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  1. Most likely, your drive doesn't like those Sony made discs. There are 2 things I'd try. If you're insisting on using these Sony discs, which I wouldn't because Sony has made little but junk since 2002, you can try checking for a firmware update to your drive. Updating the firmware would probably be the only way to get that drive and those discs to work together. In Write mode, right click on the drive letter and choose the option near the bottom of the context menu about checking for a firmware update. The thing I would do is try using different discs. I recommend Verbatim DataLife Plus or genuine Taiyo Yuden. Do NOT get the Verbatim Life Series you find in stores. Those are even worse CMC junk. Even though CMC now owns Verbatim! You can only find the DataLife Plus/AZO discs in online stores like Amazon.com. Although, granted, I don't think I've ever come across a No current error before.
  2. Verbatim has always made 2 grades of media. The high quality it outsources to Mitsubishi and the lower quality junk they outsourced to CMC. Ever since CMC bought Verbatim, I've been waiting for the shoe to drop and for them to switch over to all CMC crap. It has already started with their DVD+R. They used to work in the LG WH16NS60. After the sale, they apparently changed the manufacturing process and they don't work anymore. CMC also bought up the other only high quality manufacturer, Taiyo Yuden. So far, the higher quality TY is still available, although CMC has started appearing with TY DID's on them. These were the last ones I bought from Amazon.com in the US: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00008L3HV/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 They only have 18 left, though, if you wanted to get some from them. And these are the branded ones, not the inkjet printable ones. These are the inkjet printable ones I got last time, 5 years ago: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0001LS35W/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. Before I even read the log, I was relatively sure what it was. Here's your most likely culprit: I 13:17:04 Destination Media Type: CD-R (Disc ID: 97m26s66f, CMC Magnetics Corp.) Don't use cheap CMC junk. CMC makes the worst optical media out there. Buy Verbatim DataLife Plus/AZO. Do NOT buy the Verbatim Life series you find in stores. Those are CMC. You can only find the good stuff in online stores like Amazon.com or directly from Verbatim. Although, get this... CMC now OWNS Verbatim! About half the problems we see on this board are caused by CMC media. And most of those problems do disappear when quality media is used. ALTHOUGH, this troubles me: W 13:26:02 Note: The drive probably corrected the EDC Area because it's wrong in the image file. This would be something caused by the drive correcting a problem in the image. Which would either mean the image is bad or you have to get a drive that doesn't autocorrect, if there is such a thing. LUK would have to chime in on that one. I've never seen that error before, I don't think.
  4. It's not an entirely hopeless situation; just relatively hopeless. Personally, I'd give up, but there are other things you could try, which will most likely not bear fruit. First, check for a firmware update for your drive. That might help. In Write mode, right click on the drive letter and choose the option near the bottom of the context menu for checking for firmware update. If anything will work other than using different discs on this drive, it's the hope that a firmware update provides better quality control. The other thing is try a different drive. See if you have better results with something else. Those are your only other options, IMO.
  5. Why would your AV allow the other downloads but NOT the official mirror? What error does it exactly throw out? I'd think if it isn't allowing on one mirror, it would fail on ALL mirrors. Unless, of course, your AV is crapping out over a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) "error." This is not an error or a virus alert. It's part of ImgBurn software that people who get click happy don't pay attention and end up installing things they may not want. PUP's are NOT viruses, but AV vendors are so lazy they label them as viruses to make their jobs easier.
  6. Yes, don't use anything else other than Verbatim DataLife Plus DVD+R DL for DVD DL. Do NOT use the Verbatim Life Series you find in brick and mortar stores. Those are CMC and they're WORSE crap than Ritek! You can only find the DataLife Plus discs in online stores like Amazon.
  7. dbminter

    ASUS BW-12B1ST No Reference Position Found

    You could try another driver besides the Microsoft SPTI pass through one. Under Tools --> Settings --> I/O --> Page 1 --> Interface. Try all the other options and see if you get better results with any of those drivers.
  8. dbminter

    Error While burning a ISO IMG

    I don't know for sure, but I thought only LiteOn and similar other drives were possible for writing XBox game images. I thought you had to have specific drives for them and I don't know if an HP drive supports them. The other possibility is that this HP drive doesn't like Verbatim MKM DVD+R DL. A firmware update for your drive might help. In Write mode, right click on the burner drive letter and choose the check for firmware option near the bottom.
  9. I've not actually tested it for certain to see if the main window position is remembered, but I BELIEVE it is. I've accidentally moved the main windows slightly moving between programs before. Let me test that right now. Yes, it does remember the position between instances of ImgBurn closing and opening. I moved the main window slightly to the right of the log window, closed ImgBurn, reopened it, and the main window was still slight to the right of the log window. I moved the window back where it belongs, closed and reopened ImgBurn, and it was back where I had moved it back into its rightful position.
  10. Does ImgBurn NOT remember the location of the log window between instances? The reason I ask this is I moved the log window to the bottom of my Desktop real estate and closed ImgBurn. When I opened it again, the log window was NOT at the bottom of my Desktop real estate. I moved the window again, closed ImgBurn again, reopened it, and it's repeatable. If it does NOT remember the window location, please in future releases, save the location of the log window. As it stands now, in the current configuration, whenever the Operation Completed Successfully box with the OK button appears, it sometimes appears partially BEHIND the log window. Thanks!
  11. dbminter

    ImgBurn v2.5.8.0 Released!

