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  1. The program reads the sectors in chunks. When the drive returns an error, it drops down to reading them 1 at a time so it can pick out the bad one. What’s happened here is that the drive errored out when reading the chunk, but then succeeded to read them all when doing it 1 by 1. I would the disc has the potential to be unreliable. Maybe do a stand-alone verify on it and see if the drive fails to read it again in those same locations.

    Boot Image field in ImgBurn (Advanced tab)

    If you’re trying to burn an XP install CD, why aren’t you following the XP guide instead of the Vista+ one? How to create a Windows XP installation disc (bootable) using ImgBurn. https://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?/topic/11190-How-to-create-a-Windows-XP-installation-disc-%28bootable%29-using-ImgBurn

    Error: Device Not Ready (Incompatible Medium Installed)

    That drive is a dvd writer, not a BD writer. It only ‘reads’ bd-roms.
  4. I've checked the code and can't see any obvious way to silence those I'm afraid.
  5. You're going to need a drive that can overburn DVD+R DL media in order to burn that disc. https://www.vinpowerdigital.com/t/categories/Optical-Drives

    Hello Im having a problem With This error

    The screenshots you've posted suggest the images are larger than you say they are. Take a screenshot of the main window once you've loaded the image in Write mode please.

    CD-R "Disk not empty"

    Yes, unless your drive is broken, you should have no problem writing to them (subject to normal disc quality issues). Do not attempt to erase or format them before use. Take one out of the packet, fire up ImgBurn and try to burn that image again.

    CD-R "Disk not empty"

    That looks like a CD-R, you can't erase / format it. Use a new disc.

    Help with Workflow for Multi-Track BD-Rs

    Please try the following... Tools -> Settings -> 'Read' tab -> Page 2 -> Disc Layout Method -> Change 'Blu-ray' to 3-1-2. Then try using Read mode to read the disc again. ImgBurn will be in control of read then and not the OS, meaning you can perform more retries / skip bad sectors etc. Post the log when you hit a problem spot, have retried a few times and are about to give up (if it comes to that).

    Problem with ISO image.

    I've already answered your email about this. Feel free to bring the conversation here instead if you prefer.

    download nad digest

    Correct. ImgBurn exe stayed the same, just the installer changed.
  12. Is it a DVD Video disc or is it something else? The only things I ever really saw that were oversized were xbox360 images.
  13. Have you actually tried to burn it and the program has told you it won't fit?

    Finalise DVD

    How did you burn the discs in the first place? Put one of them in the drive and open ImgBurn in Write mode. Now please copy and paste everything from the box on the right of the main window.

    power calibration area error

    It's probably just down to the media you're using. Although you say they're Verbatim discs, I'm afraid they're the wrong ones.... perhaps the 'value' range? Yours use the CMC MID/dye rather than the MCC/MKM one. Look for the 'Azo' label on Verbatim media and avoid their value range. If you get the decent stuff and the drive still errors out, you'll have to invest in a new drive.

    Automotive Repair CD

    Maybe... yes. Use Read mode to make an image of the disc. Mount that image using any method available to you and the OS you’re running. Either directly in Explorer or via a virtual drive program.

    creating a *.iso from a DVD-R disc

    You’ll have to do as it says. Go into build mode, change the output to image file, put the drive letter of your optical drive in the source box (D:\ or whatever) and then build your new image.
  18. If that status is accurate, your drive is returning ‘medium not present- tray closed’ at the point when you abort. So, it hasn’t detected the disc in the drive. Sounds like a fault with the drive to me. Is the tray locked and stopping you from just ejecting / reinserting manually? The would be better than aborting and starting a manual verify operation.

    Verify Failed! - Reason: Layouts do not match

    Nope, more space on a dvd-r.

    Verify Failed! - Reason: Layouts do not match

    Ok, so your drive still thinks the disc is empty. You're going to have to try to buy some better discs, your drive doesn't like those.... and avoid anything with the RITEK MID/dye - which is what you've tried using there. You get a tiny bit more space on a DVD-R, but there's no difference in the burn process where an end user (such as yourself) is concerned.

    Verify Failed! - Reason: Layouts do not match

    It looks like your drive did a bad job of burning the disc and now can't recognise that it burnt anything to it. If you keep that disc in the drive and go into Read mode, please copy and paste everything from the box on the right of the main window. Then, eject the disc, reinsert it and copy and paste the info again please.... just to see if anything changes.

    Burn BD50 "Power Calibration Area Error"

    Burning with low quality discs is always hit and miss. I'm afraid that's the nature of burning optical discs. As for the log... this should help

    Burn BD50 "Power Calibration Area Error"

    Please post the log. It contains information that helps us help you. The issue is nothing to do with the program, your drive has a problem with the discs you're using. It could be that your discs are no good, or it could be your drive has had it... or a combination of the two.
  24. Ah ok, yes, something like that would be possible using a batch file. Sorry, I must have missed the bit where you said 'separately' and instead focussed on the 'hundreds of files'. All the command line options are still there. I've looked through some of my previous examples and they seem to be for converting a folder full of folders into individual ISO files. I've made a few tweaks and it might now work for files... but it's untested. Edit: now tested Make sure Explorer is set to show file extensions. Make a folder (let's call it 'Conversion'), create a text file in it (via right click, new -> text document), rename it to something like 'make images.bat', edit it (right click, edit) copy and paste the following into it... @for /r %%i in ("Source Folder\*.*") do "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\ImgBurn\ImgBurn.exe" /MODE BUILD /BUILDINPUTMODE STANDARD /BUILDOUTPUTMODE IMAGEFILE /SRC "%%i" /DEST "Output Folder\%%~ni.iso" /FILESYSTEM "UDF" /UDFREVISION "2.50" /VOLUMELABEL "%%~ni" /NOIMAGEDETAILS /START /CLOSESUCCESS Copy your folder full of files you want put into ISO files into that same folder and rename it 'Source Folder'. So you now have something like... C:\Conversion\ C:\Conversion\make images.bat C:\Conversion\Source Folder\ C:\Conversion\Source Folder\(all of your files) Now run the 'make images.bat' file. You should then end up with an additional folder in your 'Conversion' one. C:\Conversion\Output Folder Inside that you'll find all of your ISO images files.
  25. The queue is for Write mode... for the mass burning of existing disc images. I'm afraid there is no way to do what you're after.

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