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  1. i think Cyberlink is an authoring program ( what comes with LG writers ), which converts the wmv's to DVD compliant structure before burning to disc. ImgBurn is ONLY a burning program so you will need to convert your files to DVD compliant structure first before using ImgBurn to put those compliant files onto a disc.
  2. Aint got a clue what your writing - bear in mind this is a world wide forum Jock Looks like your drive just does'nt like those paticular discs. Your on the latest firmware already. that model drive has been out a few years now, its always possible its getting a bit long in the tooth, hence try other discs first. for +R get genuine Taiyo yuden discs.
  3. I'd try changing the usb cable first , see if thats the problem. if its a faulty lead in the cable, when it breaks contact your laptop will think the external drive has been disconnected.
  4. to sort your 'used' discs from the unburned ones, put ImgBurn in write mode MODE > WRITE , put a disc in your drive,make sure the correct drive shows in the destination box and look in the right window pane .(see below) to see what it says for Status. if it says Empty, you can still use the disc Disc Information: Status: EMPTY Erasable: No Sessions: Sectors: Size:
  5. volvofl10


    Aren't you? Regards you think I'm a nancy boy ?? !!! ..................Give us a kiss and I'll tell you
  6. volvofl10


    if we have half an inch of snow here ( UK) the country comes to a stop. Whereas our neighbours *spit* France are fully equipped to deal with such weather, and carry on a normal , likewise the Swiss/Germans/Austrians/Italians all spend money on equipment to clear snow. London doesnt usually get snow as its a large city. guess its something to do with the heat a city generates. it does get snow occasionally, but it doesnt usually settle there. I rememeber when i was a kid we used toi have snow 2-3 foot deep most winters, and everything carried on as normal, nowadays though, because we dont get much snow in the winter ( and people are not used to it as a yearly thing anymore), everything seems to just stop then you get the MP's saying its not worth spending millions on snow shifting equipment to only use it once a year in every 5-6 years and then the Clown from the Confederation of British Industry claims the city lost 350 million pounds of buisness due to the weather yesterday !! /me thinks 350 million would buy a lot of snow ploughs and salt for the roads .......and have change yea, we had some snow, nothing major but probably the worst for a few years, but it wasnt anywhere near as bad as you had it db . Oh and the only thing in London thats losing power was the government .wish they was without power for a month. and a for you Blu..dont forget the sun cream it saves you getting frostbite
  7. Its NOT an ImgBurn problem as mentioned by LUK above, its to do with the settings in whatever you used to create the DVD content, check out their FAQ on their site for more info on how to change this.
  8. how can you 'waste' a ReWritable discs ( end of your first post)
  9. I'd say its either ; A) your drive just dont like those discs if youve had sucsessfull burns before These are a differant brand than you had C) youve got a bad (faulty/fake) stack of discs easiest way is to get some other brand of discs ( borrow a couple off a mate) and try those . What brand of discs are those that keep failing ?
  10. between 50-60% is on layer 2, under layer 1. this is when the laser struggles to see 'thru' the first layer. Thats when the quality of the media comes into it as you said, its at differant percentages but its always on layer 2 !
  11. Hey , Happy Birthday Minty ,hope its good one for ya
  12. It 'coud' also be that the other discs you tried are also CMC based dye ! ,especially if they was cheap ones
  13. My current spell checker is a 30 day trial one which is due to run out anny tume noww bogger !
  14. Ifthey are genine Verbs,its unlikely there fauly. Verbs have a pretty good consistency, hence why we rcommend them. It looks like you will have to hang on for a firmwware update from LG. LG are pretty quick with udates on newer models. 2.4x +R Verbs MIS, are the most consistent dual layer disc there is, even new writers with fast write strategies normally write to them without problems.............thats why we recomend them . I've had a quick look, and it seems you already have the latest firmware v1.02, so be patient grasshopper
  15. well its a straight forward write error, which means your drive does not like those discs. in saying that, the discs youve used there are CMC ink/dye based, which is probably the lowest we have come across in the consistency ratings. To get 12 good ones already means you have been more than lucky. Suggest you look at other brands for your next purchase. If they have to be +R format,go for genuine Taiyo yuden discs. Probably the best there is for consistency
  16. the error coming back is W 10:05:58 Failed to Write Sectors 32 - 63 - Reason: Cannot Write Medium - Incompatible Format basically your drive does not like these paticular discs. So you need to find discs that your drive 'will' write to. It may be that the open package you got was duff discs, but we will never know .
  17. post a log file of a burn where it goes faster than you instruct it please
  18. probably not the answer to your questions, but can i just add , your choice of discs isnt brilliant. they use CMC dye, which we know to be of reasonably low ( conervative choice of words) quality. Although you say there branded Sony, it may well be that the discs your using now are not the same dye as the last lot you bought, which you mention were OK .
  19. There both partially true, based on wether your using a laptop or a desktop, what your drive is,(wether old or new) , your system ( high/middle/low spec), your media ( what choice you made, if its recognised as top quality or garbage) , How upto date your drives firmware is, how old your dvd player is and what formats it will play comfortably ect , ect , ect Post a log file of one of 'your' burns and lets see if we can improve your write speeds for you EDIT . Pipped to the post by Cynthia
  20. volvofl10

    ISO creation

    Although it was probably handy for Fab to burn via an internal version of ImgBurn, By having to use build mode you have more control over the burn now, as you will be using ImgBurn as a stand alone program. It should be easier to find Log files in the event of a failed burn now as well doing it using 2 programs instead of one
  21. Oh Dear , its not really your day today is it ? Sorry, but that matisha cdrw/dvd ujda740 is also a combo drive . Full Cd capabilities, but DVD is read only( not able to burn to DVD) Your best bet would be to get an external USB2 DVD writer , then you can swop it between machines. laptop drives have never been much good compared with a desktop model, and for that reason we usually recomend to get an external DVD writer.
  22. is your laptop overheating at all ? , laptops are quite good at doing that and locking differant programs up with it. My pcmcia slot just freezes when this happens, regardless of what card is in it.
  23. you dont have a dvd writer you have a combi drive which is a cd writer and a dvd reader not a dvd writer........ according to google
  24. ImgBurn doesnt have the ability to 'split' a dual layer iso into 2 smaller files for 2 normal -R discs . you will have to do that by some other means. At 14.32.10 in the log file You accepted a warning that the media was to small for the file you wanted to burn ie; you used a DV5 blank to do a DV9 project . thats why it failed
  25. Wav files are the ONLY format that a standard CD player reads No need to tell people that you cant burn an audio CD with ImgBurn, because you CAN thats not saying you screwed up, but if you follow the guide you 'should' get a playable audio CD afterwards, answer what Loco said above this post and we should be able to sort you out
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