    Does this have anything to do with my recent post about how my log window doesn't remember its location when I change it? It always defaults back to a default location when I start ImgBurn again.
  12. dbminter

    ImgBurn v2.5.8.0 Released!

    You must be crazy. Or we beta members are under a mass delusion that we've been beta testing Beta, aka when it's finally released, for the past 2 years. It fixes at least 2 bugs I know of: the USB 3.0 detected as USB 2.0 is now resolved and Windows 10 being detected as Windows 8.
  13. dbminter

    ImgBurn v2.5.8.0 Released!

    Well, now that the cat is out of the bag yes, we've had a beta we've been testing for 2 years now.
  14. dbminter

    TSSTcorp CDDVD SH-S202J SB03 won't read disc

    Wow, you can't trust ANYONE! I ordered something and paid the extra to ship it Fed Ex so I'd have a signed delivery. Fed Ex is more reliable than the USPS, which had delivered my packages to the wrong house before and delivered other people's mail to mine. Fed Ex delivered my package today... but they just left it in the bloody lawn! They didn't leave it on the porch! And never got a signature!
  15. dbminter

    TSSTcorp CDDVD SH-S202J SB03 won't read disc

    thieves! I ordered a Blu-Ray burner and they sent me an envelope of disposable masks! Do NOT do business with https://www.btrak.club/
  16. dbminter

    TSSTcorp CDDVD SH-S202J SB03 won't read disc

    Yeah, I was blindsided on this. I even did my "research" at first into the online site, which I'd never used before. Apparently, it's like Amazon.com with resellers, and this reseller was .
  17. dbminter

    TSSTcorp CDDVD SH-S202J SB03 won't read disc

    It had to happen sooner or later. My package from China is out for delivery today!
  18. dbminter

    Broken Link in FAQ

    Are you talking about the Enable Debug Mode.reg file? If so, I downloaded it just now. If that's the file you want, try it from this I'm providing. Enable_Debug_Mode.reg
  19. dbminter

    Burn Errors with Verbatim BD-RE XL Discs

    Unfortunately, my best recommendation for a BD burner is the LG WH16NS60, which you've already tried. It's the drive with the FEWEST problems out of all the available options out there. I've never burned BD-R DL, only BD-RE DL, in it, so I can't recommend any BD-R DL. You've tried these drives in different computers, so you know it's not the PC being the problem. I noticed you're using a USB drive. Did you try using a different USB cable? The drives you mentioned are internal models, if I remember correctly, like the WH16NS60 and NS40, so you must be using an external enclosure. What model is it? You could try using a different one. I use VanTech, but the first one I got was junk and the 2nd one I'm still using, so you have to be sure it works properly when you get it. Since you've tried different drives on different machines, the USB cable could be a common culprit. As could be the enclosure you're using as I doubt you've tried different ones? Other than that, the problem would be the media, which, given CMC, the junk maker, bought out Verbatim, it's always possible CMC turned the good Verbatim stuff into their typical trash.
  20. dbminter

    Burn Errors with Verbatim BD-RE XL Discs

    It's interesting you're getting failures with DL BD media on the WH16NS60. The NS40 definitely doesn't properly write DL BD media. Failing 9 times out of 10. Which is why I tried the NS60. While I've never written a DL BD-R in it, BD-RE DL burned in all tests I threw at it. So, I can't explain why it's failing on the NS60. As for the ASUS model, I never actually got writing BD-R media, let alone DL, before I determined it was junk. Doesn't properly write to rewritable media. DESTROYS DVD+RW and BD-RE media on writing to them. Since you're tried different computers with the same drive media, the problem must be the drive or the media. And since you've tried different burners and different unique copies of burners, the problem does appear to be with the media.
  21. dbminter

    UJ-8G6 won't read disc

    Yeah, if a different drive can read a disc and yours can't, the problem is most likely the drive. Either the physical drive itself or some kind of connection to it in the PC, either hardware or software.
  22. dbminter

    TSSTcorp CDDVD SH-S202J SB03 won't read disc

    Talk about a slow boat from China... LITERALLY! I ordered a backup copy of a WH16NS60 from a website around June 13th. It STILL hasn't arrived yet! It's in the US, though, worming its way to me slowly. Had I known the seller was going to ship from , I wouldn't have bought it. In addition to the slow turnaround time, there's COVID-19 you have to worry about now! So, when the package arrives, rest assured, it will be wiped down, with gloves on, and, once opened, the interior box will also be disinfected.
  23. It isn't for me. Would it have anything to do with settings I imported via a .REG file? I only imported them once, but could that have something to do with setting the window position?
  24. dbminter

    Creating windows 10 iso

    The last time I tried creating a boot disc was like a decade ago. I tried creating Acronis True Image bootable media and a Windows installation bootable media. But, given how long ago it was, I remember little about the results except they wouldn't boot, but I do remember never seeing the flashing results you described. Just a failure to boot the disc.
  25. dbminter

    Creating windows 10 iso

    My flash drive installation files of 2004 are less than 4 GB. But, maybe the installation in question covers both 64 bit and non versions. The USB media may have been created specifically with the version of Windows installed on the system that ran the Media Creation Tool.

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