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  1. From the highlights I have seen the Aussies have had bad decisions in their favour as well !  Honestly blu you are turning into the biggest whinger I have ever heard !

    Fuckin BULL FUCKIN SHIT!!!!


    Let's just take these bad decisions at Edgbaston, OK, where we lost by 2 lousy runs (forget about Katich's LBW at Trent Bridge, OK? I always thought you guys had the match).


    1. Pieterson out 1st ball - no doubt - went on to make a few


    2. S Jones out so LBW that even Boycott thought it would have taken middle stump - Flintoff at other end went on to make another 20 or 30.


    3. A run short was called on Warne


    4. Dead ball was called on a leg bye to us



    5. Kasparwitz was given out caught off the glove to end the match when his glove was not even on the bat!


    Now, cut the crap LFC. That is just shocking umpiring. And if even one of these decisions (well, #3 and #4 combined) had have gone the right way, the Ashes would be in Australia's hands.


    I believe that big changes will be made in the use of technology in the next 2 years because of the mistakes made in this series by "elite umpires".



  2. You're in pommie land which might make it quicker. But clinks is very fast. So dunno what's going on. Just thought I'd post the rant.


    Already sold Porsche to pay God to keep it sunny for next 2 days. Sorry.



  3. Not sure where to put this


    Often opening pages is very very slow - no images on them or anything.


    I guess it's just teething problems.


    Fast reply tends to finsh and display quicker but edit and the main forums screen seem to take a while.


    Hope this can be fixed.


    Using IE6 here.




    This is a forum about ImgBurn - not that pathetic pile of overpriced garbage from Behind Software. In fact, you know what comes out of behinds? Shit, right? Well, it's no different with Nero. Nero=Shit.


    I would hope Nero is verboten here.



  4. i was debationg having the ...


    cqall me what you like |( except "my bitch" , that was embaressing last time ...


    its been very helpfull many times already . i could never catch you in irc , but at elast ...

    =))OMG volvo - how we have missed gems like that!



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