.


What really hooked me up, is the batch file idea for multiple burns in build mode, that saved TIIIMEEEEE.


When I tried it, I was as happy as the day I started using FireFox.



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I wouldnt burn rags with nero!!



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