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  1. you can also get B+W if you use the wrong connection between TV and PS1 , ie, red/white/yellow leads instead of a scart connector
  2. apart from the obvious ( choice of media) , which by the way you freely admit is 'cheap', you should update to the current version of ImgBurn, which is ( your still on the fact you burnt one last week and have had 5 failures since is probably down to the inconsistency with the media. this part of your log file confirms it as well W20:39:20 Failed to Write Sectors 311744 - 311775 - Reason: Write Error W20:39:20 Retrying (1 of 20)... W20:39:20 Retry Failed - Reason: Invalid Address For Write Invalid address errors usually mean the drive doesnt even see the blank disc correctly
  3. with ImgBurn, what goes in = what comes out IB only burns what you give to it, and doesnt alter TV format at all
  4. I have an eye test tomorrow , so expect normal service to resume afterwards
  5. it sounds like you have the original ISO file from somewhere, that has been split up by someone using a hard drive thats formatted as FAT32 . FAT32 limitations are that its unable to handle files larger than 4GB in size. Winrar would have opened/extracted these files ( as mmalves said) by opening winrar from the start>programs menu and selecting the lowest numbered file to open/extract , ie: file .iso.000 or .iso.001, the resulting output would have been a file called 'something'.ISO . ( something being win7 or windows or similar). It sounds like you have .ISO associated with IzArc software, when you install winrar it will try and take over the association from IzArc . I would disassociate ISO from IzArc and in winrar, make sure the ISO box is unchecked in OPTIONS > SETTINGS > INTEGRATION then of coarse re-associate ISO files with ImgBurn
  6. The whole point of the log file is that it shows a lot of info that narrows down a problem. On most occasions , without a log file, its just a guessing game that can bounce baclwards and forwards for days in a thread in here.( Hence why not many people will take up the challenge of trying to help if no log is provided) With the aid of a log file, we can narrow down the problem a lot quicker , which in turn helps the person asking the original question. Although it may seem irrelevant to most members, the log file is actually crucial to anyone who may be able to help/advise you with a problem. The request for a log file was even added into the pink banner at the top of each forum , mainly due to people asking for help, but not giving us enough information to be able to assist them. We pride ourselves on being friendly and helpfull with your ImgBurn problems, but without the necessary info ( log file) we end up wasting your's and our, time going in circles trying to narrow the problem down. I should add that everyone who contributes here with help does it freely, so its not unreasonable for them to try and save time and eliminate the basics all in one go by asking for the log file
  7. volvofl10

    DVD-RAM Media

    all that RAM discs are good for is if you have a RAM capable recorder for your TV( mainly Panasonic) . and then only any good if you transfer the data via a RAM capable drive onto your PC for editing. With RAM discs, your better off buying quality, like Pansonic, rather than any other non-descript brands. trust me. The decent ones last a long time, the non desript ones last about 3 months
  8. If rewritable BD-RE discs are like normal DVD-RW's then it may have less space on it than a normal BD-R , due to the way RW works. We've seen with DVD-RW that some projects wont fit on the disc, as so much space on the disc is used by the way the rewritable part is formatted. but this only goes back to what LUK said. if you use a BD-R which the project will 'probably' fit on , if it does overburn you may waste a disc in trying
  9. About right for me then , 1 day late Happy belated Birthday DooD hope it was a good un for you ? Just to cover 2010 Happy Birthday LUK < better 364 days early than 1 day late >
  10. Happy Belated Birthday Spinner ( if im really lucky with the time diffferance you may still get this on the correct day over there )
  11. everything you see in the bottom line of the window is a quote from a film or TV show, as already advised, if it offends , just turn the quotes off in settings your only the 1st or 2nd person to ever mention the quotes in a negative way, its a bit of harmless fun. but when Elvis does re-appear he can sue the arse of us if he likes Elvis has left the building
  12. blikkies Whats wrong with the current version then ?
  13. Awwww , thanks Guys and Gal's ................ although i am struggling with this computer thingy, fortunately i have all you youngsters to help me out though .where would i be without you all I'm at the point now where if i buy something, i open the box, throw the instructions away, then get the grandkids to show me how it works ............... it's much quicker that way than reading the instruction manual Blutahc and Loocegn you really must get one of those spellchecker thingys like mine Edit.... just noticed
  14. this is like going into K-mart and demanding money back on an item you bought from Walmart go to the site you'bought' ImgBurn from and tell them your problem. This is the OFFICIAL ImgBurn support forum, where ImgBurn is FREE or you can DONATE if you choose.
  15. Hey Blu , Happy Birthday cobber Hope Its a Good One For Ya
  16. dphoenix666 is on the mark ImgBurn gives you the option to output to a dvd writer or output to a hard drive as an .iso file. If you chose to go to Hard drive then the resulting file could well be over 4GB , hence the advisory warning in the log file about your 'D' drive. If your new to burning dvd , your bound to find problems along the way , if you do, come back to us with your questions and we will try to help you get sorted regards
  17. discs are more about having consistency AND quality. The MIS verbs have a good history of being reliable and working on old and new drives. The MII ones are in the early stages since production started in India. You could go and buy a nice new drive, but theres no guarantee that any 'certain' brand of dics will work on them, hence we say the MIS verbs 2.4x, as there known to work on almost every drive there is. Likewise with Taiyo Yuden -R 8x TYG02. With media you get what you pay for Im afraid, and given what you trying to do with them the extra few pennies for the best discs is a cheap price to pay compared with buying a new game . MII 'might' work on an xbox, youd need to ask in an xbox forum about that though, we certainly can't guarantee they would though. With blank media its a case of finding which one works on your PC/drives/standalone player/consoles/car dvd player and once you found it, stick to it
  18. what happens if you open ImgBurn from your start menu instead of via an icon on desktop ? Are you the 'Admistrator" on that machine or not ? right click on the icon on the desktop select 'properties' and see if the shortcut target is the exe file in your ImgBurns folder in C drive
  19. Get MIS if you can, there better quality . There also older and are more compatable with more drives than the newer MII ones
  20. MII = Made In india MIS = made in Singapore MKM 001 are only rated at 2.4x by verbatim, although soem drives can write to them at 4x and more. I couldnt say the link you showed are MIS for definate
  21. Possible yes. but until you try some other brand of DL disc you will not eliminate the problem have you tried cleaning the laser in the drive with a cleaning disc at all ? a disc cleaner and other discs is a lot cheaper than buying an external case and vista
  22. Its always possible they are not genuine . see where there made like Cynthia said. Should it turn out they are genuine and known to be 'better' verbatims, then your drive still dont like them and you need to try something else instead. it could be you have genuine 'decent' verbs and you just found a bad batch. Either way you know you cant rely on them. id be looking at genuine taiyo yuden -r with the ID of TYG02 and 8x max write. you MUST get these from a relaible supplier though who can guarantee there original genuine ones
  23. if you make 2 things the same there never exactly the same when you make thousands of the same item.................then you know there wont be many that are exactly identical to each other. Problem you have is that your drive isnt over keen on those discs to start with anyway, and due to the inconsistency in the manufacturing of those discs , your getting some to work and others to fail. if you can get a few discs of another brand to try, that should prove the case. what discs are the ones your using at the moment ?, we can tell they have the Mitsubishi chemical company dye/ink on them, but what brand are they ?. Normally we would suggest genuine verbatims or Taiyo yuden for -r work. But you those you have may be verbatims
  24. normally 'incompatable medium Installed" means the drive dont like the discs for some reason have you got a burn log from using those discs ?, get it from Help > ImgBurn Logs then copy and paste it in here
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