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have I missed the dl there is now a guide but no prog infuriating everyday I check in first it was the tenth now it is soon still soon it has been soon quite some time I checked today it was soon yesterday it was soon tom you guessed it soon everyday sooon


soon,soon, soon,SOON is this some form of modern mid evil torture

no offense but this is gone to far I must test i must try it I must make sweet love to it til it calls me daddy


nevermind that last bit. but has any body heard of a new release date


ok ok i'm off to find my add meds! just had to rant a little! :w00t:



edit> has any body tried the edit feature the quick edit told me to please wait finally I clicked on full edit and was able to bypass the whole please wait forever screen ( think my computer is plotting my death! shh! please help!)

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Must be the translation to swedish that makes it late... :P


So are the gonna be any translations for real? Concerning DVDD LUK! said it was impossible for him to release any cause the resources weren't sperated or something. Does this mean you wrote the new tool from scratch?

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