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  1. Does this drive not work? It says the enhanced model of this vinpower drive supports scanning. https://www.vinpowerdigital.com/products/wh16ns58dup
  2. Ok, maybe it was the load segment value was throwing it off before. Most other bits get noticed and corrected by the program when it detects you want to build an OS installation disc. As you're using etfsboot.com, it doesn't look like you're building a UEFI bootable disc, it looks like a legacy bios one. This is the same issue covered a couple of days ago in this thread... But if it boots for you, I guess it's all good and your VM has handled it.
  3. Google doesn't throw up a whole lot when searching for that error. Is your vm in UEFI or legacy bios mode? I assume that if you follow the OS installation disc guide in the Guides forum and actually do it via the GUI, you get the same result?
  4. You can also make a little registry change during the installation. That’s what I did the other day when making a VMware workstation vm of it.
  5. The guide. Try with platform ID set to UEFI and for the boot image, select \efi\microsoft\boot\efisys.bin Sectors to load is 1 I think.
  6. The reason I asked is that those guides predate uefi (mainstream at least) and are meant for bios boot.
  7. Do you use bios boot or uefi? The iso you build needs to match what your vm is expecting.
  8. There are guides for Windows OS installation discs in the Guides section. That would be the best place to start https://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?/forum/4-guides/
  9. Are you saying the full erase on behaved differently somehow or didn't you even attempt it? As the erase command hasn't changed, I doubt any one version would behave differently to another one. The drive is in control of the format process, not the program. Logs from the process would help, otherwise this post is better removed so as to not spread false information.
  10. Back in the day, it was all about the LiteOn iHAS drives - nothing else really worked. Even with those, you had to enable the 'Force HyperTuning' option on the drive for them to burn those oversized images nicely. As yours appears to support the hypertuning option, give it a try. You're definitely more likely to succeed in burning an oversized image on a MKM-003-00 disc though.
  11. If my memory serves me correctly, that info is specific to LiteOn drives. Some tool available for their drives used to display it, I found out where it got that info from and then implemented the same command within ImgBurn so I could display it in the log (just as an FYI type entry). As db said, it's not an internal count that ImgBurn is performing and there's no limit of any sort imposed by the program.
  12. I would assume it's the number of discs it has burnt.
  13. That looks like a bug to me. I’ll look into it.
  14. Post the actual log please. The exact error message is important here as it appears the problem lies with your main storage device / system drive (i.e. C:\) Until the issue is resolved, have the program create an image file (from files/folder) rather than trying to burn on-the-fly (direct to disc). Once you've built an ISO (ideally, on another drive if C: is having issues), burn that to disc.
  15. As that video doesn't seem to include the verification stage at all, have you tried using the disc you burnt and ignoring the fact the program reported loads of miscompares?
  16. As UHD is just data, yes, they're compatible in the sense you can store that data on anything it'll fit onto. The problem would come when you attempt to playback that content from a DVD. If a player detects a DVD, it may only attempt to look for a DVD Video folder (VIDEO_TS). If it goes beyond that and looks for BD Video (HD and UHD) structure too, you should be fine. The best thing to do would be burn one and try it in the player you intend on using to see how it behaves.
  17. Your log doesn't show anything useful. Do not enable debug mode unless one of us asks you to do so please. It makes things harder unless we specifically need that extra info. In what way is it not working... what actually happens? If your drive is erroring out, try and post a log showing that info please.
  18. From an optical drive point of view, you don't finalise DVD+RW media. You format them (when brand new) and they then look like the full capacity of the disc has been used up. That's what this section of text is all about: What you probably want to do there is try cloning the disc... but not at sector level where ImgBurn works... you'd want to do it based on the content as recorded in the IFO/VOB/BUP files. So you could try using something like DVD Shrink, CloneDVD or DVD Fab to actually analyse the content of the disc and build a new ISO you can burn to a DVD+R (which can then be closed/finalised by the drive).
  19. It isn't a feature of the board software that I use, so I don't know if it's working normally or not. I haven't updated the forum software in a few weeks, so if it's only just started happening in the last day or so, it's probably not that. We got visited by a nice spamming bot the other day that private messaged every user on the board with an explicit link. I obviously put a stop to it as soon as I saw what was happening, and in doing so, all of those PMs got removed from the system. That might have caused some confusion with unread messages though. I'd probably just mark the entire forum as Read, optionally clear cookies and see if it starts working normally again.
  20. Did the last paragraph of my reply not cover it? I don’t know which speeds are available for your drive/media/firmware combo and I don’t know which one will produce the best quality burn. That’s something you’d have to find out for yourself by trial and error.
  21. If your drive reports a read error at any point during the verification phase, I'd consider that disc to be a little suspect, even if it eventually managed to read the problem sectors after x retries. Different drives are more/less capable at reading problem sectors than others, so it may totally fail in another drive or it may not show an error at all. Verification is good for that drive at that moment in time. I guess it wouldn't hurt to retry the burn at 4x, the drive might do a better job of burning it. Please note that it's not ImgBurn claiming it can be burnt at 8x, it's the firmware in your drive. ImgBurn can't do anything your drive isn't programmed for - that's the purpose of the drive's firmware... to control all of the burn parameters for every different media.
  22. As this is the ImgBurn Support Forum, please start by posting the disc info displayed by ImgBurn - which happens to be exactly what was asked for in the 2nd post (1st reply) in the thread you linked to.
  23. Ok, I've found the problem and can see why it would sometimes work / not work. It turns out that the fields aren't populated during the initial analysis phase and are actually populated (refreshed from the file) when you select the track or go to save the actual CUE file. No such population / refresh occurs when just displaying the track listing.
  24. Don't worry, the order in which they come through isn't important. Can you please double check then when you get an incorrect track listing file, clicking on the individual files in the list does indeed display the correct CD-TEXT info in the title/performer boxes. It makes absolutely no sense that the info would display correctly in one place and not the other. They're both reading from the same variables. If it turns out that it's wrong in both places (but only sometimes), it would mean it's occasionally running into some sort of issue with parsing the file - maybe it's being locked out by some other software on your machine (AV or whatever). Also, does it matter if you drag+drop the files Vs adding them via the 'browse' box? I'm assuming no errors are being reported in the Log window as it tries to analyse the files (and extract Tag info) ?
  25. So where it says 'Default CD-TEXT (Disc / Track)' down the bottom right of the 'Create CUE' window, you have 'Tag' selected in both drop down boxes? The only time the track listing would use the file name is if the track's configured CD-TEXT Title and Performer are both empty. btw... yes, you should/can get an email if a reply is posted in a 'followed' thread - subject to your notification settings, which you can configure here: https://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?/notifications/options/&type=new_comment
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