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  1. Mental picture of blu as a meter maid
  2. That'd be File --> Save Project... in ImgBurn The project file defaults to an .ibb file extension, but it still opens ok in notepad etc as it's just a text file. If you are wanting to save it purely for a record then you could also overtype the extension to .txt so that it's even easier to open in notepad.
  3. No there's a rare one, someone indicating they've read the forum a bit, had a problem and actually recognised that the best first thing to do it get decent media.
  4. So you've had a failure rate of somewhere between 33-50% (10 out of 20-30). Funny thing about random probability / statistics - they're not always evenly spread. It's not unusual to have a number of 'successful' (although likely poor quality) burns before hitting a run of coasters. Verbatim FTW
  5. zacoz


    Please post the log file from the burn (see sig) - it will help in diagnosing the problem. If memory serves I've seen similar reports where someone has tried to burn an ISO file using the 'Build' mode of ImgBurn instead of the 'Write' mode.
  6. That wouldn't be Smiley Xtra 4 by any chance Just installed it to try it out.
  7. Could you please post the log from such a burn, as this will help in diagnosing your problem. Logs directory is available from the Help --> ImgBurn Logs menu.
  8. zacoz

    rewards online

    Oh MJ, did they shut down payment processing on your p0rn site again
  9. So now instead of mothers teaching their kids to "always make sure you have clean underwear on when you leave the house (in case you get hit by a bus)", it will be "always make sure you have your chemically treated, microwaved nanoparticle underwear on when you leave the house (in case you get hit by a bus)". Doesn't have quite the same ring to it.
  10. Geez LFC, I thought you were only going to use celery. I guess the Boss takes leaks more seriously than I imagined.
  11. Actually wondered a few times whether the Verbatim Movie Reel DVD's lived up to Verbatim's usual standards. However contrary to the price in that link when they were available locally they were 2 or 3 times that price.
  12. From what I hear, some people do prefer to have the lights out LFC
  13. That'll be handy for we people with only one DVD drive per system especially when some of those old not so good quality discs need reburning
  14. I've got some black media - but it goes in the PS1 and don't think ImgBurn would be very successful if I tried to write to it.
  15. Almost didn't recognise your post Kev. We didn't even get to say goodbye Need a on the case.
  16. Virginity ??? Is she your girlfriend LFC ?
  17. Have just tested quickly under Virtual PC with Windows 98 and while it does use quite a bit resource wise, it also seems to release these resources nicely on exit. I would imagine that it shouldn't be a problem unless you're also trying to run a lot of other stuff at the same time - which I normally avoid even on XP.
  18. Well Down Under (here at least) 50 spindle of Verb White Inkjet Printable +R's are made in Taiwan, come with Arial Font on top, "MCC-004-00" Disc ID, and the "+" in the stamped serial number. The other Verb's I get from time to time, 20/25 spindle, non-printable "MCC-003-00" +R's also have the "+" stamp in the serial but I don't have a cakebox handy to check on the font. These give me the occassional bad burn at 8x (say 2-5% failure rate) but rarely a hassle at 6x. Did come across one disc towards end of last MCC-003-00 spindle where the dye got jagged towards the outer edge, normally nice and consistent right to the outer edge. Seems from what you're saying they're both the Prodisc ones. Only 3 places in town to get Verb's (K-Mart, Big W, and WOW Sight & Sound) and don't recall seeing anything other than these two +R options - in spindles anyway.
  19. We must rise up in opposition...They spell the end of the LUK and the Beta Team....With that sort of storage space, who would want to burn little tiny DVD/HD/Blu-ray discs
  20. Was thinking the same thing reading Grain's post LFC
  21. Unfortunately, if I ask my local retailers, they say "HUH ? What's a Media ID"
  22. I can see the headlines: "FPS game companies go broke as kids flock to Sports Sims"
  23. zacoz

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Shamus phew - just scraped in this time before midnight.
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