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  1. for that project you only need single layer ( normal) discs . get -R if thats what your dvd players will play Dual layer are more expensive than 2x single layer discs anyway. if it was for Dual layer, then verbatim +R , 2.4x.made in singapore with disc ID of MKM-001 are the ONLY ones to get, dont bother with the dual layer -R , get the superior +R instead and change book type to DVD-ROM
  2. down to the quality of the discs you used , change to verbatims or Taiyo yudens
  3. the ImgBurn log was suffice read this http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtop...nd+of+the+world a simple search would have found this guide
  4. post a log file of the burn , otehrwise its just a guessing game for us
  5. have you tried any burns at 2.4x ? if so post a log of them. have you recently bought some verbatim DL's your using the ones with ID of MKM-003 , was you using the 2.4x MKM-001 before
  6. user is using FujiFilm and NOT genuine Taiyo Yudens. the fact the OP used these discs for years without problems could be a bad batch of discs, or even a change in quality of taiyo dye that fuji are using. nothing is as good as Genuine Taiyo discs
  7. as youve been told, your choice of media is rubbish. change to decent stuff like taiyo yuden and this will be solved. as you said, it doesnt even verify sectors that it just wrote, so either your drive is bad at reading or the disc its reading is rubbish ?. which one do you think is correct ?. You spent decent money on a decent writer, then expect it to perform miracles by using cheap media ! for some reason you chose 6x as the write speed !! the discs your using only support 4x and 8x , so why choose 6x ? I 08:06:28 Destination Media Type: DVD-R (Disc ID: ProdiscF01) (Speeds: 4x, 8x) I 08:06:28 Write Speed: 6x youve got the read speeds on MAX , so this probably won help with verifying. I 08:24:37 Read Speed (Data/Audio): MAX / MAX you have a I/O restriction of some kind from the hdd you used to the writer, W 08:08:02 Waiting for buffers to recover... (LBA: 94880) W 08:08:08 Waiting for hard disk activity to reach threshold level. your line in the title 'This thing does not burn ISOs, no way, no how' was enough to make Angry, then your comment "and I'm cross!! Does this thing EVER work" did the trick Im only replying to you because its obvious you dont know what your doing with the software, by explaining whats wrong to you, and proving the fact its down to the user's lack of knowledge and not the program. Merry Xmas
  8. update the LG's firmware to A117, and you might be lucky with the 8x verbs
  9. I/O interface as in TOOLS > SETTINGS > I/O tab , ASAPI.dll wnaspi32.dll ELBY CDIO Patin Coffin ( vso convertx2dvd) from our FAQ page ( for a differant problem to yours though) Install ASPI or an application that installs ElbyCDIO on your machine - i.e. CloneDVD*. Then go into the settings and on the I/O tab, select the appropriate 'Interface'. you may need to install other bits, or may already have the necassary already on your PC ,
  10. what would be better for us is to see a log file from one of these burns . you can find them y hitting the HELP button then Logs. looks like a verify error, but can tell you more from log file
  11. what motherboard have you got ?, and are you using JMicron controllers ?
  12. theres a newer firmware version available for that drive, version 1.01 ( your on v1.00) http://au.lgservice.com/ certainly worth trying that as your already using verbatims
  13. /me looks for a Stan Laurel smiley of head scratching
  14. think you meant MKM-001 instead of MKM-003 ?
  15. No, never been confirmed !! OF COARSE its been confirmed, Thats why you was told to go and buy some. You even said in your first post I have been using Memorex 2.4x-8x dvd dls (lol i know...i know). I realize that Memorex dvds dont work well but im suspicious that the problem could lie elsewhere due to the fact that the burning process never actually starts. the burning process never starts because those memorex discs are shite, you even agree that they "dont work well". stop panicking and go and buy some verbatims
  16. is there nothing else I can do? what if the verbatims don't work? I would only worry about that IF they dont work
  17. standard directshow filters only cover basi formats like mp3. For APE and FLAC you need a directshow filter specifically for them. google directshow filters APE and directshow filters flac , download and install, and you should be OK then
  18. Utter shite in comparison. thats why theres a sticky all about using verbatim for dual layer and nothing else
  19. for Dual layer its the ONLY disc we recommend theres also a 'sticky" at the top of this forum about these discs http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=8000
  20. get some verbatims MKM-001's ( made in singapore)next time, your current ones are the MKM-003 ones, there more reliable in more writers, and it DOES matter what speed you burn at. laptops are not as fast as a normal or external writer, they suffer more I/O errors. try changing your write speed to 2.4x instead of Max . you'll notice your average write rate was only 3.8x anyway so turn it back to 2.4x and give your laptop a chance
  21. The log file you posted was for a CD , can you find one for a DVD and post that instead please. If you goto the "HELP" button >ImgBurn Logs , you will find them all there.
  22. Not all dvd players will play all brands of discs, i know, youd expect themt o eb able to , but they cant. You now have to find a brand of disc ( and format of disc) that your PC,writer, and dvd players all like. The suggestion to you would be Taiyo yuden 8x TYG02 -R discs.usually only available online as opposed to normal stores/shops. Where in the world are you ? if your UK, then svp.co.uk is your best bet. they also do trial packs of a few differant makes of disc.
  23. post a complete log file of a burn that shows the disc is still empty afterwards please
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