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  1. Look on their support site, they may have a fix for this. Otherwise make an report and they may fix it.
  2. If the USB works on any install it seams that all the files needed are there. You can make anytime another USB drive bootable with various tools (WinToolkit, Rufus, YUMI to name a few) and copy all the contents from the old to the new USB drive. Also you can use ImgBurn to create a bootable ISO from the contents of the USB following the guide http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?/topic/11194-how-to-create-a-windows-vista-7-8-installation-disc-bootable-using-imgburn/
  3. You have to find what exactly is the player capable to do. Read the manual or search the net. Other than that allways the standard things is the way to go as that should play for sure.
  4. Flash the latest firmware, it may fix it. http://www.firmwarehq.com/download_2136-file_GH24NSB0(ew).zip.html
  5. It's all down to the players capability to play all the files you put on a disc. Maybe the player that don't work has no support for playing mp4 files. As for the play all at once is again down to player. Maybe some settings tweek to enable "Play All".
  6. Put a disc in the drive and look on the right to Device tab for the supported speeds. Even if they are labeled as 52x your drive may not support the highest speed. Maybe your drive is an old one and don't have support for the new media. You can try to find an updated firmware for that drive, it may fix it. Rightclick on drive selection box and select Check for Firmware Updates...
  7. If nothing was transcoded the size of the DAT/MPG files vs. VOB files should be roughly the same. You can check file info in MPC via File > Properties or Shift + F10 to see if the video resolution and audio compression is the same as original or is altered.
  8. That'll do it too. Come back with a followup so we know how it went. I'm interested if the resolution is kept or it is upscaled to full SD resolution. Maybe you need to tweek the output settings to keep original resolution. It's long time I didn't use that program.
  9. You don't need convertion just use the streams as is since they are compliant to build a standard DVD low quality that uses the half size SD resolution MPEG-1 compression. Rename the streams and extension to .mpg and use a program that can do smart rendering to build the DVD. I don't know a free program that can do this but I know that TMPGEnc, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere and all major authoring software can do smart rendering. Anyway you can try DVD Flick or DVD Styler to see if they can handle the raw .dat files or .mpg renamed files.
  10. Why do you wanna convert them? You do know that any convertion comes with a loss of quality... Video CD is half the resolution of a standard DVD. Why do you wanna upscale it? Video CD is DVD compliant so you can play it in any DVD standalone player. You can convert them to any file you want but make sure you preserve the original resolution to reduce artifacts (352x240 for NTSC or 352x288 for PAL). All you need from the Video CD structure is the AVSEQxx.DAT files (xx = 01, 02, 03... 99 max. files allowed) Oh, any software player shoud play fine AVSEQxx.DAT files. You can copy them to your HDD and rename them to "My movie.mpg" and they will play fine in any software player so no need for convertion.
  11. Try clean the laser with a cotton bud with alcohol or give it a good blow. If nothing works it seams your drive is probably get worned out. Laptop and slim drives aren't so reliable as the full hight ones.
  12. DVDFlick or DVDStyler should do the trick for free. On a decent computer should not take more than 30 min for convert a regular movie.
  13. This is clearly Encore problem. Do you export the project from Premiere to Encore? If yes, try export the project to Media Encoder, set the format you need than use Encore to build the final image. That way Encore will use the files as is not transcoding them. If it still out of sync, delete the Media Cache for all project than delete the .xmp files that are along with original files in the folder on your hard drive. Rebuild the project from scratch and use export to Media Encoder than Encore to build the final image.
  14. Just hit the big Burn button. What you see as 99% is the total capacity occupied by the files on that disc. Welcome to ImgBurn Forum.
  15. Since this seems is not ImgBurn related or a burning problem you should look for help in other forums that deals with OS installations. One very helpfull is http://forums.mydigitallife.info/forum.php
  16. ianymaty


    Isn't the original disc already bootable? If you make a copy of it (disc to ISO > ISO to disc) it should work as the original. You don't have to mess with any setting. The copy is still bootable. If you want to alter the content and make a new one bootable just follow the correct guide for the version of Windows you need.
  17. Maybe you already have some codec pack installed, I don't install codec packs just what I need.
  18. ianymaty


    New user have some limitation to avoid SPAM. Why do you whant to send PM to everyone? Read the Guides and FAQ's. Use the search function, maybe your question already has an answer. You can start your thread in any section you need to ask something, just don't start a thread in all section with the same question. Welcome to ImgBurn Forum.
  19. The big file don't work with any of the OP listed DSF or plugin. The small file works with http://www.free-codecs.com/download/aac_aacplus_player_plugin.htm I can play the files in PotPlayer, QuickTime or even Winamp, not play in BSPlayer or WMP. They seem the same format but the big one is alac and the small one is MPEG-4 AAC LC, at least that is listed in Winamp when you hit Alt+3. After a little search, I found this http://dsp-worx.de/?n=15 After installing it ImgBurn complains the OptimFROG.dll is missing when you add the files. Download from here http://losslessaudio.org/Downloads.php and extract the OptimFROG.dll and OptimGROG.lib to your Windows\system32 folder or Windows\SysWOW64 if you are on x64.
  20. You probably messed the Settings. Go to Settings and make sure on Build Tab > Page 4 > Don't Prompt Root Content box isn't activated. Or better hit the Restore Defaults at bottom left corner in Settings and don't touch anything of what you aren't sure what it does. Default Settings works best for all users.
  21. Welcome to ImgBurn Forum. Please, read the pink box above. In the Guides section you'll fiind the guide for Audio CD. At the bottom of the guide there are links to DirectShow filtes you need.
  22. As long as you use Read mode " Create image file from disc" the copy will be exactly as the original, no compression.
  23. Maybe the OP want just an autorun disc and got confused and don't know how to ask or lost in translation. If thats the desire here is how to make it https://www.wizbit.net/cd-dvd_production_faqs/create-cd-autorun-file/
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