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  1. leanovski you should use nLite to create the wind0ze image (it'll do all the hard work for you) and burn it with Imgburn (or nLite itself).
  2. Here's an example, one of the changes in was "Fixed: Having 'Auto Calculate' enabled messed up builds initiated via CLI." My suggestion was that you could have released v2.1.0.1 with only that fix, as soon as you've fixed it. People with very small issues with Imgburn woudn't have to wait a long time for those issues to be fixed. In my case (Terminating Interface issue) that bug is annoying since I have to frequently close Imgburn via Task Manager but I'm very satisfied with everything else as I don't have an imediate need for audio support (which seems to be the big change in this version). This was only a suggestion, not a complaint
  3. I think maybe builds with only small fixes (like this one) could be released as soon as they are fixed and builds that add new/big changes could stay in the current schedule.
  4. Hi LUK, will the audio decoding use some sort of plugin system? If yes, it would be really easy to support almost any audio format by 3rd party plugins.
  5. Thanks for the info LUK! I'll update SPTD then.
  6. I don't think DT is the one to blame, try using the Nero ASPI dontasciime posted on this thread (http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=3910&hl=), it fixed a few problems I was having. PM me for password.
  7. That's great news LUK Is Imgburn also going to support cue-sheets where each track is in a different file (EAC creates this kind of cue-sheet)?
  8. It's an interesting feature (both read and write) for those "Enhanced" :& Audio CDs. If not multisession, at least mixed-mode should added to deal with those.
  9. This happens to me too if the last mode I use is != Build mode. For instance, I open Imgburn via the executable (imgburn.exe), select Read mode and exit, if I try to open a project (which is using Build mode) Imgburn will hang with that 'Terminating Interface Thread' message, now if I open Imgburn via the executable, select Build mode and exit, I can open the project and it'll not hang. I hope I was clear
  10. Here's a graph of burning an image using CD-DVD Speed, it has no problems reaching 16x
  11. I never had this kind of problem before but now it happens after reaching 15x, the Device Buffer fluctuates like crazy but the Buffer was steady at 100%. CPU was +-40%. It happens with either SPTI and ASPI.
  12. Hey dontasciime, what's the password for the file?
  13. dontasciime/LUK: I'll post my log and test both versions of ASPI when I get home, thanks. PS: I've been using ASPI because sometimes SPTI fails to get exclusive access or it just makes the drives not read anything on other programs (I've posted about this a long time ago).
  14. Hi there LUK, for some reason when I choose Read mode using Nero ASPI layer, Imgburn doesn't detect Label, Imp ID nor File Sys, so when the image is created it's not supported by Windows. When I choose SPTI everything works fine and the image created works ok. Is Nero ASPI lacking some functions for Read Mode to work? TIA
  15. They are infact 4.7GB (4.38GiB) and 8.5GB (7.96GiB). 1 giga = 10^9 1 gibi = 2^30 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binary_prefix
  16. Finally the forum is back up Great job LUK! Thanks a lot!
  17. Hi there LUK! Do you happen to have a planned roadmap for Imgburn, with all the major features that you want to add/change? TIA
  18. UDF is an accepted format for both CDs and DVDs, so there's no reason for Joliet to be preferred over UDF. I, for one, only use UDF for both CDs and DVDs, unless I'm creating a disc to be read on *nix systems. My suggestion to you is to create two empty projects, one with Joliet/ISO9660 selected and another UDF selected and instead of opening Imgburn through the normal link, you open it using the projects.
  19. Imgburn for all single-session data discs Alcohol for multi-session data discs Burrrn for audio cds
  20. Thanks a lot for this great release LUK!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D
  21. Imgburn for Data and Single-session images Burrrn/EAC for Audio Alcohol 120% for Multi-session images
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